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[ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC] Energy Australia $25 or $50 Bill Credit Per Service for Gas and Electricity (up to $100 Total)


Energy Australia $25 online sign up credit per service for most plans

Energy Australia $50 online sign up credit for Total Plan

Go through Cashrewards for an additional cashback of $70 for electricity and $42 for gas.

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Energy Australia


  • Cashback:
    up to 21 days to track
    up to 180 days to be confirmed by EnergyAustralia

    So how long do we need to remain customers to qualify? Seems up to 180 days!

    Recent Cashback offers with other retailers have been 30d.

    • depends on when your meter is read. i've personally done it a few times and never had to wait the full 180 but YMMV

      • Smart meter - so can be read daily.

        With prices dramatically increasing 1/7, don't want to be stuck paying more than I have to. This seems to lock us in for many months to receive cashback.

        So not for me.

        • if it locks you in isn't it a good thing? prices are fixed for the duration of the plan

          • +1

            @edumacation: It's about choice. Many criticisms on Ozbargain of poor customer service & higher prices. So may not want to stay.
            I'd rather lock in a cheaper rate!

            • @Rather be Travelling: Any idea who’s offering the cheapest rate?

              I used to with origin energy for 6 year until I found energy au actually offers lower

              • @thomalfa: Rates depend on so many factors - where you live, which retailers operate in that area, solar feed in, type of meter, etc.

                Use the govt comparison sites, enter your area & upload your bill..

    • +3

      Approval time is about 100 days. Beware there is an exclusion period of 12 months in order to be considered as a new customer (not explicitly stated in the T&Cs).

      • Thanks again, JoS👍

        Still not certain how long need to be connected to qualify for cashback.

        Cashback deals usually have long approval times. But may only require 30d connected.

        • +1

          Shopback for EA has a minimum term period of 75 days so probably same for CR

  • Recently changed to AGL from Energy Australia, haven't received first bill yet. Am I eligible to change it back?

    • Did u switch agl goodguys promo?

      • AGL $100 WW GC for gas only via econnex

        • AGL rates are higher than EA

  • +2

    Gas prices are so hard to compare! Everyone offers different steps/peak charges intervals. Gah

  • +1

    I’d rather get the $250 from the Victorian government for going to their energy compare website and then choosing the cheapest provider.

    • not yet though

    • do both

      • Can't!
        This Deal expires 29/5.
        Vic $250 offer starts from 1/7!

        • do this now then the vic offer in july?

        • You can get the $250 from the vic government regardless of your retailer, just by comparing prices. You don't have to change suppliers.

          So you can get this deal, and then get the $250 come the 1st of July.

    • +2

      There is no obligation to switch provider through energy Victoria. All you have to do is compare and then claim

      • Agreed, you only need to go on the Vic Energy website to claim the $250, you don't need to use it to change providers to be eligible.

  • +1

    Household energy bill last year: $60
    (no gas, no solar, just me), after $100 credit offer from Retailer.

    Receive ~$400/yr govt rebate etc in QLD. Doesn't seem available in other States or to most. (QLD kept ownership of it's generators.) Just announced to increase.
    Stacks with these Deals.

    Check all the Deals available.
    Check what is available from govt etc - where you are.

    • By the way that was with a very different retailer, not Energy Australia.

  • I signed up to EA and cancelled within cooling off period so they may not consider me a new customer

  • So if you move to a new premises you are eligible for the cashreward?

  • Oh no, I signed up and now realise I might have gone straight for the link here,which is not cash rewards, may have to cancel

    • yeah i dunno why my deal was edited i linked to cashrewards

      • I am normally more careful but I checked my click history and last time clicked was friday, I didnt sign until sunday

      • Happens in some Deals - very annoying!
        TWAM & complain.

        • Only link directly to the cashback provider if: The deal is ONLY about the cashback increase or the deal is ONLY obtainable by going through the cashback website.

          apparently that justifies not just changing the link but editing the description and title.

          • @chickenface: Yes. Others have complained in cashback Deals.
            They lost out as happened here😥

            Its not the fault of those posting the Deal!

            Suggestion: Warn about that in future cashback Deals.
            eg Only Click through Cashrewards not Deal Link! in Deal Description & add as 1st comment.

            [It's a known problem.
            Ideally, when entering a link to a cashback site when Posting Deal, system should give advice, instead of needing to be changed later by Mods. Or Mods should add a warning to these Deals.]

            People may still miss that, but you tried😉
            Thanks for the Deals👍

            • @Rather be Travelling: i guess the answer is to not mention any deal from the retailer in the post at all and maybe post it as a comment

              • @chickenface: But in Deals like this, it is the major reason for the Deal!

                People won't check Deal comments to find the Real Deal!

                That's ok where cashback is minimal… "Don't forget to click through Cashback Site" - for 50c! Not for $100!

                Status: Its complex😜

  • So I signed to my gas connection in Nov-21, if I use this again can I get the cashback?

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