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Dragon Ball Complete Box Set Vols. 1-16 $110 Delivered @ Amazon AU


The complete manga box set for Dragon Ball.

Seems to be the lowest price ever based on camels

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    #1 seller in erotic manga and hentai

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      Stop checking out my dragonballs

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      Will turn you into a Super Saiyan.

    • Puff puff

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    What does your scouter say?

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    Its safe to say this isn’t your typical balls.

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    Is this recommended as an entry point (chronologically) to the franchise for someone who knows nothing about Dragon Ball?

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    • Yep.. My fave Goku!

    • +2

      Yup, this is the first series that was made, Dragon Ball.

      If you get further into it, ignore GT as canon as it's been retconned, can still read/watch it if you want, personally I didn't like it.

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      You could easily start at DBZ, but DB establishes a lot of the characters.

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      Chronologically, Dragon Ball (this) is the first of the series, but if you're like me and did not realise that Dragon Ball isn't the same as Dragon Ball Z until it was pointed out, you can go directly to Dragonball Z and skip this. I'd call this a suggested prerequisite but not required.

      If my DB/DBZ assumption is correct (and apologies if not!), then Dragon Ball Z Kai is the re-cut abridged version of the original DBZ series that was on morning TV in the early 00's (but without the filler episodes) and imo a good starting point to the franchise.

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        Correct in regards to Kai!

      • So if I wanted to then watch DBZ, I'm better off watching the Kai version rather than the early 00's one?

        Will probably read the manga of Dragon Ball and then jump into the sequel show?

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          The Kai version is the same as the 00's one, but just tells the main story and cuts out episodes like the ones where Goku and Piccolo get their driver's license (at the time the anime was waiting for the manga to come out so sometimes needed to delay the main story going anywhere). Kai is roughly 100 episodes vs the full version which was something like 300 so it's a great time saver.

          I have recently finished DBZ and was thinking just the other day that I'd like to read the original Dragon Ball series as a manga, so it's good timing that this deal popped up.

          • +1

            @lc8827: Thanks for the heads up! Yeah I've never watched DBZ as I was always intimidated by the episode count, so hopefully after the DB manga, I can get into the revised DBZ show :)

      • No you can’t miss out on Bruce Faulconer!
        I’d recommend you switch to Kai after Frieza’s arc.

    • +4

      Whole childhood to Adulthood gone by ;)

      • Dragon Ball, all epsiodes
      • Dragon Ball Z or Kai, until the end of the Frieza Saga
      • Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku (TV special)
      • Dragon Ball Z, from the end of the Frieza Saga until the end of the Cell saga
      • Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks (TV special)
      • Dragon Ball Z, all remaining episodes
      • Dragon Ball Super
      • Original Brolly story should be there in the mix too right?

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    I'd kill for the Bleach sets to go on this type of sale :(

    • Oh yes please!

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        Flip yes. I've been slowly buying up the deluxe volumes when I see them drop to $40ish. Man it's good.

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    I have this set and love it. It's just like watching the anime but better. It opened up a whole new appreciation for Dragon Ball and Akira Toriyama.

  • Oh wow. My childhood!

  • Anyone know if this is colour or B&W?

    • +3

      B&W, 99% of manga is B&W due to the cost of printing colour.

    • Believe there is a colour project of DBZ and Naruto manga, not sure about OG DB

  • Would be good if this was colour print and not just black and white.

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  • OOS?

  • Still hoping for one piece boxed set to become available

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    bought a set. My childhood.. the best

  • Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z brings back great memories! Cell saga is so good, Majin Buu is great too!

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    Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

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    back at $110

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