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$10 Bún Noodle Salad @ Roll'd


While we haven’t invented a time machine in the last 10 years, spicy hoisin is just as good right?! We’re keeping the same BIG flavour, but rolling back the price of our Bún Noodle Salads to just $10* this week on our app and online. Fresh and full of zest, slurp them up fast to fit in another!

Fresh and full of zest, slurp on a Bún Noodle Salad for just $10* (save $3.50) this week!

No code required. Just order online or via our app.

Deal ends 5 June. *T&Cs apply

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Roll'd Vietnamese Food
Roll'd Vietnamese Food

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  • +15

    Much better from local Vietnamese bakehouse… have not been impressed with one item from Roll'd

    • +4

      Tried Roll'd for the first time last week and it was incredibly bland and unexciting and super overpriced. Got a banh mi and a few rice paper rolls and it tasted like they made no attempt to flavour any of the ingredients. Certainly can't even compare to the local Vietnamese shop in terms of quality.

  • +5

    id rather pay an extra 3 bux at my local vietnamese and get a proper big bowl of Bun, with more ingredients and authenicity

  • +11

    Hard Pass. The 5 buck Bahn Mi from last week will be my first and last ever Roll'd experience.

    • +1

      Agreed it was dry AF

    • +1

      I got 4 over the week, they messed up 3/4 of those.

    • lol you didn't see the comments saying it was garbage?

  • +1

    i dont know how they can sell these things that Roll'd sell.

    Vietnamese here.

    • +1

      People who don't know any better - it's truly awful.

      Wife is Vietnamese.

      • +1

        you have to have no clue about viet food to think anything from rolld is palatable.

    • Hey check this out - people eat McDonald’s.

      • +1

        Mcdonalds tastes way better than rolld albeit less healthy (or still debatable) lol

        • +1

          Yeah that’s about as subjective as it gets but I’m glad you know what you like. It could be in part a mental thing for me but I don’t find anything on the McDonald’s menu appetising in the slightest. It’s not even a guilty treat, it’s overpriced, doesn’t fill you and can have a body load feeling. I’m not a fast food snob, I’ve eaten plenty of Domino’s, KFC and others. McDonald’s is just alien food that doesn’t resemble any cultural whatever so I figured it was a fair comparison to Roll’d.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, will try this.

  • So many negative perceptions on this site. How are these guys so big and have so many franchises…

    You guys reckon the stores probably aren't profitable?

    • +1

      Well, as they are big and have many franchises, you pay more in terms of marketing/branding costs and franchise fees as compare to the local Vietnamese shops.

    • +3

      cos they dont open in asian areas, have fancy marketing

      you work out the rest

    • +2

      I don’t want to defend Roll’d but ozbargain can be like reddit as far as people bandwagoning and overstating/memeing an opinion across countless threads and redundant comments. It doesn’t always reflect reality and Roll’d have been around longer than some others. They could definitely use a LOT of improvement though and it seems like it wouldn’t take much effort. People constantly comparing them to authentic Vietnamese from non-chain restaurants is just unrealistic and obvious.

  • +5

    Roll'd is vietnamese food for non Vietnamese people….. no offence people. It is mass produced for quick prep takeaway, has enough vietnamese flavours to fool the uninitiated.

    In saying this though, every mexican restaurant in Australia serves food which is NOT served in Mexico and most Chinese restaurants also serve food NOT served it China. It's all altered for local tastes and profits….

    • +6

      yeh but places like GYG sell legit mexican food..whereas roll'd is dirt

      • +4

        GYG tastes like mexican to me, however i never been to mexico so cant really say. even if its not mexican it still tastes good.

        im viet, and roll'd is not viet food and doesnt even taste good.

      • +3

        Conpared rolld to GYG is an insult to GYG.

      • +2

        LOL. you need to google what real mexican food is and get ready to have your mind blown!

        …. like I said, there are no Mexican restaurants in Australia that serve real Mexican Food….

      • legit mexican food?
        or legit Tex Mex?

    • +1

      to be fair, a gyg spicy chicken burrito is on average fairly satisfying, a roll'd pho is noodles in bland water half the size of any pho I've ever seen

  • +2

    had these $10 just over a month ago. roll'd is so overated and expensive for what you get. service aren't that good too in some store.

    this franchise open in areas with such low vietnamese or chinese or even general asian to survive.

    just go to locals for quality and worth of money

    • +2

      I don't think Roll'd is trying to compete with your local stores in Springvale or the like.

      I like Roll'd and to me it's a good healthy alternative to all the other rubbish fast food chains in Australia.

      The soldiers seem to sell like hotcakes at my local Ringwood store and has some of the biggest lines in the foodcourt.

  • not worth it.

  • lol

  • +1

    Asked on their insta why some of their stores show as ‘closed’ online whilst physically open. Decided to delete my comment rather than respond.

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