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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 GAMING OC 8G (rev. 2.0) 8GB RGB GPU $849, Kingston A2000 1TB $115 Del + Surcharge + More @ SE

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    The price gap between 3060 ti and 3070 is now practically gone. If only that meant 3060 ti would get cheaper… cries

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      Yep. Not going to bite until 3060 ti gets $600 and below.

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        Retailers and miners can hodl but I can hodl harder lol

        • +3

          I'll be the skeleton holding my old gpu at the end of time!

          • +1

            @kranoath: instead of a gravestone i'll use my old gpu

      • Well it’s msrp is $690. Meaning only once was there ever a good deal on the 3060ti, which was that one xc model at $699, but that sold out very quickly sadly. I’ve noticed 3060/ti prices going up suddenly and now I’m just annoyed.

        • hehe… 3060ti… will be gone in a minute… i buy 5 of those

        • -1

          There were deals, just not enough quantity to post on Ozbargain. I got a top model 3060Ti for $711 delivered around release, so its a FHR.

      • At launch in Dec 20, MSRP for 3060 ti was USD 400.
        Do you guys think it will get at or below AUD 500 ?

        • Not in the near future. I remember when the 3070/3060ti’s came out nobody wanted to buy them because they were all ‘waiting on the 3080’.

        • no chance… honestly we put large order on $699.. so dont count on it

    • +1

      Issue is they are identical performance wise for mining, which is unfortunately still what is dictating the prices.

      • 100% correct… gamer buy 1.. miner buy 10 so.. go figure

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    3070 Australian RRP: AU$809 ??

    • That’s the FE model, iirc other no card was that cheap

    • US RRP is 500.

      • So US$500 = AU$705, plus GST* is $775.50. So we're getting closer, but not quite there. I don't think it's irresponsible to buy one now.

        *US prices generally excluding taxes.

  • 3070 + 10 = 3080

    • +4

      Thanks maths teacher…

  • Kingston ssd looks like good value

    • I thought so too but I also found Samsung 980 1TB 3500MB/s PCIe Gen 3 NVMe M.2 (2280) SSD for $149.

      As it is faster and not much more expensive, would the Samsung be better value or am I missing something?

      • +1

        The Samsung 980 is dramless so actually worse than the Kingston. The 970 Plus is the good Gen 3 drive and 980 Pro is the good Gen 4

        • Many thanks..
          Just shows that there's more to comparisons than just looking at the headline numbers on a spec sheet.

          I just need it for my work laptop where I just do standard office and spreadsheet work, so nothing too fancy.

          • @Jasonofoz: The Kingston A2000 is a great midrange SSD.
            Sounds like a good fit for your use case

      • I think most people prefer DRAM Gen3 970 EVO Plus over DRAMless Gen4 980.

        • +1

          The 980 is still Gen 3, the 980 Pro is Gen 4 (and has DRAM)
          Pretty confusing naming by Samsung which have been pretty straightforward prior to this

          • @FireRunner: You are right, my mistake.

            Anyway I have ordered one Kingston A2000 as my game drive.

  • -1

    Why buy 3070 if 4070 is not that far away?

    • +1

      Not here yet, will be much more expensive, rumoured to require a PSU upgrade for many people.

      If the argument is just pushing the 3070 price down, that still means waiting an indeterminate length of time for an indeterminate saving.

  • No free shipping on the 3070. Might as well buy from Umart for an extra $9 and pickup today.

  • Any more A2000 stock coming in? Missed out!

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