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Sony XR55X90J 55" 4K BRAVIA XR Google TV $1499.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Clearance pricing for one of the better Full Array LED TV's in the market

For non Costco members, try the following for the same price:

Sony Store (request a price match) - https://store.sony.com.au/television-4K-X9000/XR55X90J.html

Selected eBay stores with the SNSMAY coupon:

Sony AU - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/284355618063
The Good Guys - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/125180700746
Bing Lee - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164945024634

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Costco Wholesale


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    What about 8% cashback from CashRewards to make it $1467

    • -1

      How so?

      • 8% in the Cashrewards app?

        • -1

          Costco is not a Cashrewards retailer. Which one are you talking about? Sony? I wouldn’t think a price match would earn cashback.

          • @bargain ben: Mate.

            1499 at Costco with membership.

            Don't use Costco, go to the Cashrewards app and Sony Store thru there. Listed at 1595, with 8% standard cashback using Cashrewards = $1467.

  • +3

    $200 more for 10 inches more, bargain!

    Edit: 65 inch doesn’t seem to be available online.
    Visited Costco Ringwood yesterday, it was $1649 or $1699 in store.

    • +1

      Yep picked one up from Epping for $1649

      • Thanks for confirming that - cheers!

    • +3

      Fully Array in my opinion is better plus this is a Google TV which gives you way more options in apps and utilities like VPN etc if you like to play around

    • +1

      Samsung Remote only has few keys and need to navigate through lots of menus.

      Samsung uses their own OS and Sony has Google TV as pointed out by CryptoRek

    • This is better than a Q60 for sure

  • HDMI 2.1 @120hz right? Has anyone had any experience with wall mounting these as well ?

    • +1

      I mounted the 65 version and was straightforward.

      • What's the smooth motion like. I want the soap opera affect bit still want to able to turn ot on amd off.

        • Everyone makes the occasional typo but mate … A short glance at what you've typed before posting wouldn't go astray.

  • The last Sony TV I bought had a terrible power brick. It constantly made a high pitched electrical noise. So did the replacement power brick I got for it. I hope this doesn't happen still.

    • +9

      Must be a very old one you have as the last 2 Sony LED TVs I bought in the last 10 years do not have power bricks.

  • +4

    Excellent TV and well worth the price.

  • +1

    I’d avoid Sony eBay. If something goes wrong it would be so much easier returning it to Costco or a local store. You usually have to wait a few days to even get a response from their eBay store.

  • Do you guys agree with the reviews as listed below or is this site selling reviews for sponsorship

    Wide viewing angles.
    Bright enough to overcome moderate amounts of glare.
    Great response time.

    Not bright enough to make highlights in HDR pop.
    Low contrast ratio.
    No local dimming.

    • +6

      This link goes to the x80j which is a much worse TV than the x90j

      • Thank you and the correct Link for X90J

        75" X90J is $ 2995. I was hoping it would be $1995 as its a 2021 model

        Fantastic contrast.
        Great response time.
        User-friendly smart interface.
        Gets very bright to combat glare.
        Upscales lower resolution content well.

        Poor viewing angles.
        Struggles with direct reflections.
        Doesn't support wide color gamut.

    • +5

      rtings.com is pretty much the gold standard for objective reviews. At least for me.

  • When are the 2022 Sony models getting released?

    Costco cleared the Samsung 75" 60 A QLED for $1649 from Feb to April to make room for the 2022 models

  • Tempted!
    Price match at Sony store.
    Amex offer spend $500 for 75 back
    And bonus 12 month of Stan and Stan sports

    • Out of curiosity.. how does Sony store apply a discount when price matching? Is it a discount code? Will it qualify for cashbacks? Thank you.

      • +2

        You message them from the site and someone will contact you asking for proof of pricematching. Once approved, you will need to create a sony account then they will add to your sony cart the updated price..

        just did one for 75 x80j -> pricematched with costco deal plus free delivery plus free 12month stan

  • +1

    Thanks OP for your post. Didn't buy it from there but went hunting and found a new box damaged unit on Sony EBAY for $1329 posted. It was the last unit unfortunately.

    • Thank you.
      I was very close to buying that but you made the decision easy for me :)
      Mainly for the PS5 Pro but my X93E has double the HDR peak brightness.

      • +1

        Sorry about that. Anyway have not told my other half about it. Wonder what the reaction would be when a TV rocks up via delivery!

        • +1

          Don't be sorry, I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy it!
          Haha, that's the OzBargain way, right? Purchase now, worry later :P
          By the way, I'm not from the future and don't own a PS5 Pro LOL

          • +1

            @p3r514n: Looks like they keep finding new units with box damage. The item is back on if you are quick, though the Ebay plus voucher is now putting the price at $1357.

    • Hi, just checking whether $1329 price is after applying ebay vouchers or is that the Sony Australia ebay price?

      • +1

        After applying ebay vouchers.

  • I have the very similar X90H and for anybody wondering, for those who value colour reproduction as well as dynamic range this is a display I couldn't recommend more for the price point.

    I also have a LG OLED and other than the blooming (which is mostly a non issue for regular viewing) the dimming zones do an excellent job of creating black blacks and the brightness in light areas is seriously impressive.

  • Super happy, today bought Sony Bravia 85" for $5243 delivered plus $500 Jbhi gift voucher plus $100 for wall installation.
    Wasn't as good as Sony education store deal missed a month ago.

  • +1

    The Sony X90J or LG C1? Want a new TV to play the PS5.

    • If the room is bright, I'd go the Sony and save a few hundred bucks. If it's a dark room I'd probably pay the extra for inky blacks and 4 x hdmi 2.1 ports.

    • C1

    • They are not at the same level.
      65' C1 costs almost the same as a 75' X90J.
      C1's direct competitor from Sony is A80J.

  • Bought the 55 last year. Terrific tv. Add a VPN, an APK app and and an air mouse and the streaming world is yours. The TV did have a major fault after a few months but the repair under warranty experience was very smooth.

  • +1

    1435 on ebay now

    • +1

      Also at JB using code 92FRENZY.

      • Can get it down to $1435 at JB?

        Also can't work out how to get it to $1435 on ebay.

        • There was an ebay code reducing price.

          Not sure on jb price now but
          Jb also have click frenzy code plus you can get jb gift cards for 10% off too. Deal listed on ozbargain

  • Has anybody tried using the 12 month free Stan subscription promo code with cash rewards/shopback etc? Or does it prevent the tracking/cashback?

  • Amazon appears to have the same price ($1,499 - selling from Sony also) - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B094H18G4W

  • Dont buy x90j. It has inherent wifi problem where internet from tv keeps disconnecting when in standby mode. So frustrating and Sony hasnt been able to provide any fix to it.
    I am gonna return my tv.

    I bought tv becoz rtings gave it so good reviews but failed to highlight this major problem

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