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[eBay Plus] Insta360 One RS Twin Edition Camera $759.20 Delivered @ digiDirect


I think this is a pretty good deal considering that the RS model is just out and One R model is still selling for $600 ish. RS Normal RRP $949. Pulled the trigger myself as I own the older one and had issues with the 360 lens disconnecting and the main module over heating. They just replaced my 360 lens out of warranty for a fee. Believe they have ironed out these issues with the newer model. You can get some amazing shots with these and had no problem buying at this price with extra pinching via Shop Back GC's and their recent bonus offers they had going.

Also available with the 4k Model for $455.20 with eBay Plus


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  • Good 360 camera but horrible website to get it from. Took them 3 Months to deliver torch bought back Feb.

  • my insta360 One X has been great

    I Iove watching 360 videos in VR , always bring me back to the scenes and often find something interesting but no one noticed at the time .

    would love to get a new version as the waterproof case is a pain.

    • How do you watch your 360 videos? Are you using a VR glass?
      I'm thinking to buy a 360 camera and would love to know the VR experience

      • convert insta360 video to MP4 format and watch with Oculus Quest.

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