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[Refurb] Lenovo ThinkPad T480s Core i5-8350U 12GB DDR4 256GB SSD FHD HDMI Laptop $549.99 Delivered @ Buffer Stock via eBay


Guy's , we have this lot of Lenovo Gen 8 Laptops

Use Ebay code SNSMAY to get it for $549.99 delivered

Comes with a Gen 8 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8350U CPU
12 GB DDR 4 RAM (1 x 4 GB + 8 GB (soldered))
Samsung M.2 256 Gb Sata SSD
14" FHD Display Non Touch Screen with 1920x1080 resolution
Battery tested and works for 6 to 8 Hrs after full charge.
Comes with Win 10 Professional preloaded.
Includes 6 months Return to base warranty.

A few other Dell Gen 8's in Stock as well
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7490 Core i5 Laptops
Dell Latitude 7490 Core i5-8350U 14"FHD - $549.49 delivered

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Dell Latitude 5400 Core i7-8655U 14"HD - $499.99 delivered

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Dell Latitude 5590 Core i5-8350U 15.6"HD - $539.99 delivered

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  • Tried voucher and it doesn't work

  • Are these "like new" refurbished?

  • Hi OP

    Very interested in buying a lenovo. Does the lenovo work with the docking station Model# 40AJ0135AU?

  • +3

    gen 8 so will run windows 11 after win 10 mainstream support stops.

    • Can I upgrade to win11 for free from these win10 licences?

  • At these prices they make a good NUC replacement, honestly.

  • +3

    Used these at work and can confirm they are bulletproof compared to the Dells and HPs that have since replaced them.

    • Agree. Only for ThinkPad X & T series and better though.

      • +1

        Try the P series that comes with Xeon.

  • Any of these newer Dell laptops will work with the older E docking station?

    • Unfortunately not

  • Nice to see them being recycled.

    My company replaces all our excellent T470's two years back and decided the easiest thing to do with them was to destroy them - cheaper than wiping the SSDs

    • +18

      So sad :(

      We run a charity school in an Indian village and always in need of computers to teach kids and even adults

      I'd even take them without add HDD/SDD and DIY it

      • +6

        Yes, sad indeed seeing great machines destroyed - I offered to remove the SSDs from them, but "corporate IT policy" is to destroy them. We don't work in a top-secret type industry, either.

        The new Lenovo's Thinkbooks we got aren't noticeably faster or better, either.

        • +2

          My wife's workplace is the same

          I sent a few old ones from my own business but we are a small business so don't go through many

        • +5

          Perhaps we need a marketing push against bad IT policies…..
          Kind of like sign this petition (against bad IT policies generally, ie. many companies) and if you don't agree we will tell 20,000 people who signed that you are a bad company….

          This could inspire those companies……

    • Ill take 5 thanks!

    • T series very repairable - just annoying they break so much (but likely no better with other brands)

      My T460s:

      • Audio d2a dead (rely on sound via bluetooth),
      • on 4th keyboard
      • new batteries after getting down to 20 minutes runtime.
      • 3rd power adapter
      • 2nd power connector
      • 2nd fan
      • Coveted trackpoint dead and too painful to repair considering next keyboard replacement shouldn't be too far away
      • now something in display circuitry f'd I have to fix now.

      Would grab one of these if I didn't have a 2560x1440 IPS in my T460s and larger RAM and SSD.

      • +3

        That makes them sound like total garbage, no wonder they need to be so repairable.

        • I have heard the S versions fail way more often, I have a friend with a few T450 T440 never had an issue

          • @jjsnacks: Could well be - parts and air flow probably compromised fitting everything a slimmer format.

        • @Mitch889 For a mid priced laptop ($1450 6 years ago), I'd agree. Definitely drop in quality since the Lenovo rebranding .

      • +1

        YMMV, I'm writing this on a i7 T430s from 2012.
        Survived 3 years of backpacking and semi-daily use through the years.
        Has been on 24/7 for months doing high CPU protein folding.
        And just does not die on me!. The only issue is the battery. Can't find a good source for a replacement and the original is more like a UPS - only good for 1/2 h. Currently trying to give it away to a family member to justify a new laptop for myself.
        Still good for daily use and playing old games like AoE and Civilisation. (a couple of years ago changed the HDD for SSD to make it snapier )

        • +2

          Yeah the replacement batteries seem to be good at the start, but quickly go downhill. Maybe I needed to feed mine more protein.

        • +1

          If you can, find out what sort of cells are used (likely 18650's), open the battery pack and replace them with high quality Samsung or Panasonics.

          It will be as good as new.

          • @RedHab: from the profile of the battery, I'd say they are flat-pouch cells not cylindrical.

  • Need guidance, Hows the 5400 Core i7 Laptops - Dell Latitude 5400 Core i7-8655U 14"HD delivered?

    Need for light gaming and mostly FHD media watch and occasionally AutoCAD LTE use.

    Currently have Inspiron 15 3000, hate it from bottom of my heart… worst laptop I ever bought..

  • Which is soldered, the 4GB or the 8GB?
    I'd be interested if i could bring it into running 2 x 8GB for dual chan.

    • +1

      It’ll be the 8GB (which is already indicated in the post).

    • 8GB is soldered. Comes with 4GB sodimm.

  • Sorry for a silly question, but is the keyboard backlit?

    • +1

      Keyboard is backlit

  • +2

    Weird no one asked this: is this silver or black?

    • It says in the 'About this item' that it's black? But then the first image shows a silver body, with the other 2 images showing a black body… Idk, probably best to ask OP/eBay seller. Since they're refurbished models, it may just be a lucky dip lol.

  • Isn't Dell Latitude 5400 the better specs?

    • I thought so too. But then found out:
      Maximum Resolution: 1366 x 768

      7490s are
      Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080

      (if it makes a difference)

  • So the Thinkpad T480s or Dell 7490?

  • Are they LTE ? Pretty sure my old work laptop was a T480 and could use with a sim card

    • The 15 inch t580 is LTE

    • The T480s does comes with Provision for LTE SIM

  • This or upcoming Dell Latitude E7470 from FuseTechAu?

  • -1

    should be no more than $350 for a 480s of this spec and age

    • +3

      Where would one find one for this price?

  • +2

    HI Rep, are you going to answer any of the questions?

    • They are probably waiting for official feedback to them.

  • is it black or silver? both are pictured. Interested but don't want silver.

    • +1

      Current stock is black

      • Hi, Can the ThinkPads be fitted with a Smart Card reader? My T430s has an internal SmartCard reader and it's very convenient for my needs.

        • Current T480S stock does have SD card reader

          • @hunterzz: thank you for the answer, but SD card reader is not that useful for me. It was a good deal though - I wish there was one as good as this with Smart Card reader included.

  • are the Dell 13inch worth it?

    • I was considering it for travelling but no usb or hdmi & not much smaller than the T480s.

      PC Mag review.

  • +1

    Says used. Says refurbed. Which is it?

    Has it actually been used for a long time to restored with some blemishes. Or is it like Apple seconds which are just returns with little wear or use?

  • 8th generation seems a bit too old. It's up to generation 11 or 12 now

    • +2

      8th gen is still plenty fast enough for 90% of what people need to do on a laptop, these machines are solid

      • +1

        To be honest 8th gen with DDR4 is pretty 'modern' there isn't terribly huge difference until gen12 CPUs. Again these are laptops which is thermally limited, you wont find them night and day difference.

  • Anyone have experience with any of these? Looking to replace an old spectre x360 (old dual core model)

    - type c/hdmi output 120hz
    - dp output for an older monitor (uses dp to dvi-d)

    • Just purchased the xps above for a lower negotiated price. Should tick both of those requirements

      • Thanks for that. Just worried that the 2 core Y chip on the xps might not last as long as the quad cores on the other laptops.

        • the perils of fanless…
          you could buy a dock to do the heavy lifting

  • Cheaper now @ $540 with coupon "PLTTH10"

  • Anyone received theirs yet?

    • Yep, in 3 days after placing the order.

      • Great, can you write a review please?

        • +1

          Dell Latitude 7490 Core i5-8350U 14"FHD - $549.49

          Bought it for someone in high school. He is much happier because of i5 and 16GB and so far it is working well. Can play games too. The laptop's condition is pretty good with no marks. The battery is not that good, but still not bad considering it is a 3-year old device.

          • @newington07: Thanks, how come you chose that one over the T480s?

            • +1

              @WatchNerd: I am using T470s and DELL Inspiron 7xxx series. Had other Lenovos with extended warranties and found Lenovo service to be really bad. On the other hand, my experience with DELL customer service has been excellent.
              Spec-wise DELL 7490 has 16GB.

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