[PS5] Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU

  • Stunning Visuals:enhanced lighting and ray tracing make for super sharp visual fidelity; Displayed in crisp, dynamic 4K and HDR, behold dazzling in-game worlds as you work to save the universe; Enjoy Performance Mode to experience a targeted 60 frames per second gameplay, as you encounter new enemies across multiple dimensions
  • Fast Loading:planet-hop with abandon -near-instant loading via the PS5 system's SSD sends you hurtling across the galaxy at hyper-speed
  • Adaptive triggers:Feel unbridled dimensional energy via the DualSense wireless controller, making combat come alive; Each weapon has unique responses as you mow down foes
  • Haptic feedback:sense the impact of in-game rumbles and explosions through the DualSense wireless controller's haptic feedback
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    The name of this game sounds kinda like "ripped a fart".

    • +22

      Yep that's quite intentional as with all their other titles: https://i.redd.it/7spj1fr8bb3z.jpg

    • +1

      I've played R&C since it's inception and have only just caught on to the "Rift Apart" double entendre thanks to your comment. Insomniac those filthy genius'.

  • Great game!

  • Ordered at $65 this morning. Hasn't even been dispatched and Amazon is refusing to refund the difference. Will need to return and reorder
    By the way, looks like Big W with 20% cashback is a better deal :-)

    • +5

      Special Terms
      Important: effective 07/04/22, cashback is ineligible on the entire electronic gaming category, including (but not limited to) consoles, controllers, games, headsets, and accessories.

      • +1

        I just got a price drop difference on another game 30 mins ago. Bought the game on the 17th May. I used the chat feature. I simply asked what the policy was, that my purchase was now cheaper and they straight away offered to refund the difference….must depend on who you get I guess. You can just cancel if it hasn't shipped, just wait for cancel confirmation to come thru first.

        • Omg. Looks like games don't qualify for a free return, so Amazon is charging me $7 for a return :-(

          • @av3nger: They do. What reason did you choose?

          • @av3nger: I've never been charged for an Amazon return. I normally tell the truth if it's a change of mind return, too.

            • +3

              @theguyrules: Maybe it’s just easier to pay the price you were happy to pay this morning.

  • +2

    Absolutely fantastic game.. only reason I bought a PS5

  • +2

    Fun game. Not too long, just about right.

    Graphics are great, one of the few games to properly support HGiG and VRR modes, as well as a 40fps+ fidelity mode. Great haptics and really good use of triggers.

    Very decent for $59

  • +3

    I've been hanging out for this but I also just got on the new PS+ tier with all the free games. I should probably save the $59 instead of adding to the backlog.

  • +4

    This game paired with a C1 is just incredible.

  • +1

    Fantastic game. Probably a top 5 all time for me. Looks absolutely incredible. Gameplay is fun. First game I have ever 'Platinumed'.

  • Thanks for this. Was gonna buy from big w but this is delivered

  • +5

    This and Astro's Playroom remain the only two games that for me have really made me feel like I'm playing true "next gen". We are still in the multi-platform era for the PS5, but these two titles really feel like showcases for the next generation of games, post PS4. Can't recommend this one enough.

  • +2

    Get JB-Hifi to price match it and use your $10 Perks voucher to bring it down to $49

  • +1

    Platinumed this game. Absolutely loved every second of it.

  • Amazing game

  • Anyone were able to get price match at JB. Can use 10$ perk for 49$ or find something 1$ worth to reduce it to 39 with commbank 10$ cashback on 50$ spend

  • If anyone wondering, JB can do price match and you can use your 10$ perk voucher as well. I bought Rift apart and Mass effect for 73$. Had commbank cashback as well so bring down to 63$.

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