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Bonus 15% When You Purchase a Myer Gift Card @ Coles


From the upcoming Coles catalogue sale starting Wednesday May 25.

Limit 5 gift cards per customer.

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    Interesting is 15% bonus. So works out at roughly a 13% discount.

    • Nice. So you can basically buy these and use them at Coles to get a 13% discount off your grocery shop I'm guessing

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        Don't think it would work for grocery shopping, the ones on sale are Myers gift card, not Coles/Myers Group gift cards.

        • Ah ok thanks, yeah didn't know if they could be used for that or not

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            @adrianhughes1998: For anyone else considering this don't bother trying it.

            There was a time where you could buy a Coles Myer GC from Myer with a discounted Myer GC but those days are long gone now. Myer staff will actively stop you from using a Myer GC to buy Coles Myer GC which is the type of card you want to buy groceries etc.

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            @adrianhughes1998: There is nothing in the Myer POS system to stop you from using a Myer gift card to pay for a gift card at Myer. However, you’ll have a very hard time finding a staff member who will allow you to do this, because:

            • If you want to redeem a digital or physical gift card at Myer, you need to tell the staff member you want to redeem a gift card. If you say you want to use a card and then swipe a Coles Group & Myer gift card or Myer gift card, the system will give you an error, because the system expects an EFTPOS/Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/etc card. That happened to me about a month ago when I went to pay for an item (not a gift card) using a Coles Group & Myer gift card.

            • Staff are (almost always) thoroughly trained to not allow anyone to use a Myer gift card to purchase any gift cards at Myer.

            You may find a staff member who has not been correctly trained, but that is most definitely an exception rather than the rule.

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              @WookieMonster: Jeepers thanks for the explano, seems like hoops to go through and too much effort for me.

              Gonna stick to my 4% off Woolies eGift cards thru RAC, then 5% cashback on top of that from Hiver —— til Coles comes up with something similars

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    Good to get one or two and use on EOFY Myer sales for stackable discount

  • I just visited myer.com.au and I was like "WTH is this?"

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    Problem is that Myer stuff is often so overpriced that even with 13% off, it's probably not worth it to a lot of people. Just check out the ridiculous perfume prices for instance.

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      Does anyone buy anything that’s not on sale at Myer?

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        I tell you there are people..

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      I have picked up a few things lately that are cheaper through Myer and then sometimes there are upsized cashbacks through Cashrewards etc…while you can't use the gift cards as payment for this, it is handy when it is 15%-20% cashback on top of a sale. My daughter's watch (as a present for her 30th) has a price at most places of $256, with a 25% discount on watches and 15% cashback, I effectively got it for $158. I got a kitchen item yesterday 50% off ($15 total for a universal size frypan lid) and used a discounted coles/myer gc….and I can just collect it in store for nothing next time I am shopping. I have bought more from Myer in the last 12 months than I have purchased in the last 12 years lol

  • Can this still be bought with a Coles eGC?

    • no, can't buy a gift card with a gift card (as egift has to be scanned as gift card)

      • So Coles checkout treats this differently compared to buying the Coles MC egift card which is allowed to be paid via Coles eGC?

        • yes, you can't even use a coles/myer physical to buy smaller denominations of the C/M gift cards….even though it goes through as a card it still won't let you. I didn't think you could purchase any gc with coles egc….are you talking about online if you are saying a Coles MC egift?

          • @souths123: My bad. I'm referring to physical card for the Coels MC gift card.

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      Manager has Karen on line 1 and line 6.

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        Resolved via a Paypal dispute with Myer's full refund and absence of return of product. That's better than a 100% refund. Sometimes, it does pays to be an absolute Karen.

  • Can this be used when ShopBack/Cashrewards have their 20% cashback?

    • No

    • no, using giftcards negates the cashback, but, in saying that, if you find something online at a good price on sale you are not having to wait for an upsized cashback. You can just pull the trigger then

  • Does Myer price match other stores? Then this would be good

  • Coming from the photos, is it only $50 and $100 only ? What about $200 ?

    • I don’t think Coles is currently stocking the $200 denomination. I checked two different Coles supermarkets last night and this morning, and both only stocked $50 and $100 denominations.

      On the other hand, two Woolworths supermarkets I visited last night stocked the $50, $100 and $200 denominations.

  • Can anyone advise how this works. Does the coles checkout staff just add $15 or do you buy the card and it’s on Myers end when you redeem?

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      You pay the face value of the giftcard and the 15% bonus is added once the gift card has been paid for (automatically activated and noted on the receipt). Usually the card is activated almost immediately but I usually allow for an hour or two.

      I bought some $100s today and checked them tonight - balance $115.

  • went to coles chadstone today, zero left in store.

  • So you can use the card in store or on Myer website right?

    Also can you use multiple gift card on Myer website?

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      Yes to both questions.

  • Does anyone know if they accept more than 9 gift cards in store? There is that limit online.

    • I once redeemed 14 Myer (and Coles Group & Myer) gift cards in one transaction in-store, but that was a couple of years ago. Who knows if Myer brought in a limit since then.

      I find it quite strange that Myer does not specify a limit on the number of gift cards you can redeem in one transaction in their terms of use.

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        It worked! Redeemed 28 cards today instore.

        But best to tell them about the extra credit, because otherwise they put it through at the face value (the remaining credit would still be on the card though).

        • Curious what you buying that need so many cards?

          I look at few popular items even after the 15% discount on this deal, it’s still more expensive, things like Lego, expensive appliance… etc.

          Dyson has a few ok deals though.

          • @syswong: I used a couple of dozen a few years back to buy an OLED TV from Myer. I only purchased the gift cards after I'd agreed a price beat in store though.

            These days they rarely match or beat though, claiming the other item is "below their cost price".

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              @gadgetguy: Yeah in 2022 they still thing people are stupid and will fall for discount from RRP.

              This is a good example:

              NANOCELL 86" (217cm) 4K AI TM200 FULL ARRAY LED
              from $4999.00 reduce to $3989.00. One would think they hit the jackpot with the 15% bonus. Only if you google it and you will find it can be have for 3.3K as street price, which can be discounted further if a person has the determination to get enough discounted gift card.

              Same goes to Oracle Touch. In fact looked at a few high price item and none works out better with the 15% bonus.

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            @syswong: Bought a Dyson v15, and Coles only had the $50 cards so I needed to use a ton.

            Just moved into a new house and really needed the sick vacuum. I know they can come on sale at other stores but no telling when, and stock isn't great generally, so we but the bullet.

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    Next week is the boring 20x Flybuys points for Apple gift card promo.

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