Tefal 13 Piece Ingenio Cookware Set $269 Shipped (Only with $20 First Order Voucher) @ Victoria’s Basement


Tefal Ingenio 13 piece for $289. If you are buying from Victoria’s Basement for first time you can get “Sign up & get $20 off first order” which brings the price down to $269 (free delivery)
Not the cheapest but I highly doubt we will see 2019 and 2020 prices.

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  • Ooh so tempted to jump on this

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      I think you are supposed cook in them.

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        Jumped! Hopefully will cook in them too soon

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    I have had this set for about 2y now. Very happy with it.

    • How do you find the scratch resistance to be? Much wear after 2yrs?

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        Had these for 4 years… still look new but I don't use metal utensils.

  • VBWELCOME is the code when you signup.

  • Which is better? Stainless steel or titanium

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      Apart from the differences in pan size and external being stainless steel vs non-stick, the only other significant differences I could find were that (1) the SS version is safe in the oven up to 260⁰C whereas Titanium is only up to 175⁰C, and (2) that the Titanium set's saucepans are also coated in non-stick coating ('Titanium Extra') whereas the SS version's saucepans are only stainless steel

      • SS's interior is definitely coated with PFAS that will be inevitably digested by someone's stomach

        • Well darn, I didn't do enough research on PFAS… need to find a non-stick that's better

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      It's a stainless steel pan where the inside of the pan is coated with a layer of titanium ceramic. It's basically titanium that has been made into a layer of glass, similar to how silicon is made into glass.

      Titanium ceramic is very hard and resistant to corrosion like food acids, but it has really poor heat conduction. That's why they put only on a thin layer.

      It can be difficult to get a good sear in a titanium non-stick coating. That's about the only limit compared to Teflon non-stick performance.

      Better than stainless, it's really easy to clean. Fried eggs or a stir-fry is fine. It won't replace the BBQ, which a pure stainless steel could.

      • You sure about all that in regards to the linked product? The Tefal product page lists it as being made of aluminium and the "Titanium Excellence" as being PTFE (with some actual titanium possibly worked in somewhere to make it sound super strong…and trick people).

        In which case, the stainless steel is better if you don't want to be replacing the pans in your set that you actually use. You don't need a set of non-stick pans anyway IMHO.

  • Thanks OP grabbed a set

  • is this induction compatible?

    • I don’t think so.

    • The features on the website say:

      Suitable with all stoves including induction, ceramic, gas and electric

    • Amazingly enough, it tells you on the right on the product page.

    • Thanks, on a mobile it quite hard to see by the way, have to read through a whole page of marketing jargon before i get to it even after you pointed it out.

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