[PS5] NBA 2K21 $10 (in-Store Only at Limited Stores) @ BIG W


Not sure if anyone cares but could be an EB Games trade 2 for $? Bargaining chip?

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    Very doubtful, the yearly released sports games don't hold value at all and 22 has almost been out for ages now. 2k21 was a PS+ freebie ages ago albeit for PS4 (probably a free upgrade anyway)

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    Just a reminder for anyone on PC, the game was released free (the Dame Lillard cover one) on Epic about a year ago. Just a FYI.

  • Ooo @CrispyChrispy what did you unpublish mate

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      Lol, my internet played up when I was pressing the 'Post Comment' button and I published the same comment 3 times in a row lol.

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    I love these type of prices well done op but we need ps5’s first

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      Haha good point but at least you can start your backlog now while games are cheap due to low ps5 stock

  • I paid $19, there's a copy but 20kms away 🤣

    • You could have got 2K22 for $24, its on amazon right now.

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