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Ecovacs DEEBOT X1 Omni Robotic Vacuum Cleaner $1955 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Normally retails around $2500. Personally waiting for the S7 MaxV Ultra before pulling the trigger.

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial


  • Its carpet performance isn't great, neither is its mopping performance. The best for carpet is still the Roomba S9 and for mopping they are all underwhelming IMO.


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      That video shows the ecovacs with its higher suction picking up much more carpet "fuzz" than the other 2.

      fwiw, my ecovacs OMNI also has no problems crossing & cleaning carpet mats in the middle of hard floors.

      The video also shows the Omni giving far faster & better (than the others) mopping performance on hard floors, with only the OMNI cleaning up the Jelly spill properly and not leaving & spreading sticky residue.

      • Does the mop wet the carpet?

      • Hi pjm- Understood. The suction power for carpets I got from vacuumwars which still shows the S9 as the best for deep carpet cleaning. Agreed that in the video its mopping performance was the best but IMO all mopping robots don't seem to remove all stains (maybe due to the amount of force that can be applied by hand vs a robot with its pad/s).

        I posted the video for the OP as they are awaiting the Roborock to see how it compares to the Omni. I should have been more clear.

  • Commercial membership is $ 50 for 2 years with G'day holidays parks….also get camping benefits https://www.gdayrewards.com.au/?_ga=2.144696117.126034084.16...

    • It's free if you are with Rest super

      • Not with Rest, was a bonus when I signed up for camping trip though!

    • How do you change the billing address? Anytime I order the billing address is for G'day holiday parks. Can't seen to change it on the TGGC site.

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    I have one of these X1 Omni 's and it works great!, The rotating mopping pads, and auto washing of them, are a level above most other brands.

    Their only failings of the X1 Omni is they didn't include the room deodorising function in it, and the "Ok Yiko" smart voice control does not work with Aussie Male voices, it only responds to female or asian voices.

    Software is fine too, although it does have a bit of a learning curve.

    I wouldn't listen to the irobot fans, I had one of those too, and it was the worst vacuum I ever owned, they constantly are the most complained about and problematic vacuums on reddit.

  • I agree wont go for iRobot at all there software was buggy and had issues contacted support a few time very bad experience. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is really great but Austrlian launch no date yet. You can buy the vaccum but the Ultra dock is not available.

  • any one with membership help me to check the price? Thanks

    Fisher & Paykel 494L ActiveSmart Bottom Mount Fridge RF522BLPX6

    • $1860

      • thanks

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    Would it cheaper to pay a person to do some cleaning? This price seems insane

    • price of a cleaner? $40/hr minimum 2hrs, so thats $80 per session (obviously they do more than just floors). So thats roughly 25 cleans before you break even. Say you clean every fortnight? thats a years worth of cleaning before you break even.

      Now when are toilet/bathroom robots going to be invented?

      • With two dogs, my place would have more tumbleweed than the wild west after a fortnight lol
        Daily vacuuming is required, sometimes I do it twice a day!
        Definitely hanging out for the S7 MaxV Ultra. Nearly bit the bullet on the vac but will wait for the whole lot as I need self emptying with so much hair

        • I thought the omni was better. What's better with the S7 MaxV Ultra?

          • @Feeblely: The mop lifts up

            • @mwclih: Ah that's definitely a positive with carpet! I only have hardwood floors so wanted to get the best mopping vacuum possible. Been tossing between the s7 maxV and the omni haha.

      • Interesting. Even if we only clean once a month, that's approximately only 2 years before we break even.
        How long does an average 'robovac' last before we need to replace it / its expensive part(s) though?
        Are they as energy efficient as manual vacuuming?
        Hopefully 'AI' technology or automation will keep progressing thus become affordable or accessible for everyone.

  • Available @ Amazon for $1,949 if you can't access GGC.

    • that is turbo

  • Bought, arrived the next day, cost $35 for delivery to a metro area.

    Not sure how much I trust a cloud connected camera zipping around my home, but not really an option if you want all the features/auto empty docks. However good that you can disable the voice assistant which apparently stops the microphone listening. It was a 50/50 internal fight I had with privacy and in the end, convenience reigns supreme haha.

    Base station (dock) is HUGE. I knew what I was getting into when I looked at videos/specs, but actually seeing it in person still wowed me.

    App is pretty meh - Mapping is not fantastic, but I'll keep working on it and hopefully get the rooms right. Carpet in the bedrooms means it won't be a good time with the mop if the map isn't right.

    Good deal overall considering it's a relatively new product.

    P.S - Did consider iRobot, I could get both the J7+ and M6 mop for around the same price, but they don't use LiDAR; only cameras so decided against it. One of the things I read really tipped me away from it was not being able to see where the vac is on the map while out cleaning… Pretty poor excuse when my cheap first gen robot vac from a few years ago can do it.

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