Johnnie Walker Black Label Islay Origin 12yo - $49 @ BWS (Select Stores)


Just saw my local BWS was selling this for $49 and it looks like some local stores are selling for this price here in Brisbane at least.

If I wanted to be maximum bargain I would have thrown in something cheap and used a $10 off $50 spend voucher, but it wasn't available online from my store (others do have it online for $49).

The whisky itself is apparently a mix of Caol Ila 12 and Lagavulin, both of which are significantly more expensive than this so the price is right. Be warned she is smoky, so not for Highlanders (there can be only one!)

Looking forward to enjoying in this cooler weather.

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  • Showing $60 in VIC. Will definitely try it at $49

    • Showing as $49 at BWS Exhibition St, VIC

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    Our of curiosity/naivety, how is a product allowed to be simply a mix of two other company's products, without advertising/stating this?

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      It does mention both of those distilleries on the box, and they are owned by the same parent company.

    • Does diageo own them all?

      Bought a couple of weeks ago and definitely not a great taste :/. I like laphroaig 10 for what it's worth…

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        No comparing this to Laphroaig 10. The JW blends are known for consistency, but not character. So if you are a person of fine tastes already (I love Caol Ila and Ardbeg Uigeadail), then this JW is not going to satisfy you.

        • You guys are giving me pause lol. I'll crack it tonight and report back. I'm a fan of Laphroaig, Lagavulin, Ardbeg, Talisker. Single malts almost always. We'll see how this goes….

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            @Poimandres: Well she is a little rough around the edges no doubt. Not the best for drinking neat, but passable with a bit of ice. Alright for the price but I wouldn't buy another bottle.

            • @Poimandres: Everyone's taste is different and it's by no means horrible tasting for sure. I was just expecting more enjoyment/a more pleasant taste for my palate.

              If you enjoy it then that's all that matters!

    • all owned by Diageo. But basically it's the slops mixed (which is what all blended whisky is). it's like a "red blend" in wine. If you like it great! but usually it's fairly harsh on their own, but fine if you err blend it with soda/coke/etc

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      It’s really quite common for whisky to be produced for blending. Around 95% of the Caol Ila distillery output is used in blends, such as Johnnie Walker Black Label. Even though Caol Ila is a fantastic single malt, they make more money from selling larger quantities to bigger distilleries that blend.

    • Blended whiskies are always done like this. They're usually about 50% grain whisky, which is made from wheat and doesn't have much flavour on its own. Then different malt whiskies are added to give flavour - like adding cordial to water.

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    Mate, goto Liquorland, or First Choice and get their Aerstone Land Cask, a single malt, smoky and delicious.
    If you're a Highlander, then get their Aerstone Sea Cask, it's smooth.

    With 25% shopback that'll be under $40

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      Saw all the positive reviews and figured they must be fake. Tried the sea cask and was pleasantly surprised!

      Land cask is next on my list :)

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      Thanks for the tip. Haven't tried these so good to know there's well priced options out there.

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      thanks for the recommendation

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      Damn. Missed this deal.
      The ratings on this are between 73-89%.

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        First Choice has them too for $50. Keep an eye out for deal over the next few days. CR will probably have a deal.

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          25% off (max $25)
          10% off site wide.
          2 bottles (sea cask) for $100-$10 with 25% cashback of $22.50
          That’ll be a grand total of $67.50for 2 bottles ($33.75 per bottle) and a large hangover to boot. Lol

          I can once again avoid buying sub par overrated JW red.

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            @FredAstair: Well that calls for a celebration! We done, given the excise on it, Coles has probably made a loss.

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              @M00Cow: Coles. A loss.
              Even more reason to celebrate.

  • nice find!

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