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LG Gram 14 $1599.99 & 16 $1899.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Looks to be a pretty good price. Gram 16 looks to be well over $2k everwhere else and 14 looks to be circa $2k.
Possibly if someone was looking for an Apple Air windows alternative.

Spec LG Gram 14 LG Gram 16
Display size (inches) 14 16
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1200 2560 x 1600
Graphics Card Intel Iris Xe Graphics Intel Iris Xe
Processor Intel 11th Generation Quad Core i5-1135G7 Intel 11th Quad-core i5 1135G7
Processor Speed GHz 2.4 4.2
Processor Cores 4 4
RAM (GB) 8 16
SSD Storage (GB) 512 512
Ports (USB, 3.5mm, Thunderbolt , Ethernet) HP-Out(4Pole Headset, US type),USB 3.2 Gen2x1 (x2),HDMI, USB 4 Gen3x2 Type C (x2, with Power Delivery, Display Port, Thunderbolt 4) HDMI, Thunderbolt 4, USB-C, 2x USB, Micro SD, Headphone
Wi-Fi Intel Wireless AX201 (802.11ax, 2x2, Dual Band, BT Combo) IntelĀ® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (2.4Gbps)
Bluetooth 5.1 5.1
Operating system Windows 11 Home (64bit) Windows 11
Battery 72 Wh Li-Ion 80Wh
Built-in Webcam HD Webcam with Dual Mic HD Webcam
Brand LG LG
Colour White White
Product Dimensions W 313.4 x H 215.2 x D 16.8 mm W 355.9 x H 243.4 x D 16.8 mm
Product Weight 0.999 kg 1.19 kg
Model Number 14Z90P-G.AR64A 16Z90P-G.AA64A
Price $1,599.99 $1,899.99

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    Lifes good

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      It'll always be lucky goldstar to me

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        Wow it's rare that someone knows this little trivia.

      • Just goldstar for me

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    New model has come out last month in Korea. Oz will have them soon. JBHifi had the 16in at $1600ish a few months ago.

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    last week JBHifi had it at $1499 I think, I was looking at this model as well but reviewer said the flex in keyboard is a bit worrying.

  • HP new Aero and I'm guessing some of the newer Lenovo models are just as thin and lightweight I think :/

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    I wish they had 32gb ram version, 16 is bare minimum for dev work these days

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    Slow processor, LG

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    I have the 16" model for about 8 months. Touchpad has an issue. When you are using it on your lap, the pressure from your hands creating an affect as you click and hold left mouse button on the touchpad.
    I found the spot at the back of touchpad. You can click and hold left mouse button from the underneath of touchpad. I took it back to JB-HI when I had it first time. The guy on the computer section replaced it for me. However, second one has the same issue. When I took it back, store manger refused to replace it this time. She said this laptop is designed to use it on a flat surfaces.
    I don't know It's a flex or design issue but It's defected product. The cursor is jumping around while typing, very annoying. I do recommend stay away from this laptop especially 16" one.

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      She said this laptop is designed to use it on a flat surfaces

      i call bs on her statement. laptop means lap top. the nerve of that store manager…

    • Got the 16" i7 16GB model 6 months ago for $1979.

      For my usage, absolutely love it. Weight, battery life & portability for this screen size is best I've used.

      No issues with touchpad like above.
      With lightness of the build wss initially concerned that screen wobble might be an issue, but in real world use on lap, desk, plane tray has never been a problem.

      If new models are only around the corner, would wait for them or even better run out deals on these 2021 models.

      • What kind of battery life are you actually seeing? Obviously manufacturer's tests are usually generous.

        • To preserve battery life over the long-term, I seldom charge above 80% (or let battery drop below 20%) and haven't really been monitoring while using for WFH.

          That being said, for standard web browsing, office work estimate you'd easily get 8-10h out of it for fullish charge (easily 5-6h or more for 80 to 20% charge that I use).

          Have taken on business trips and has lasted through several hours of plane time, then several hours in the office without a problem.

          My guesstimate algrorithm for most of these devices is halve the manufacturer's best case scenario claims for battery life and you're probably in the ballpark for real world use.

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    FYI Just looking at it seems like both CPU are the same 11th Quad-core i5 1135G7
    The Max Turbo Frequency 4.20 GHz
    Base Frequency 2.40 GHz

    seems like a typo on the website (Unless I'm wrong)

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