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Razer Kiyo X Full HD Streaming Webcam $59 Delivered (58% off) @ Amazon AU


$5 can be used for those who bought the $100 gift card since it is sold by and fulfilled by Amazon AU

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Not a bad price for this, I definitely wouldn't pay full price (I got mine about the same price). It's nice and high res, but the sensor is a bit blech when it comes to colour replication. Good enough for a video chat, but I wouldn't be counting on this as a streamer cam.

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    I do like the mount on this model, it can hook over monitors, sit on top of light bars, sit on the table, and also has a thread (probably 1/4 inch) for mounting to tripods, etc. I say this because I have a xiaomi monitor light, and not all webcams will sit on top of them.

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    Great reviewer who explains this one is worse quality than the original version.

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    Finally my fans will see me in full HD.

    • No way is that the real Pete Gabitas???

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      Only your fans?

      • Came for the Only Fans jokes

  • I wouldn't pay $5 for this, such is the quality.

    Don't bother with it.

    • Hey, out of my pure curiosity: Did you really use this webam?

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        No, I own the Kiyo Pro. I wouldn't use this webcam because I actually check into things before buying.

        Here's a review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0CSUsww-rI

        • Sure, I indeed look into that video & other reviews regarding this Kiyo X as well. I still decided to get on and see how bad it is. Apparently, it is not too bad at all for my case. It is comparable to a Logitech C920 imo.

          My use-case: Teams & Zoom for video calls. Just plug-and-play (I would never install the Razer software on my computer for any reason). I use it in a non-fancy lighting env: 1x LED light bulb above the ceiling. For $59, I can't ask for more from a branded webcam @ 30fps FullHD. One thing to note: if it is not on-sale, I might opt for a C92x as I am never a fan of Razer :)

          For anyone who is in the similar situation as I am and still hesitating, I would say go for it, it's worth your $59.

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    Good for chaturbate ?

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    Would recommend anyone with a somewhat modern phone to just get a phone point and download some software to use that as a webcam. You'll get much better results than this.

    • Sorry I’m dumb on this, what is a phone point?
      Would you also recommend some software to make my phone into a web cam?

      • Just google how to use your phone as a webcam.

      • I used to use Iriun, worked quite well.

  • Damn, no windows hello support with this

  • Thanks OP ! Was looking for a decent webcam at a good price. Bought 1

  • Thanks, just bought one for work/Teams.

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