60cm Tourex Bike $79 (Was $99) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Kmart



Designed with a sturdy steel frame, this Tourex bike will provide your kids with an effortless and smooth riding experience.
Product Details
Suitable for ages: 14+ years
Product dimensions: 153cm (L) x 84cm (H) x 59cm (W)
Box dimensions: 124cm (L) x 63.5cm (H) x 20cm (W)
Product weight: 14.8kgs
Box weight: 16.85kgs
Wheel size: 60cm / 24-inch
Maximum weight Capacity: 100kg / 220.5lb
6 speed with shimano derailleur
Sturdy steel frame
Front V-brake
Alloy rims
Rider minimum height: 142cm

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  • +3

    Rave reviews on this grand tourer.

    "It looks stunning, it rides beautifully, we are thrilled."

  • Lol. Too bulky for me.

  • I am learning to bike. Is this good for beginners?

    • Will probably put you off riding as it will be uncomfortable and have poor braking and gear shifting. The bike is tiny as well, I'd probably give this to a 12 year old at the absolute oldest

      • +2

        I am a 12 year old at heart

        • Not only that, you also need to have an average 12 years old budget to quality the purchase :)
          BTW, my son is 9 and he is riding a 24" road bike already so you probably need to be 10 to fit perfectly

      • -1

        Me thinks you should have processed the username before replying …

    • +2

      I think yes. If you ride it into a brick wall, at least you won't be worried about destroying a $79 bike.

    • +1

      Has 24" wheels, so made for children.

      My kid had a bike like this for getting to primary school. It did the job. Now he has a nice Giant bike that Drakesy would approve of.

  • Silly question - does it have a rear brake?

    • +1

      Looks like it has a rear v-brake too

  • Would this be okay to go down Mt Druitt?

    • +3

      Would still get stolen

      • Would still get stolen

        Even by Mt Druitt standards i think this may be pushing it.
        Probably will be passed up even by the local meth-head even they have a desire to live

  • I need a couple of 600mm wheels for a road bike./racer I picked up. It's got Shimano wheels but numerous broken spokes, so was thinking of just buying a cheap bike with wheels the right size and putting them on. I doubt this bike is one to look at for this purpose ona count that it's a tourer, but anyone have any opinions on buying new wheels vs fixing vs cheap bike and take the wheels off?

    • +1

      fixing wheels can be an expensive process if you're not DIYing. It's time intensive and if the wheels are nothing fancy, probably not worth your while. That said, I wouldn't buy a bike from Kmart to take the wheels off. I'd probably be looking on Gumtree. Things to note are the axle spacing and mounting isn't generic, neither is the cassette mount. Rim brake vs disc brake is also another obvious one. You may also have better luck searching in inches as the standard for most bicycle wheel measures are in inches.


    • +1

      I just had all the spokes replaced on my rear wheel by a qualified bike mechanic. Cost me $120. I would call around and see what you can get from the local bike mechanics in your area. Buying second hand might end up costing you more because you might be inheriting someone else's problem or getting poor quality spokes.

  • -1

    Bike is cheap, ambulance ride is not. Don't skimp out on the device which hurtles your children down the road at 30 k's an hour.

    • +1

      That comment is over the top.

      Sure, it is not a good bike, but v brakes are very mechanisms. Will work.

      • +1

        As a kid, even going downslope, I'm pretty sure I've never hit anywhere close to 30km/h. Were you Superboy or something?

        • Turbo charged… Possible Brembo parts to the bike.

        • -1

          You'd be surprised. E-Bikes cap out at 26km, and if you ask any cyclist I'm sure they'd say they can easily maintain that on a flat, just not for as long as an e-bike. Put that same person on a hill and I'm sure they could smash 30k's in top gear, probably more like 40!

          This video for me is the epitome of mountain bike speed, if you're interested. https://youtu.be/jG-C0_ufsQc

          • +2

            @modded: I think you might be forgetting that this is a kid's bike, sold at kmart, designed for pottering around neighbourhoods like kids do. I don't think kids get to do the activity that is shown on your video. I would certainly not allow it as a parent. If they try that, even on the best bike you could break your neck.

      • Most of the kids bikes use vbrakes anyway as long as you know how to take care of the bike, it should lasts a year or 2 for occasion rides. If riding to school everyday or without an adult, I would recommend to stay away as they may fall apart in the middle of a ride

    • Seriously? These are functional bicycles. They're not going to magically disintegrate while riding down the street. You sound like a desperate politician on election day.

      • They do, my neigbour bought one of those similar bikes from Kmart for his daughter and less than 5 short rides, the peddle fell out in the middle of the ride (both sides fell eventually). The tread is so poorly made on the peddle and you can't secure them with bare hands

        • Fair enough, but that hardly makes this a certain death machine that people imply it is, and someone yesterday even stated it was!

  • Any bikes for 9yrs old?

  • Notice the black parts. They're painted because they're made of steel that is not stainless.

  • It's like a giraffe at the front. Who builds these things.

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