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Razer Huntsman Mini Keyboard Linear Optical Red Switches $92 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Have been eyeing this keyboard for awhile now. I think this linear version is the cheapest it's ever been.

The switches are Razer's own Optical linear switches which feel pretty nice.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • What does Linear Optical mean?

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      They are optical switches (uses infrared light and photoelectric switches to detect a key press, can actuate faster than a normal switch) and they are linear (no tactile bump on the way down or up).

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        Input response is like 1ms vs 2ms for mechanical gaming keyboard. Probably insignificant and unnoticeable.

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          Optical also means no physical electronic contact in the switch, so they're generally smoother and more durable.

          (that said lubed mechanical is gonna be smoother than dry optical)

        • Very true and I agree, more of a marketing gimmick than anything else. It's more on the gamer's reaction speed, not the peripherals lol.

    • It explains on the 5th photo on the Amazon listing.

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    nice keyboard, bought it for 60 or 70 refurbed from Mwave in April, just a heads up the keys are very sensitive and register very easily so it will take some getting used to (I wish I didnt buy it)

    • If it's anything like the Tartarus Pro I have with the same switches, you can set the point of actuation / sensitivity. I kept bumping my keys and had to decrease sensitivity.

      • oh wow thank you for pointing this out, I just googled it and using the software it lets you adjust the activation sensitivity (in mm travel). I'll try this now.

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    Why would anyone want a mini keyboard? Is this more of that bloody Coles Little Shop crap again?

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      table space, gaming, lots of factors..

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      Keyboard for ants

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      I got a Keychron K6. Perfect for Android Smart TV, fits nicely on the TV cabinet.

      • Love my K6 too! Main benefit for me is I can place the mousepad/mouse nearer to the typing area of the keyboard, so superior ergonomics.

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    no arrow key is quite annoying if you are like myself…

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      TKL is the sweet spot I think. No arrows becomes a hassle at times for sure.

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      65% layout is a nice downsize if you want to retain arrow keys and are willing to sacrifice function keys (just put them on another layer for occasional use)

      • Yeah I was deciding between 75% and 65% layout, glad I got the 65% as I don't miss the function keys at all.

  • Iv had this for 4 months thinking it would be ideal for less clutter on the desk. the shortcuts are annoying, especially when gaming if you need to press F1.
    ended up buying a Huntsman V2. very happy with my decision to upgrade

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