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About Goose Simulator

Goose Simulator Brings you the stupidest gameplay you've ever seen. 100s of dumb ass glitches, the worst physics you've ever seen, and the dumbest, most hilarious Story Mode You Have Ever Seen.

Have you ever wanted to roam around a Cartoon City and shoot things, blow shit up and go flying through the air at uncontrollable speeds? Well, you are in for a treat because that is what Goose Simulator is all about! Worst game physics ever, got em. 100s of Dumb glitches, got em. Hilariously Stupid Story mode, got it. Jump into Goose Sim This Summer and Laugh Your Ass Of.

Most Notable Features

  • Blow Shit Up and watch it fly into Outerspace
  • Swing From Buildings With A Grappler
  • Ragdoll and flop all over the place
  • 100s of Stupid ass glitches to find and play with
  • Stupidest Story Ever
  • Mysteries to find
  • Break Up Drug deals and take Them For Yourself
  • Launch Yourself Through the Atmosphere with an Explosive Fart

Release Date

ALPHA 1 - May 21st

ALPHA 2 - June 18th - June 25th

BETA - July Or Early August

Full Release and Story mode - Fall


We will make updates for the game that will include new content and new features every couple of months.

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  • +1

    I think ScoMo had early access

    • +1

      Whos scomo?

      • +9

        He's NoMo

  • Does it just use the webcam to show the person who paid $5 for a goose game the facial expressions of a goose?

  • -1

    If this is Brodened it will become OOS simulator.

  • Does whatever a Spider-Goose does.

    • +1

      Can he swing, from a web, no he can't, 'he's a Goose!

      LOOK OUT, He is Spider-Goose!

      …There's a Simpsons quote for everything

  • +3

    Don't forget to grab your copy of the latest Aussie survival horror game Scotty Goes To Centrelink https://colestia.itch.io/scotty-goes-to-centrelink

    • Lol gave me a good laugh

      • I actually liked the song in the credits!

  • +3

    It's like someone ripped off Goat Simulator and then ripped off Untitled Goose Game and mashed them into one monstrosity

    • My kids will love it. Just like DEEEER Simulator.

  • Goose desktop is all you need

  • Is this for children under 10?

    • From the looks of things yes, will be fine.

  • Looks as crap as amazing frog

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