Merino Hiking Tees, Coastal Blue $76.50 + $9 Delivery ($0 with $125 Order) @ Ottie


Ethically made in Australia (Melbourne, in fact) from Australian grown mulesing-free wool, our merino tees are ideal for that gruelling multi-day hike in Tasmania, your favourite day hike in the Blue Mountains, or paired your favourite bottoms at the pub at the end of that trip of a lifetime. We have plenty of customers that wear their Ottie tees as everyday wear.

  • Made from 100% Australian merino wool
  • Crew neck with self-fabric neckband
  • Available in women's x/small to x/large and men's small to x/large
  • 100% mulesing-free
  • Ethical Clothing Australia Accredited
  • Made in Melbourne
  • Australian Made certified
  • All the benefits of merino wool—odour resistant, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, super soft, biodegradable, and comfortable AF!
  • Designed by hikers, for hikers (and climbers and runners and… whoever, really)

We're clearing our Coastal Blue colourway—this was a limited edition colour we ran—in our short sleeve merino tees. Normally $90, now $76.50.

We're rated 4.9/5 stars by our customers out of 500+ reviews.

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  • +1

    I don't think people are going to jump at the idea of a $76 T-shirt

    • +2

      It's a shame people are so used to fast fashion trash made in third-world sweatshops.

      • +1

        Thanks for the sensible comment, Shiny.

        There are brands out there making merino for $5-10 a unit in China/Vietnam and selling it for $100+. Those that know merino, and have shopped with the other guys, know that $90 is a pretty decent price for what it is. And our customer reviews do the talking in terms of what it is you're paying for.

  • +1

    price in title, but maybe that will scare folk off

  • Normally $90 for a tshirt?

    • Yep! See my comment below.

  • So are they pro-flystrike? Or use other painful methods? Or do they only use genetically enhanced sheep? How do they achieve 100% mulesing free? Can't see much about it on their website.

    • +1

      And expect it to have holes in 12 months? Wow.

    • +2

      Superfine Merino sheep are typically farmed in southern regions of Australia like Victoria where flystrike isn't an issue.
      Source: have worked on Victorian Merino farms, never heard of mulesing being done on these farms

      • Fair enough. I'm not an expert. I just know it hasn't been eradicated everywhere as yet and that the alternative can be worse. Also wondering why have it in the ad but not on the website. (That I can see)

        • Happy to expand the content on our website to provide a bit more detail around this.

          • @ottiemerino: I guess if its going to be part of your sales pitch it would make sense. :)

  • -1

    Is this a magical t-shirt?

    • Some do say merino is a magical fabric.

  • +1

    Decimal point too far to the right.
    Like Libs

  • Ethically doubled the price? Lol

    • +1

      Paying people properly doesn't come for free. Don't be under any illusion we're operating on a 90% profit margin or anything.

  • Merino makes me itchy I hate it.i bought multiple merino mac pac stuff and regretted it for a long time now. I now like to buy polar fleece micro fleece cloths. No itchy warm and stretchy. Merino is thin feels like some kind of plastic bs.its scratchy .

    • i love merino. i dont love merino price

      • Same, but you can usually pick stuff up on sale at fair prices, Aldi stuff is pretty good.

        • I think Aldi stuff is a blend. However they are still good value.

        • We get that not everyone can, or wants to, drop $76.50-90 on a t-shirt. However, you do get what you pay for.

    • Plastic-y feeling merino is probably a blend. We use blends in some of our products but not our lightweight short and long sleeves. They're 100% merino.

  • I thought the shirt was made by Ethnics

  • +1

    From the site

    "Got the tees to make team shirts for a boys mountain biking trip and they were rad. Warm when they needed to be, comfy soaked in sweat, quick to dry, and held shape. Great work guys you clearly care a lot, and it shows. I don’t know if you can do emojis here so just imagine the perfect sign." ~ Hamish Blake (yep, the Hamish Blake… here's a pic from Hamish's boys mountain biking trip down in Tassie)

    must be niceeeeee

    • We were totally surprised to see Hamish's order come through back in the day. This wasn't a product placement or anything. He apparently googled up 'merino tshirts' for his trip (I'm guessing his research into mountain biking lead him to merino - merino and biking go hand in hand), stumbled upon us, and bought a few. We ask all customers to leave a review.

  • +5

    Eek. Tough crowd.

    Let's not compare apples with oranges here, folks. We're not selling cotton tees made in Bangladesh here.

    Merino does possess 'magical' qualities - if you know, you know. Moisture wicking, odour resistant, temperature regulating, etc. Once you've worn merino, you're a convert for life. And we use damn good fabric that's made in Australia. Our products are made in Australia too. And the people that make them are paid a proper wage and under good working conditions.

    Why does a small Aussie brand like us get all this flack but Icebreaker - the biggest, most well-known merino brand in the world - that operates on probably a 90+% gross margin, and that's owned by a global conglomerate, get upvotes aplenty and all kinds of praise? Heck, they have a t-shirt that's $180AUD. Yep, one hundred and eighty smackeroos. But, it'll probably spend most of its life on sale at 70% off because that's the boring retail game a lot of other brands play to make you, the customer, think you're getting a good deal.

    We don't play those games. $90 for a premium quality, AUSTRALIAN MADE, top - when you compare apples with apples - is a pretty decent price. We haven't gone out there and charged an insane premium because we're locally made. We crunched the numbers and realised we could create a sustainable little business while charging a similar amount to what you might pay for some of the other guys on discount.

    And, here we are genuinely offering 15% off a product because we're trying to clear it to free up some space - we pay for shelf space - at our third party warehouse for new products that will be rolling off the line in coming months.

    We're a transparent brand. Feel free to ask any questions you might have below. I'm here to answer them. :)

    Cheers, Paul
    Owner/Director - Ottie Merino

    • I feel you and understand what you are trying to say. First rule of OZB. Do not take anything personally here.

      I love icebreakers and mons Royale.

      I love merino stuff and I would love to buy a tshirt, but I am too tight arse to pay $9 shipping and too poor to buy 2 tshirts.

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