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Join SmartyPlus ($3 for 7 Days, Then $19/Month), Install Extension, Shop Online through Smarty for $25 Cashback @ Smarty


I was looking at something on eBay and Ad of Smarty was appearing at the bottom, a quick search shows that its a legit company of US.

Submit your calim after after shop or click from within smarty to track automatically, I shopped from Amazon Au, after confirming from Chat and summited the claim. They said that there is no minimum spend required and Amazon Au would be acccepted.

$3 paid via revolut online card to join smartyplus so $22 would be back.

Cancel smartyplus trial afterwards.
I talked to customer support and they confirmed that I can place order on Amazon Au and submit the claim and there is no minimum spend required.

Sign up for SmartyPlus today and get a $25 Cash Back bonus on your first purchase.
To claim this offer:

  1. Join SmartyPlus at joinsmarty.com/smartyplus and install the browser extension
  2. Shop online at your favorite stores through joinsmarty.com or via the extension
  3. Register your account and claim your $25 cash back bonus within 30 days of signing up for SmartyPlus (You'll need to fill out an online rebate form and send us your proof of purchase. Proof of purchase is required.)
  4. Get your $25 check in the mail

As a SmartyPlus member, you can get twice the cash back of regular Smarty users on qualifying purchases at the places you love to shop.

Try SmartyPlus today for a 7 day trial period for only $3 and then only $19/month after. Membership renews automatically each month until cancelled. Cancel anytime in your account settings to avoid future charges.

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  • Forgive me for being cautious, but why does it immediately ask for a credit card?

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    Yeah wtf is this scam page

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    usually when the numbers don't add up you are responsible for adding to their wealth

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      GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar (used to register websites), and they are incorporated in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying corporate or income tax.

  • @ChipsChicky

    Contact your bank and put a block on your CC and request a new one.

    • i used revolut disposable card and it worked to pay $3 and when i entered the website, its genuine. they even have a chrome extension.

      • How long till u got the $20 cashback?

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          "Our team will verify the information in the next 15-20 days and once approved, you can expect your check in an estimated time of 6-8 weeks." is their response to my claim

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    looks sketch asf

  • Hmm lots of reports of it being a "scam" on the app store as people end up getting charged the $19 subscription fee and never got their cashback. No reviews on play store?

    Definitely don't use your real details if attempting this (or ever I guess), Revolut disposable seems the way to go.

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      I'm surprised this is on the front page of ebay ads if it's a scam.

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        Plenty of good reviews too. The bad ones give good info on why to use disposable cards with this, though OP did already say that.

        Also of note: "Our team will verify the information in the next 15-20 days and once approved, you can expect your check in an estimated time of 6-8 weeks." is their response to my claim.

        • I bite the bullet, lets see :)

  • WTF! I got a headache just trying to decipher the gibberish in your thread description.

    • I have tried to fix it a bit :)

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