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[PC, Steam] Free Endless Space 2: Newsletter Sign up, and Steam Account Linking Required @ Company of Heroes


Here's what I did to get the game:

  1. Click the GET IT FREE button in the link
  2. Create Relic account
  3. Verify email address
  4. Activate newsletter
  5. Link to Steam account
  6. Claim game

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    Thanks, I followed the steps and it worked. I had to use Edge, Firefox was blocking something.

    And this game is supported in Nvidia GeForce Now, just tried it, it's working well (cloud gaming, you can play on any old PC or device).

    • Likewise, couldn't get Chrome to work as well end up Edge does the job. Strange.

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    From the GrabFreeGames Discord - you can also claim all the DLC

    "Just adding claim method for those free DLCs for 《ENDLESS™ Space 2》, if some people doesn't want to go to each link to claim.

    ▫️First go to Steam Store page https://store.steampowered.com/ and login to your Steam account.

      🔸Browser Console
       🔻Click CTRL + SHIFT + I and select Console tab, then copy paste the below code to the console then click enter.

    AddFreeLicense([297195, 262560, 245984, 220974, 220971, 220977, 220980, 236981, 536092])

    • That worked, thanks. Again I had to use Edge, Firefox is too strict on blocking things.

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      to clarify: it's to get all the free dlc

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      thanks worked fine for me. returned "undefined", then steam popup said "undefined was added to your account" or similar, then i checked and all the free dlc were in my library :)

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    Got the OPENID_NOT_AUTHENTICATE error at step 5 when trying to link things in both Firefox and Chrome. Looking at the reddit thread people are having mixed results with browsers and suggested even recreating an account. Edge did the trick for me at least


  • Thanks, worked for me in Chrome. Adding the free DLC posted above by Sherro didn't work though

    • Make sure you're logged in to the Steam website, CTRL + SHIFT + I and click on the console tab. Should just need to copy that AddFreeLicense line and hit enter and you'll get a pop up on the site saying added to library or something.

      • Yeah I was logged in to steam but got this error:

        There was a problem adding this product to your account. Please try again later.

        The text I pasted into the console was:
        AddFreeLicense([297195, 262560, 245984, 220974, 220971, 220977, 220980, 236981, 536092])

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          Double check the game in your library. Right click> Properties > DLC
          I think mine said something similar when I did it but they're all there.

          • @Sherro: Thanks mate, you were right. The game hadn't been added so I fixed that and got the same message as yupyup above.

  • Thanks OP and Sherro, got endless space 2 + DLC

  • Thanks OP! I've been wanting to try since hearing the words amphibious mommy milkers

  • Thanks OP!

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    How do I claim the game? I'm guessing I need to go in the Rewards tab and "Claim your freebies!"? It sees that my Steam account is linked but rewards are "0/0". Clicking the Synchronize button shows Steam is linked but 0 rewards. My Steam account privacy has everything on Public.

    Perhaps their servers are overloaded?

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      It's working now. If anyone else was having the problem you need to click on Account Settings (next to your avatar/user name), click on Newsletter on the left, and then click on the Activate button. (The newsletter settings was blank before.)

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    had to clicked through a few separate times at step 6 , it kept going to a sega 404 page. eventually it added it to steam though. cheers

    • try again. it should work.

  • This game feels like hard work, after a long days work. Haha.

    • wait until you try Stellaris - This game is a great fun toy in comparison; once you finish it you'll be ready to go "next level" with Stellaris

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    expired? Don't see the get it free banner anymore

  • This request is not authorized.

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    They've posted the following to help people redeem. I followed this and clicked a few links in the instructions to help speed up the process and it worked well.


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    I have subscribed to the newsletter and linked my Steam account, but I don't see the game on the reward page.

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