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Roasted Cashews: Unsalted & Salted 750g $10 Each @ Woolworths


Woolworths Cashews Roasted & Unsalted 750g $10

Also the salted variety for same price

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    "Packed in Aus from imported ingredients"

    This type of labelling should be f#$@ing illegal!

    Absolutely disgusting consumer laws around labels!

    Imagine if everything you bought was labelled as "packed in aus" but it doesn't tell you what the originating country is! >_<

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      Are you a single origin cashew connoisseur?

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      Sounds like the nuts came to Australia unpacked. Maybe in a big tub without a lid.

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      patriotism is stupid.

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      I’m a professional nut packer. Without these imported ingredients, many of us would be out of a job. There just aren’t enough local nuts to go around, despite Australia’s reputation.

      And what makes a professional nut packer, one might ask? Well, there are no loose nuts on my watch!

      • Better than being a fudge packer I suppose 🤣

        • +1

          I used to have some friends in the confectionery packing business. Fresh fudge smells delightful, but it’s certainly not the most healthful of foods. Mind you, after handling nuts all day, I sometimes yearn for something a little different

    • dude, you need some help

      • No, neo is quite right. Origin country could be a country with poor labour rights, or worse yet: a country that likes to kill their own babies with their ‘food’

        • Whilst this is true, one should remember that humans have an insatiable demand for food, and a few kinks in the supply chain could result in mass starvation. On the other hand, if one kind of nut isn’t available, there are plenty of other nuts that one might like to nibble to satisfy a transient craving

        • Lmao, country tried to kill their own babies. the dumbest thing I heard today, I seriously hope you are joking

    • I think he is 100% correct.
      By hiding the country of origin they are taking away your ability to make an informed choice.
      Some countries routinely overuse chemicals that would not be acceptable in Australia. Some countries have labor laws that you might not want to support. Some countries have high corruption and may falsely label foods or have food standard that would be considered dangerous here.
      The food industry lobbied hard to hide country of origin labeling for a reason and your best interests was not the reason

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    Love cashews so much, that I only buy them when on sale (to control intake ).. but I guess have to change my strategy, just finished 1 kg from Coles last week and now this.. :-(.. but I will buy it tomorrow before I chage my strategy..;-)

    • These are only 750g, so your strategy is headed in the right direction

      • Thanks for heads up, I will read your msg after I buy them tomorrow..

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