[PS4, PS5] Babylon's Fall $19 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi / ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon


One of the worst games of 2022 so far now at the cheapest price point. Extra 10% off with code 92FRENZY ends Thursday 26th.

Amazon may price-match.

  • Experience acclaimed developer PlatinumGames' signature combat in BABYLON’S FALL with up to 3 other players or take on the Tower of Babel alone, in this new cooperative action RPG
  • After the Babylonians perished, only their great tower “The Ziggurat” remained; Now a new empire has come to pillage its ruins and uncover its fabled treasures; Join forces with other Sentinels, unwilling subjects forcibly implanted with Gideon Coffin, relics that grant the few survivors unrivalled powers
  • Choose your playstyle from multiple, varied weapon-types, each with their own distinct skills and abilities; Customize your loadout to wield up to 4 weapons at any time; Explore a rich fantasy setting that draws inspiration from medieval oil paintings
  • Ascend to greatness as you climb the looming Tower of Babel and uncover its fabled treasures; Only by mastering the powers of your Gideon Coffin, will you unlock your true potential and become strong enough to survive the summit and uncover the secrets that await

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Also $19 at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B09NJHCVFZ

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  • +3

    Lol, one of the worst.

  • +1

    I'll be honest and say I've never heard of it

    • Me either but love the quote "One of the worst games of 2022 so far"… LMAO

  • +3

    As well as being one of the worst reviewed games this year, it also dropped down to only 1 concurrent player on steam.

    I'd stay away imo.

  • +2

    Was really looking forwards to this game before release considering Platinum and Square Enix collaborated to make Nier Automata. Such a let down.

  • Can it be "enjoyed" in single player?

    • +8

      It can be played single-player (but I believe still need to be online).
      It cannot be enjoyed. Period.
      There's a demo on the PS Store I would suggest trying first before you buy if considering playing it.
      I would say this is more for collectors than players.

  • Wow. Just wow at that price.

  • +2

    No offline single player - no deal.

  • $19 already!? Also part of 2 for $30.

    I liked demo for gameplay. It doesn't need to be the game in a service! It doesn't need paid battle pass! It could have been a better game if it was offline singleplayer like Bayonetta etc.

  • Played the ps5 demo, felt like a ps1 game

  • Always buy the PS4 version if it has a free PS5 upgrade.

    • +1

      Not necessarily. There's a few reasons why to get PS5 discs:

      • Some PS4 version discs are much louder spinning than PS5 discs for reasons unknown
      • Smaller download patches and/or smaller downloads as do not need to download full PS5 game
      • Some people collect PS5 versions and prefer white label consistency on shelf
      • Probably doesn't apply here, but PS5 versions generally retain higher value
      • I'll agree with you on disc noise. That's due to PS5 discs being UHD not regular Blu-ray discs.

        And, Sony has been cheaping out on the quality of their Blu-ray discs lately… movies I buy that are released through Sony (you'll know what I mean when you see the light blue discs), just clunk, whir, and some flat out fail to play on older Blu-ray players (Sony branded ironically). I think it's just here in Oz though, as discs i've bought from the UK work perfectly and silently.

        Oh, and never stick a PS5 disc in a PS4… it may become stuck and you'll need to use the manual screw to eject it.

      • Informative response.

        Not sure on the last point though. Too early to tell.

  • I was just thinking of this game because steam sent me a thing saying 35% off but gonna wait for under $20 on steam also. Currently $65 with a base price of $100 its kinda crazy for a niche game as a service game.

  • The graphic looks good thou… such a shame for the worst

  • +1

    This deal is not expired. I purchased 2 x ps5 versions for $20 using the Jb Perks $10. I then traded them both in for $52 at Cex and got switch sports for free with $2 credit remaining

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