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amaysim $149 Starter Pack for $119 in-Store @ Woolworths


Amaysim $149 starter pack for $119.
Optus network.

120GB data
Optus 4G Plus network
Additional data (if you run out) is $10/1GB

Unlimited data banking
Each time you renew your plan, any unused data will be added to your bank.
There's no limit on how much data can be stored in your data bank and no expiry period, as long as you stay with your plan.

Unlimited talk & text
Standard calls, SMS and MMS to mobiles & landlines
Calls to 13 & 18 numbers, and voicemail

Unlimited international
Standard calls to mobiles & landlines in 28 countries
Standard SMS & MMS to mobiles in selected countries

auto-renews every 1 year
Automatically renews for $149 every 1 year - how this works
You pay upfront (prepaid) for this plan

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  • Nothing beats TA’s Amaysim deals.
    Half priced plans with cash back.

    • +2

      I agree but this is for those people that missed out on that deal, i would have loved to pick up one of those amaysim deals but my boost plan expires next year

  • For my experience amaysim signal is not as good as boost

    • +3

      Different networks, Boost uses Telstra and Amaysim uses Optus

  • must be that store only. my local store doesnt have it and the website doesnt have that plan either - it still has the $150 / 150GB / 6 mths

  • How do we know which Woolies are having these sweet-ass deals

    • +1

      Just going to add - I found it at woolies! Deal is still going strong as of today.

  • wondering when is the last day to activate? thanks

    • I think they have a 365 expiration from the date when you purchase it. i’m unsure tho

  • Saw instore today, promo available 18 May to 5 July

  • Has anyone spotted this anywhere close to the Melbourne CBD, say 10-15k radius?

    • Bought one from Heidelberg store yesterday, still plenty there

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