Belong Mobile $15 Plan (Available to Existing Customer Only) - Data Increase from 3GB to 5GB Per Month @ Belong Mobile


Over the coming weeks we'll be increasing the data on your $15 mobile plan from 3GB to 5GB per month. (As always, that data is only usable in Australia.)

So what's next?

You don't need to do a thing. Your extra data will soon be sitting snug in your account, ready to be used. Once it's landed, you'll be able to see it by logging in to your account.

Previous long running 3GB $15 per month post

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  • At this price point wouldnt prepaid be much better value?

    • +4

      not when i keep getting referrals

      • Lol

        • thank you ozbargain!! I sooooo owe you!!

    • Note when you use Telstra Data points to send yourself nearly 2TB of Data

      • How do you do that?

        • +2

          2000 Telstra points get the $80 voucher for $70 Data.

          • @R3XNebular: does the 500GB from data sim stay in your data bank? I don't think it will carry to the next billing cycle

            • @thekensai: It will, its only when you send 500GB to another data sim as per the notification. Data to Data plans will not retain. Data to mobile plans will retain. I will report back on next billing cycle.

              • @R3XNebular: Please report back and let us know. I don’t know what to do with Telstra Points, now I am thinking to use this method to convert them to data and save enough data for a whole year, can you send over 2TB or that is the maximum you can bank data? Thanks.

                • @T-man: Nah I think theres no limit, I just stopped lol still have 4 spare to go

            • +2

              @thekensai: I can confirm data sent from data only sim to mobile sim retain in the next billing cycle, I sent 200 GB to my mobile sim and its still there after new bill started on 20th.

  • +1

    Bless everyone for selling cheap data, and Belong for rollover, still great value for me

    • Where do you buy data from, cause I may be interested to sell my balance once they increase my plan to $15. I get plenty of GB from various Optus deals already…

      • +3

        Just here on OzB classifieds. There's always someone selling or buying data 10c-30c per GB

  • its actually a bit of a rip!!

    $25 for 20GB if I was to sign up

    • +3

      That's for the 1st month only.

  • Interestingly one of my service is now on the $15 plan while the 2nd one is still on the $10.
    I've got referral credit on the 2nd one, maybe that locked in the $10 for now?

    • maybe for the 2nd one, you paid $10 from the referral credit?same case like mine, i think if the account has credit they will keep deducting $10 until credit is zero then next month they will debit our bank/paypal/cc for $15

      • +3

        For me, the account that has credit was forced moved onto the $15 p/m plan.

      • No what I mean is on the page plan, it clearly states $10/1gb. While on 2nd service, it states $15/3gb. Also received OP email today with the upgrade to 5gb (although migrating to amaysim in a few days… )

    • +1

      They only moved one of my service (which used to be a free $80 SIM kit) to the $15 p/m plan, and the rest are still on $10 p/m.

      Maybe, they are migrating them over in batches.

  • I thought the $15 plan was gone

    • +1

      The $10 is gone. $15 is the new $10. But I believe only if you downgrade your plan, don't think you can start on the $15

  • How do you sign up for the $15 mobile plan? I can only see $25

    • +3

      Have to move to it in the second month. Can't start with it.

      • you sure about this as i am thinking to start $15 plan but it shows only $25 to start with ?

  • Catch Connect has a $15 month plan which has 18 GB of data, but no data rollover. Might be a better option for some.

  • +1

    Call me when they get volte

  • +16

    Bring back the $10 plan, then we're talking!!

    • +1


    • +8

      Yeah… not happy about the forced increase. You'd think they'd grandfather the plan for existing customers and pass the increase onto new customers only.

      Other providers like Boost and Amaysim probably work out a few $ cheaper per month. And, for those of us that don't really use a lot of data (as we have wifi literally everywhere), no point upping the Gb's if it's gonna cost more overall. I'd be happy going back to $10 with 1Gb each month.

      • +5

        yep not all of us need lots of data, $10 plan was excellent..Wife changed plan and I will be soon as well. Shame Belong didn't leave this plan for existing members

        • Agreed, the $10 plan is great.
          The extra 5 GB will eventually cost me $5pw more.
          Wondering, did Belong advise when your $10 plan was increasing to $15.

          • +1

            @CheepAsChips: They did for me, but I thought they couldn't move you without your approval?
            I'm happy with the extra Gb for $5 more. I've changed jobs so don't access to data when I'm not in the office anymore.

            • +1

              @sonic910: It has been discussed on previous posts. It's a month on month plan, so they don't need your approval. But yeah agree that's a shame. Not great timing with the trend of the cheap long life plans (partner moved to Woolies, I'm moving to amaysim soon)
              They probably should have dropped the referral to $10 instead. I probably got 12+ months of free service through referrals

            • +1

              @sonic910: Wait, what happened with the $10 deal? I have 2 family members on that plan, still seems to be $10 for those.

      • +1

        Exactly! Tbh, Belong's selling points are $10 plan>Telstra network> data roll-over.
        Once they got rid of $10 plan, a lot of existing customers walked, as there are other comparable providers out there,but cheaper, such as Woolies and even Boost. It would look really silly if they re-introduce the $10 plan to increase the number of active customers.

    • I got 3GB $8.80 for the first 12 months on MooseMobile. Pretty good coverage in Western Sydney.

  • Does data roll-over if you downgrade? Currently have about 100gb excess on the $25 plan that I'm hoping would come over to the $15 one

    • +1

      Yes it rolls over if you downgrade your plan.

      I started on $40 plan for 80gb then dropped to $10 plan and made the 80gb last 18 odd months.

  • +7

    No $10 plan. No deal

    • +1

      The starter packs when on special are still good value for sim slutting.

    • +2

      Moved my dad to the Woolworths $150 /100gb long expiry plan when the $10 plan got canned.

  • Is this targetted? I didn't get an email and my account is only showing 3 GB.

    • will take time, I just got the email, friends havn't

      • Yep just got it!

  • +3

    Maybe now by charging us $5 extra for data I'll never use they will be able to afford to buy a proper voicemail system for their customers?

    • I prefer voice to text. Saves me time.

  • I have 182.78GB of data left on my $25 plan…so i can downgrade my plan and keep all my data?

    • +1

      Send me 6gb kind sir.

    • +5

      Yes you can.
      There is no reason to stay in $25 plan if you have that much extra data accumulated.

      The cost of this advice is 10gb. Thanks.

      • +1

        Thanks - just changed my wifes plan, she has 404 gigs banked - i can gift data as well?

        • +1

          You most certainly can gift data good sir

  • Shame Belong doesn't have voicemail, only thing that stops me really.

  • If you can get by with just data, the Telstra Small plan with 5GB is unlimited after the quota at a slower speed. It's $15, but you can just ask for a discount after getting in to the plan and they'll often give you $5 off making it $10.

  • Got the free 10k Telstra plus points.

    Ordered 5x $80 sims and connected them as data plans at 500gb.

    Moved the data over to my still $10 a month belong number and now have 2.5tb of data 😀

    • +1

      please let us know whether the 2.5TB is still there on your next billing cycle

      • +1

        Still showing all data after after a billing day 👌

        • nice to know. cheers bro

    • I transferred data from my wife to my account but there was a new message - "If you're gifting to a data plan, this data gift will expire on that plan's next billing date" I had not noticed that message before, not the way you are working but thought I'd mention it.

  • -1

    let me guess, next step for these guys would be forcing everyone to move to $20/month plan, then they will up the data quota to 8G/month.

  • Just checked my parents $10 per month plan on Belong and I'm surprised to see its now $15. I didn't receive any notice about this. DIsappointed and will be moving away.

    • They sent an email tied to my account on 21st March.

  • I literally just ported away to get more data

  • +2

    Thanks for nothing Belong… Was happy when $10 for 1gb.
    They should of let existing customers stay on that

  • +1

    Wow, so many complainers in this thread. Thanks for the post, OP.

    • -3

      At least it's not shrinkflation, less for same $15 plan.
      It's more for the same $15 plan.
      But what about Seniors & Others in Budget Challenged circumstances, on the abolished $10 plan.
      What say you ALBO.

      • I get negged for pointing out the 50% increase in cost $10 to $15.
        I've been with Belong continuously for a few years on the $10 plan.
        So the disadvantaged get wacked again.

        • +1

          Although I agree with you about the more for same, arguing in % is irrelevant here. It's a $5 increase. A month. Almost the price of a coffee. No big deal.
          I think you got negged for mentioning ALBO. don't quite get your point.
          Wait to see NBN co trying to increase their base offer by 100%..

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: Sadly my $5 coffee was displaced when rent increased $50pw over the last 12 months. Then you have to pay extra towards your bond holding as well. Groceries, petrol, insurance are up. Electricity & gas is next at 50% in July, no solar & have a gas hw system.
            It is a big deal for seniors & the disadvantaged and ultimately all of OZ. ( wish more people would research Russia & Ukraine, you may find the source of our problem is not what the media make you think.)

  • You're better off with the woolworths mobile long expiry prepaid, they practically pay for themselves with 10% off one woollies shop each month and coverage is identical to Belong.

  • +1

    Belong is still reasonable value if you can amass a lot of data through whatever means and can get referral credit. But I just moved from them to Boost for a cheaper monthly cost ($12~ /month for 12 months), with more network coverage, and more than enough data.
    Belong is kind of in no mans land now by not having the cheapest monthly connection you can get.

  • Hello, a new customer here. Do I just buy the $25 plan, and then I will get the selection to downgrade the plan to $15/month? Or is the $15/month plan only available for existing customers? Thanks

    • You can move to the $15 plan once your account is set up so it's ready to go before the 2nd month starts. First month is $25 or higher.

      • +1

        Thank you kind person!

  • +1

    Is there anyway to gift the remaining credit to another number on Belong?

    • +2

      Referral credit no
      Data balance yes

  • Can anyone tell me if Belong has Wifi calling?

    • No. Only Boost and Telstra.

      • Thanks!

  • +2

    Interesting, they bumped to 5gb in the middle of the billing period. I've got 2 days left and noticed additional 3 gb in my balance.

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