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eufy Cam 2 Pro 2K Security Kit Pack of 3 for $849 + Delivery ($14 Standard Delivery) @ Scorptec


First post hoping it’s correctly posted :)

Was looking for a security camera, came across this deal which is cheaper than Office works, JB hifi and Good Guys.

Price matched via OW for approx $825.

Hope it helps others who may be looking as well.

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    • Thats the 2C. Lower model

      • but it says 2c pro in the title?

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          "C" is the lower model. Battery is only half of the non-C models

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            @ericc: thx

          • @ericc: Lower model only for battery life. And that's only assumed based on that it has a built in spotlight that provides colour images at night time. Otherwise quality is the same 2K.

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  • The 2K resolution is only 2304x1296 instead of standard 1440p


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    If you need to use homekit, don't but 2k one, buy 1080p

    amazon usually does $999 for 4 cameras

    • Do you have the link?

    • Because of the storage?

  • I have the 2C and the 2 Pro 4K. I find the 2C is built better. I don’t get condensation issues with the 2C. The 2 Pro 4K I have gets it after heavy rain and it stays fog up for 1-2 days. Also the 2 Pro 4K had issues with the camera turning in at night in colour mode first before switching to black and white, and audio recording is not very clear. I though I had a lemon, but read someone else also having same issues.

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      Maybe you both had a lemon ?

  • Are these safe against hacking or jamming signal? Or is still hardwired is the best option?

    • These have the best encryption atm

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