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Anker Soundcore Motion+ $79.99 Shipped @ Ankerdirect via Amazon Au


Anker Soundcore Motion+ notified via camels at $109, and then extra $30 voucher available via checkbox. Brings it down to $79.99.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Curse amazon 1 day shipping fueling my impulse buys. Thanks op was tempted to get two for pairing but will get 1 for my workshop.

  • +1

    Cheers op another thing I won't use

  • -2

    Great price but already have a Charge 5

    • I don’t know why this was negged?

  • +4

    Outrageously good for the price. I paid $119 for mine and still feel like I underpaid.

    Great sound quality, stupid strong bass and great battery life.

  • +2

    Got one, thanks op. Heared great things about this, for this price its hard to pass up.

    Should be the lowest ever price, as its dropped to $109 before but never with an additional $30 voucher. Great find.

  • +7

    You'd pay significantly more for anything close to being as good. Great price.

  • +1

    What about this review on Amazon

    Reviewed in Australia on 20 April 2022
    * No easy on/off switch
    * Buttons are a bit hard to press
    * Keeps switching to it when on phone call
    * Audio delay when connected via bluetooth
    * Hissing sound when nothing is playing when connected via the headphone jack

    • +4

      Never had any of those.

      Insane value at this price. I recommend one of these if you intend to travel with it:


      • product seems good but maybe consider a different store, that one is new and has 0 positive feedback

    • +5

      I tend to be more influenced by negative reviews than positive especially speakers.

      • How do you filter through negative reviews? I've found that most negative reviews are caused by stupidity or operator error.

        • It's probably like you say but that's me. Not sure how to know if the reviewer is stupid when negative, we could give similar judgement of the over enthusiastic.

    • +1

      I have one, and ordered a second one for running two together.

      • On/off is a button on the side. Push to turn on, push and hold to turn off. Easy IMO.
      • Buttons seem to only need quite reasonable force. Not super soft, but not super firm.
      • Phone call switching is a phone setting on Android, and the speaker does not control it. Not sure for iPhone but no doubt the same.
      • Audio latency via Bluetooth is minimal in my use. Testing on rtings.com peg it as low as 42ms for Android. Latency is highly dependent on the transmitting device, codec, app etc.
      • There is hiss using AUX, which is pretty normal. The hiss is from the speakers actual amplifier, and it's also there (though significantly reduced) when using Bluetooth. The aux hiss is louder than my higher end computer speakers, but not enough to notice most of the time. In a quiet room with no audio playing it is easy to hear.

      Overall I think it is a pretty good speaker - and a great deal for anyone who got it at $80. Based on rave reviews, it would be easy to assume it is better than it is, especially for bass. It's still a fairly small, lower wattage speaker. I can see how some people would get it and be disappointed. Side by side with other similar sized Bluetooth speakers, I find it excellent, with comparatively rich sound. Depending on what device someone is playing audio from, I can see how they might end up with a bad experience, and assume it is the speaker causing issues, rather than their more expensive phone, favourite app etc.

  • Should really put historical low in the description, good price.

  • Thanks op, already have a charge 5 but got two of these as well.

  • Bought it, had to replace my BeoPlay A2 as the speakers cracked after 5 years of decent usage.


  • Bought one. Thank op. My old Xiaomi one just keep breaking down. Good timing. My wife has been listening music from her phone speaker recently. She will be happy.

  • Thanks OP, bought a couple as gifts for some upcoming birthdays.

  • Thank you - great price

  • i had one for 6 months. bought for $119. Great unit

  • +2

    Thanks OP and everyone reviewing.
    Same Day Delivery also seems to be free (Discount changes from $30 to $39)

  • +9

    Spent last 30 minutes trying to find a reason to buy another BT speaker.
    Couldn't come up with one.

    Bought 2x.

    Thx OzB

    • +1

      Excuse is to listen in stereo - then excuse is quadraphonic!

  • I have so many speakers already. bought 1 still. thanks OP nice find

  • Been eyeing this for awhile after watching YouTube reviews. Pound for pound world champion 😆 credit to Alan Ross reviews and Flossy major major GO. Let's see how it compares against my JBL flips.

  • Anker has some amazing value stuff honestly.

    • +1

      Yehh, They have amazing way to pull out money from your pocket as-well.

  • +1

    I was disappointed with mine. Lacklustre sound. Muffled with poor sound stage. Ended up giving it to my mum

    • +20

      I also gave it to your Mum.

      • Touché

      • +1

        You win ser

      • +5

        Well, you picked the right thing to give her.

        I'm sure she thought it was an equally disappointing, lacklustre and muffled experience.

      • Lol good one

    • +2

      If you use the EQ in the app, the whole game changes… It's the best speaker I've heard in the $150 range by far.

      Lots and lots of videos about it, the Alan Ross ones do the comparisons and have the EQ

      • -1

        I did use the EQ and tried extensively. It doesn’t do much at all.

        I honestly don’t understand all the praise.

    • I had a similar experience with my unit. Ended up returning it.

  • Can you use these with your tv? Do you just leave the speakers on all the time so when TV is turned on it connects automatically?

  • +1

    Mine has had some issues where it won't auto connect via Bluetooth and you have to re pair it every time. Spoke to Amazon and they returned it for a refund so I purchased again at this discount.

  • Do these come with a strap or anything to carry them portably?

    • +2

      No. But you can buy one of these.

      • -4

        Thanks man, I should of been more clear .. I mean something that I can use portably to listen to it also eg using it when going for a bike ride 🙌🏽

        • +4

          Dont do that. We hate bike riders blasting music from their bluetooth speakers.

    • -1

      Sony ones do.

  • Thanks OP. Impulse buy

  • How's this compare to the Flip 4?

  • +3

    Not seeing the $30 voucher :/

  • +3

    Seems the checkbox for the additional $30 off no longer exists

  • +1

    Saw the $30 coupon initially but now it's disappeared. Added item to cart but it's still $109.

  • Showing as 109.99 for me ?

  • Must have expired for the 30 buck coupon. Still a good deal, but no longer a great deal.

  • +3

    Also seeking $30 voucher. I snoozed and lost, WILL I EVER LEARN, this is ozbargain 101, sheesh.

    • Buy now think later

  • +10

    Thank God it's expired. Saved me from an impulse buy.

  • +1

    I can’t see this checkbox

  • +4

    Yep same, was going to buy @ $79 the voucher expiry has saved me adding this to my shelf of bargains not used

  • Thanks OP. Waking up early has its perks, needed a bluetooth speaker and managed to get this one before coupon expired.

  • For future reference, where is the checkbox?

  • Yep.Missed out on the voucher as well. 109.99 for another 7+hours..hmmm. very tempted. have another of their speakers and i love it.

  • +4

    Same day delivery is insane and the speaker is pretty impressive.

  • Thank you OP. Ordered my first bluetooth speaker this morning and just received it. Same day delivery is awesome and speaker sounds and looks awesome too.

  • Just got mine, in my hands same day and sounds epic!

    • Yeah it's pretty awesome, so surprising such a small speaker cam make such a big sound.

      Great app too.

  • Omg I love it!

  • I’d buy another one - unbeatable at $80

  • Hi OP, if you see this deal again, please let us know!

  • I just got it and it is amazing!!! $80 winner

  • +1

    Incredible quality, this speaker is deadset incredible for $79!

    Best purchase <$100 ever made honestly, thanks OP!

  • OK quick poll - who's speaker hisses at rest? I have a ue boom 2 that doesn't and it's noticeable.

    • Nothing, not even right next to my ear!

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