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[NSW] 2 Hours Free Parking @ Wilson Parking, Market City (Sydney)


Book your parking spot ahead of time and save!

Get 2 hours of free parking between 11am and 11pm, from 27 May – 18 June 2022.

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  • Thank you for this post.

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    It said SOLD OUT for this promo code. Anyone success?

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      Could be day dependent.
      I just booked for today at lunch and all went through fine

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      Don’t use the app. Just log in via the web. The app shows sold out but web is ok

  • Awesome! Thank you!
    Had no intention to drop into Market City but will go after the Autumn Markets at Moore Park this morning!

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        forgive him, he's been a farmer living with cows too long

        • Hey! , leave the poor cows out of this . What have they ever done to you ?

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    Timezone here I come

  • Would have loved to have this yesterday.

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    Looks like you can book mutliple times, I just used the same account for two separate times.

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      Yep definitely! I did the same

    • Can you book 2 x 2hours to extend to 4hours free?

  • 1.5hr opera house performance to car park is too far in distance (wish the promo was just a bit longer)

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      I believe you have a grace period of 1h before the entry time and 1h post the exit time - so in theory 4 hours in total

      • The booking states 30 minutes grace period

        • wonder if could make two bookings to make it four hours free in a row?

  • I log in use web and evrythibg sold out from today to next week or so
    Edited- tried again and it works. Booked multiple

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    You can use the app, ignore the sold out vivid notice 2022

    Select the 2 hours that you want

    Click on 'I have a promo code' down the bottom and use VIVID2022 there.

    It worked for a dummy booking this afternoon

  • Just booked a free 2-hr parking on a Saturaday 6pm. I have entered my credit card at the confirmation of the T&C page, do I tap the card on entry to the car park? The instructions in the confirmation email was not clear??

    Many thanks,

    • From the pdf in the email

      At the car park entry, don't take a ticket. Tap or insert the access method used when booking and we'll identify your booking
      and open the gate.

    • I've used Wilson book a bay quite a few times - tap the card you nominate on the entry gate and again on the exit gate. Some carparks have licence plate recognition and will open the gate for you just from your licence plate. Don't take a ticket.

    • Yep - tap card, your physical card. Don't use your phone as it will result in you being charged.

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    If you go over 2hrs will you have to pay? I assume it would deduct 2hrs from your time spent?

    • That’s my understanding. That casual rates apply for the extra time

      • OR on top of 2hrs rate?

        • Longer Stay
          If you stay longer than your intended exit time or enter prior to your intended entry time (Booking Period) you will be subject to the Standard Casual Fees as displayed at the car park in addition to the Online Parking Fees you have already paid.

          There is a small grace period provided for your Online Booking to allow for unexpected traffic conditions, unless otherwise stated at the time of Booking. Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions.


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    Market City is like 30+ minutes walk or 3 train stops from Vivid around the Quay though.

    • Vivid is much bigger than CQ.

    • -3

      Holy God, I did this tonight with the 2 hours parking. It was insane to run and walk around and be back in time but I did it. Excess parking time is so expensive.

      I regret doing this deal. Better to take the train and relax with unlimited time.

      They should have made it 3 hours to not be a scam. FU Wilson Parking.

  • Sold out or no free parking spots? It is good it is not a free for all, because it would suck to drive in then find the "carpark full" sign.

  • i booked 7pm-9pm today with this code, but the machine charged me $13 when I left

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      I did 6-8, and went in 5:45 and out 8:15. Paid nothing

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      Oh odd. Did you use the same card as you did online?

  • Trams aren’t running to circular quay. All terminate at town hall. It’s ok to get tram to town hall then train to circular quay. About 20 mins and not much walking.

    • Only on Saturdays. And also Sunday of the long weekend. Trains also don't set down at Circular Quay. Always this way for Vivid.

      • Trains set down tonight

        • As I said, Saturday only. And Sunday on the long weekend.

  • 2 hours is probably ok to have a quick looksee at Darling Harbour. It will be very rushed to get to Circular Quay.

    • Yep I just did it (commented above). Definitely do not recommend for Vivid like I did. If you go over it is $9 for up to half an over, $19 30-60 mins over etc.

  • +1

    If you want all night parking for free and you plan to have dinner in the city - enter the Market City carpark after 6pm and have it in the 1909 Dining Precinct on Level 3. Validate your parking with the restaurant when paying and you'll have free parking until 1:30am.

  • I've been using 24/7 since 2017.
    I usually call them out once a year for leaving a light on overnight and a dead battery. I change my flats myself. Faster than waiting for them. $55 a year, gives me all I need. There are more expensive plans, if you need.

    • wrong thread?

  • Can anyone confirm if you can use this to extend without having to re-enter?

  • does the usual one hour grace period before apply or is it just half an hour? I can't find any details on the booking and can't change it as now sold out

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