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Gerintech Double Power Point Outlet 10A with USB C Charger 5V 3.6A $15.83 (Was $21.99) + Del ($0 w/ Prime) @ Gerintech Amazon AU


Hi fam,

This is our new upgraded Powerpoint and we are providing at a discounted price.

✔ Australian Standards Approved. Conform to AS/NZ3112:2017 Approval and test specification-Plugs and socket-outlets.
✔ Fast Charging USB Ports. 2 Type A ports for traditional devices and 1 Type C port for latest devices and future releases. Enjoy high charging capacity USB ports 3.6A total.
✔ Double Powerpoint. Dual 3 pin Socket has individual On/Off switches to turn off devices when not in use. Suitable for commercial and residential installations.
✔ Product Size. Plate size: 118 x 72mm, mounting centers: 84mm. Requires 23mm mounting depth behind plate. Modifications to certain brackets may be required.
✔ Right Size Fixing Screws. New product will come with right size screws 35mm long x3mm diameter, thinner than screws provided with old product.

Thank you for your support.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Still active draw on USB?

    • Waiting for an answer if this is still active draw.

      • +3

        Question….what’s “active draw” and what’s the benefit (or drawback) of it?

        • Would also like to know?

          • +4

            @BatmanAU: The USB actively draws power even with nothing plugged in.

            • @Slippery Fish: Ohh gotcha. Isn’t that the oldest question of all time, “does it draw power if nothing is plugged in”?

              • +1

                @BatmanAU: No way to turn off via switch etc is my main issue with it

                • +1

                  @Slippery Fish: Standard charger with standard cable combination doesn't have this issue? Also smart plugs and any smart devices are all unacceptable since they require constant power to run?

                  P.S. I am more concerned about the USB charger inside of this. There is no free lunch, power points + USB charger (3 ports) at this price. Those USB charging is not going to give you the same quality output as original chargers.

                • -2

                  @Slippery Fish: The active draw on USB ports is between 0.05w and 0.15w what's that a few cents a year??

                  • +1

                    @ego22: My concern is more that if anything happens to what is a likely very cheap USB port I can't isolate it

  • How are these for charging iPhones and iPads? Quick charge?

  • 3.6a total Inc usb c ?

    • Seems that way, so 18w max on one, or all 3
      Why did they stick that many ports on it ?

    • Yes, think of it as a standard 3 port USB-A charger, except one USB-A port is changed to USB-C.

  • How good is the space between the ports and usb? Must plugs are fat and occupy space

  • +2

    Given how expensive electrician labor is in Aus, I really hope this thing lasts or at least I would choose something very reputable for its quality (not saying this one is not) and hope for the best.

    • +1

      Um… so when you get an electrician to install power points for you, every electrician will use top notch power points and charge you an arm and a leg? If an electrician elected to use more cost effective ones, you are just going to send him/her home and pay for the call out charge?

      My experience is the switch on the plugs tends to break first. The question is then do you change it yourself (just replace the switch) or call an electrician to do it?

      However, I am not sold on these power points with USB sockets. Clearly, it includes a transformer and all these multi port USB charging sounds great in theory, until you really open it up and look at the design. There is no free lunch. Designing multi port USB chargers really well is harder than single port and your smart phones do try to workaround inferior chargers.

      • +1

        You can usually just ask them to use better quality stuff, and many of them prefer the higher quality stuff anyway since it's often less fiddley to install. The price difference between clipsal and generic stuff is pretty minimal compared to the cost of an electrician, with the exception of the usb clipsal stuff which costs $160 or so.

        Personally I'd rather just skip the usb and get a better quality clipsal twin, which goes for something like $10. Usb on a powerpoint seems to be building in obsolescence on to something which is expensive to change. Makes sense in other countries where you can change your own power points, less so in Australia.

    • How many colours can you remember?

      Is it three or more?

      Never mind why I’m asking.

      • Your electrician doesn't even need to remember the colours because they're clearly marked on the screw terminals.

  • +2

    Alternative brand at Bunnings if you only need 2x USB ports

  • Seen them in aldi this mrng for $19

  • OP, it says it complies with AS/NZ3112:2017… (which is the outlet prongs spec), but there's no details regarding the USB outlet specs.
    Any overload protection.. because the ad doesn't mention anything about its most vulnerable component?

    • The ad mentions over voltage, over current and short circuit protection.

  • This one or the Bunnings one, in terms of safety and reliability?

    • Australian retailer and shopfront, selling items that must comply with our safety standards, vs an online retailer claiming standards have been met… but with no real obligation to do so. For the sake of a few bucks, it makes more sense to me to stick with the former.

    • Would go for Bunnings any day as there is no questions asked for returns if there is an issue

  • +1

    There's some gold in the Amazon questions :

    Q:Are the usb ports always powered? Or do you need to switch them on?

    Answer this question
    A: Sorry I have not installed yet so can not answer


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