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Mother's Choice Spark Convertible Booster Seat $109 (Was $199) Delivered @ Target


Another good deal for the day.
Target has currently got discounts across car seats from Mothers Choice.
Store stock is limited, so, please check your nearest store for C&C. Otherwise, Delivery is free for orders over $45!
$109 for the Spark Convertible Booster is a really good price for such a popular seat. Have got 3 Tempo Convertible Boosters installed across the cars for my son.
Just bought 3 of Spark Convertible Boosters for my daughter who is now growing out of the normal (0-4yrs) baby seats.
The Tempo & Spark are the same size apart from the extra 'infant insert' in the Tempo & possibly different fabric. Since, we never used the insert for the 3 Tempo seats for my son, thought of just going with the Spark seats this time.

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    • Not for Hardgoods only 0.6%

      • Ah damnn

  • Not fair:( got mine delivered from target today bought 2 weeks ago.

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      Why don't you buy one and return with old receipt :)

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        Agree!! Buy new one (domt open it) then take it back to another store or day with the old receipt.. winning 😎

  • Question for all the dads and mums out there:

    We have a 2 year old, and are expecting our second in November.

    The 2 year old is currently in a convertible 0-4yr old ISOFIX seat. Would it make the most sense to buy something like this (posted seat) for my 2 year old and then reuse the old seat for the newborn?

    Also, am I correct that these booster style seats never have ISOFIX as older kids are beyond the weight limit for it?

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      Assuming the kid is normal height, yes this is a good idea (I did it with a 3yr + 6m).

      Correct regarding Isofix w/ weights.

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      I'd probably do that if I was you

      No idea on ISOFIX sorry, never used it.

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      in AU, I've never found a harnessed booster to have isofix. Only those that are 0-4yo have them for some reason.

      As for the qn about your 2yo, what you have in mind definitely is the right choice.
      Harnessed booster goes from 0.5-8yo, whilst a convertible is 0-4yo (some are 0-8 but are huge, and also has no isofix)

      I've been using the same convertible 0-4yo now for my 3rd kid, and the older 2 have both moved into 0.5-8yo harnessed boosters.

    • Thanks for the help everyone! Question/s answered :)

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        Just FYI, this is harness to 4yo, and then lap belt from 4yo to 8yo.

        Best practice is apparently harness to 8yo, like a Britax Maxi Guard Pro. But they are like 3-5x the price.

        Just something to consider! :)

        For us, we will go Maxi Guard Pro for our car, and still deciding whether to get something like this, or just get another Maxi Guard Pro for parent's car / second car. Haven't decided!

        (We currently have Britax Graphene.)

    • we share the same boat. I bought the tempo linked above a few weeks ago for $170 can't be bothered returning it at this point.

      PS you're thinking is correct.

    • Congrats on #2

      Not sure how far ahead you can plan - really depends on how they grow - ours was still comfy in a reverse convertible till they were nearly 4
      If you look after the seats you'll get ~half your money back on FB marketplace - did this with a number of the top britax seats
      If you're doing longer trips get something comfy or you'll get your seat kicked hard when they get wrestless
      Isofix is only approved for under 4yrs in Australia

      • What baby seat is considered comfy?
        I've got the Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia and my 8 month old gets wrestless in it after 15 mins of driving.

        • ok, yep we had the millenia & the maxi guard pro+ & both we're fine but expensive compared to mothers choice
          do you think its the car seat making them wrestless or maybe something else?

  • Be careful with date of manufacture of products.

    • Are there any difference?

    • Stock turnover is so great on these things that they're never usually more than 6 or so months old.
      (I just bought 4 of the Trinity a couple of months ago.)

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  • Anyone else having issues when trying to pay? Mine comes up with security issue. Please try again later.
    This is with cards and PayPal.

  • Anyone know, if we are going straight into lap belt, would the Trinity be comparable to the Spark? Not sure if Spark has other benefits other than the harness option. Thanks 😊

    • We've just switched 2 of the kids from Tempo (which is pretty much the Spark with a baby insert and different fabric) to the Trinity.
      There are very slight differences to the headrest and side panel when you compare them side by side, but basically the same thing. Just the fact that it doesn't have the harness.

      • Thanks so much for your help!

  • My wife and I are having our first child in September. Got no idea what we’re looking for in a car seat. Can anyone suggest a good place to start? Cheers

    • Get the Shine Convertible for $139 above ($10 discount w/ newsletter), before your wife goes and spends $600+ at baby bunting!

      • We’ve made a pact to avoid Baby Bunting AT ALL COSTS! The Harvey Norman of baby products. The Shine Convertible doesn’t have iso fix. Is that an issue? We drive a Subaru XV

        • Why would that be an issue?

          • @Supercool: No idea haha. I just see it mentioned a lot.

            • @JutakuHome: The only issue you have is legroom for the corresponding front seat in the XV, but you will have the same issue with probably all rear facing seats.

  • We're now at 6 Tempo and 4 Trinity across the 3 cars. (4 kids- 9, 7, 6, 4)
    Great price on the Spark, Tempo is good, and Trinity often comes up at that.

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