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[eBay Plus] Beats Fit Pro $199 Delivered @ Titan Gear eBay


Airpods sold out quick but these sound very similar to airpods pro and you get anc unlike airpods 3rd gen.

Battery life isn't great but not that bad.

For $199 seems like a good deal to me, surprised it hasn't sold out since being active from 8am.

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  • Great price!!!

  • AU official stock?

  • Have a pair from amazon being delivered tomorrow. Paid $236, at least have option to return.

  • Are these any better than the Galaxy Buds Pro? I'm really happy with the galaxy buds, but im always down for better audio quality for a reasonable price.

  • Nice to have colour options at least

  • I ordered mine from Amazon. It has potential but they are plagued with hissing issues. Mine has a bad hiss on the right side when transparency mode is turned on. Left one has no issues. It is a worthy alternative to the AirPods Pro but the hissing is bad.

    • +4

      I’d warranty that if at all possible, I have a pair that had no such issue

      • Yeah I am going to return it and see if Amazon would do a swap.

  • +1

    I have had mine for months and I love them. They fit better than pros for my ears but the wing tip still doesn’t quite hold tight on my small ears.
    They are much better than other wireless earbuds I have tried.
    Have had no hissing issues.

  • +2

    Picked these up direct a couple months ago and they’re decent and inoffensive.
    Sound is good enough for them price given the convenience of them basically working like AirPods.
    ANC is ok but not amazing, though good for a mainstream product at this price.
    Battery has been fantastic, only have to charge the case every week or two. Since you don’t have to charge very often, I don’t see much of an issue in lack of wireless charging. I can see battery being less stellar on a long haul flight when they need a recharge.
    Just sharing my experience!

  • +3

    I'm a big fan of these, I've had lots of different wireless buds and these are my go-to pair. The best thing about them is they just don't fall out, ever! Not the best sound I've heard but them not falling out is worth the trade-off, they are quick to pair and have never dropped a call for me, unlike other pairs. They still sound fine/good to me but I'm no audiophile.Call quality is good from all account for me.

  • Take my money : ) Thankyou poster

  • +1

    these or airpods pro, looking to get a pair of noise cancelling earbuds for my mum. how are these for apple users?

    • +2

      Feature-wise they are the same, although I've heard that the AirPods Pro noise cancellation and transparency is a little better, but not much. I have these and love them, but never had the APP.

    • +1

      I reckon airpod pro sounds louder than the fit pro. But not by much tbh

      • -1

        Otherwise around.
        My Prod are not as loud as the beatfit.
        And the beatfiy are new. I'd get these in a heart beat. Stay in better for any activities also.

        If you want the best sound quality get soundpeats H1s. But no ANC, 10hr battery. aptx, but for Apple groupies who love to pay for quality mid tier stuff get the beat fit pro.

        PS sold out

    • apple airpods are great for older generation, they instantly sync and you dont have to wait for devices to pair (which sometimes happens with 3rd party devices). Less things for them to worry about.

  • So I recently returned a pair of these because the call quality wasn't great (which is meant to be a selling point), people told me I sounded muffled and like I was underwater. The sound of voices on things like podcasts and tv shows was very tinny and harsh. Lastly, I found the wingtips were pretty uncomfortable to wear for any longer than 10 mins.

    ANC is also not as good as Airpod Pros, but it is better than any of the other true wireless earbuds I've tried. Transparency mode is also not as good as the APP.

    For this price, it's not a bad deal, but I wouldn't pay anymore than this.

  • any runners able to comment on fitment while running, do they jiggle out of place?

    • +1

      Just got these a few days and have gone on a few hour-long runs, I was cautious about how comfortable the wings would be, but I notice them in my ears less than the Sennheiser True Wireless/CX400's I had before. They stay firmly in place and I don't need to adjust them. Very comfy imo.

      The connectivity is rock solid and switching devices is reliable, integration with iOS and my work Macbook is seamless.

      Cons - A tiny bit less bass than I'd like, there's no EQ settings, and if I use the press and hold for volume control I found it really hard to only bump the sound up one or two notches, so I end up doing it on hardware more now

      Not sure about this specific store, but I'd recommend these buds for sure 👍

  • Back to $239.20 now.

    • Still shows 199 for me. Code gives $100 off

      • I see, because I have used the code before

  • Where would I buy replacement eartips for these?

  • I've had these since the day they came out (I was keen) and they're the best earbuds I've ever had (I've had AirPods and Powerbeats Pro before). AirPods fall out of your ears and Powerbeats Pro hurt your ears if you have them on all day, if you have big ears or if you wear glasses (like me).
    These are practically perfect - no issues at all, comfortable, sound is great.

  • If only these had wireless charging in the case. I want the Apple easy connectivity between devices, but wireless charging case as well. Oh well, hopefully in the next version of them.

  • Anyone used these whilst exercising ? Any wind noise when running or cycling?

    • See my previous comment - I think these are great for running 👍

      • Cheers, doesn't really answer my question on wind noise thou :/

        • Ah right my bad, 0 wind noise for me when running, and I run along the coast where it's often quite windy. Can't comment for biking though..

          • @blazerunner: Followup on my last comment - in this windy-ass weather, I would rate the wind noise as low to medium - I don't really notice it a lot unless it's really blasting head on, though I imagine on a bike the noise would get pretty bad based on this.

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