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Brita Maxtra+ Pure Performance Filter - 8 Pack $55.99 @ Costco Warehouse (Membership Required)


Brita Water Filter Maxtra Plus 8 Pack.

$7 each.

Same deal as last time a couple of months.

Costco also have their Kirkland filters at $59.99 (Made in Germany - for those who are concerned about COO)

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  • Has anyone used the Kirkland ones before? Definitely prefer German made.

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      I only use Kirkland ones. I even opened up the two filters to do a comparison and cannot find any constructive conclusion.

      Both are filled with charcoal carbon with white pellets. The German made one was slightly harder to cut but that could be due to a blunt blade.

      • Legend, thanks! Now I just need to find someone to buy them for me haha

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    The bunnings one are always $7 each (for the 3pk version). Been using them as it also fits my Brita 8.2L

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    I bought the German ones instead of the Chinese ones and I have some conclusions.

    1) my wife is more beautiful now
    2) water tastes 4 times better
    3) safari is snappier

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      Experience any vision loss, numb tongue or short blackouts?
      Might explain safari getting faster.

      otherwise, for a general opinion, are these water jugs worth it in sydney? at least for me the water quality is generally good, or i assume it is.

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    What's COO?

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      May be Country Of Origin?

    • Chief Organic Officer?

  • I'm a long time Brita filter user but bought Kirkland last 2 or 3 weeks ago. Confirm water tastes better with Kirkland filter. I'm in Sydney.

  • Do I miss the search? Doesn’t seem at the price to me.


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