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Madman Yard Sale (Collingwood, Vic)


Awoke this morning to find this email:
Saturday 26th of May, 8am-3pm

Toys, Merchandise, Apparel, Framed & Signed Posters, Office Furniture, Anime & Film Memorabilia, hardware and much moreā€¦

Rear lane way
1-35 Wellington Street
Collingwood VIC 3066

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    Aw snap!
    Bluray for that price…going to have to go!

    Damn you man!

  • I highly doubt there will be blurays for $5

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      It says 'DVD AND BLU-RAY FROM $5!', so they are legally required to have at least one of each at the advertised price point. :)

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    I wish their online shop had realistic prices.

    I've still got a $50 voucher that I can't see much point to using. Prices literally double that of imports… unrealistic.

    • Yup its completely stupid.
      Apart from the 10 year anniversary sale they had, I've never bought from the online store.
      Apparently they believe that $30 per disk/dvd is a normal price.

      I remember looking at Otogi Zoshi - Complete from their store - $119
      From overseas (on fewer DVDs too; AUS - 7 DVD; INT - 4 DVD; $49 delivered)

      Why would I want to pay more, have to change disks more and get no improvements?

  • so do they include manga then? (I'm only interested in manga)

    • Pretty sure they will. I'm also after some Newtype old issues too. I'm more than certain they'll have them. They had them at their usual xmas sale in years past

  • a lot of idiots (like me) turned up Saturday 19th to be told it was next week.

  • Epic sale!

    • Any more details than that?? :P

      • Ducard's post below pretty much illustrates the gist of the sale.
        There was heaps of stock available, mostly older stuff. They didn't disappoint and there was plenty to go around.

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    awesome sale, they were pretty loose on how much you pay but the general rule was
    $5 for blu rays and dvds
    $5 for posters with or without frames ( variety of sizes )
    $5 for t-shirts
    $10 for jumpers
    $5 for 2 manga

    The more you buy the less you pay

    Notice they also had gaming chairs, boxes of forgettable ps2 games, magazines, books including starcarft/ warcraft novels
    Freebie section including free promotional items like posters, DVDs/ CDs and several old variety of brand new NewType magazines.
    Make an offer section including stuff like monitors, DVDs players etc

    Went around 9:00am and the line was pretty long, waited around 40 mins before I could get in. Saw a madman staff come out and gave out a couple of transformers box set to random people waiting in line( I think they had to answer some question to get them? couldn't hear), also saw them giving out cookies for people waiting to pay for their stuff later on.

    Even though it was pack, it was pretty organize and people didn't act like wild animals when I was there.
    Glad I decided to go.

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