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Hungry Jack's Makes It Better App. Shake & Win Free Food Offer. IOS Only


You just have to 'check-in' at any Hungry Jacks store and shake your phone to win. Every shake is a winner. Prizes range from a free soft serve to the Whopper.

You will need a facebook account.

Read the link for more info.

To bad not on android, yet.

Apparently you get locked out for 10 hours after each use (thanks to leon for the info).

Edit: As per the comments, app only works on the Iphone.

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  • +4

    Saw it on the TV. Bugger, I have an Android phone.

    The logout time is 10 hours, according to the HJ spokesman.

    • Same here, perhaps you can use the ipad instead.

  • +5

    mmmm fakelocation and fake FB accounts :)

    • coupons seems to need to be used within 20 minutes i think so no point faking location i guess (just tried)

      • It actually detects one of the Fake Location applications in Cydia and gives you "2518m" away from the location if you have one open.

        • +1

          Works with Location Spoofer on IOS5.0.1, I set myself to a store in central Victoria and it detected the correct store.

          But yeah, kind of pointless faking it for this app.

    • +17

      James Bond wants it shaken, not stirred.

      • -4

        The Beatles would like to well, shake it up baby now.

      • -1

        he seemed to get it whenever he wanted it

    • +4

      Why is this comment so down-voted? Did it offend your sensibilities? I thought it was quite funny. Positive vote to you, sir.

      • +7

        It's the Ozbargain Gang mentality. It seems fine to rage at sellers who attempt to sell a HDMI cable for 20c more than it's available for on Ebay, and call them every name under the sun, but make a Parkinsons joke and you're the worlds worst bloke. People are so soft nowadays.

        P.s - I reckon this will get downvoted more than my first comment.

        • Some tight arse down voted you because your comment must have included them. Besides there is very little independent thinking here, 3 negs means it must be negged into oblivion by the masses. Try to make an opinion against the flow and you get smashed. Why do you think a free serviette at McDonalds get 350+???

  • +2

    IOS Only


    • +15

      I'm sick of these apps only being made for iPhone. Android accounted for 49% of smart phone sales last year vs iPhone 36%. These corporations and app developers need to wake up to themselves and start making apps for both.

      EDIT: Source:…

      • +14

        App development isn't easy. Plus app developing on Android isn't any more easier as there is:
        a) Too many version of android OS to develop for, and
        b) Each phone are different in specs and therefore different coding would have to be done (resolution, size etc.)

        • +3

          The point I'm trying to make is that for apps like this they miss out on a huge percentage of people with smartphones.

          Their marketing/promotional app is available to far less people if the app is only made for one o/s.

          I'm pretty sure Hungry Jacks would have the money to pay for this to be developed for Android (and prob Windows Mobile too) so the fact that it may be harder to develop the app is irrelevant.

        • +2

          I'm sure their marketing team think these things through.
          Maybe they only make the ios app as it doesn't have 80% of the market?
          If every smartphone in Australia had this app they would probably go broke.
          I have an iPhone but don't use Facebook so unfortionately I'm going to miss out.
          Is it my loss or HJ's loss?
          I would say mine.

      • hah, that's the Australian market data. Do you think any company cares about a small Australian market? Neah, none! They have bigger markets in Americas, Europe & Asia to take care of.
        less population -> less no of consumers -> less business -> small market -> things expensive

        • +1

          Similar percentages elsewhere though.

          Its not like apple has over 80% worldwide or anything

      • -3

        qq some more

      • I think what gyou really need to look at is… android users generally started going android as a more cost effective/efficient way to do things, apple products are more expensive… in general people who use apple products are more likely to just spend the cash on crappy apps so thats why a lot of apps are made only for ios. Just like these days more and more mac versions of games are being developed, it's because they don't care about paying for them.

  • +5

    Cue iOS vs Android bitching XD

    • +4

      Windows 7 Mobile is better!

      • +1

        Gotta pick up the troll game.. it's Windows Phone, not "Windows 7 Mobile".

        (The ITG xpPhone 2 is pretty cool, though).

        • And it is NOT better… agghhh!! Anyone want a phone?

        • Course.. but since this is OzB, I'll only consider it for half the purchase price :)

        • I'll throw in a bid at 1/4 price!

  • need to be 1km or less away from a store to check in …i'll try when i'm at work tmrw :D

    • -6

      wondering if someone with an Alzheimer's tremor accidentally "checks in" by being one km away from the store, but it takes them more than 20 minutes to walk to the store, by which time it has expired

      • +2

        What's the difference between that and someone with Alzheimer's checking in at a store and then forgetting why they were there in the first place?

  • Anyone using it on iPad, just shows a blank/black screen for me…

    • yeh same here blank black screen :/

      • Same, using ipad2

    • +1

      I get blank screen on iPod Touch too

      • -1

        I have IOS 5.0.1, iPod touch. My location services is turned on.
        I get the HJ logo for a second and then a blank screen.

        Just noticed in the app it says…
        "The Hungry Jack’s App requires 3G and therefore will only work on iPhone 3GS
        and upwards."

  • doesnt install on iphone 3g. has anyone got it to work?

    on whited00r 5.1 (3.1.3).

    • Works on my 3GS

  • +8

    Central Station Hungry jacks staff would not give me my free sundae, they kept claiming i needed a printed coupon (probably referring to the $2 whopper deal).

    After showing them the app and explaining that it was a new deal she kept telling me that her manager was refusing freebies with a phone, wasnt bothered to argue over a free sundae but i hope people in the area will hound the place, or someone takes the time to explain to management this new deal..

  • +24

    You guys with iphones… drop a crumb on your way out of HJ's for us starving android users pls?

  • Not working on ipad or ipod touch

    obviously well thought out by the promotors :P

    some notes if you have to be near a HJ would be good on the app info

  • +1

    Question is, does this work at franchise stores?

  • +3

    Great. I have the most expensive iOS device and it doesn't work (new iPad). When's it coming out for Android?!

    • +2

      If they can't get it to work on 4 devices i'm not sure how they are going to go getting it working on 50+ devices haha

      Terrible app devs

      • "Great. I have the most expensive iOS device and it doesn't work (new iPad). When's it coming out for Android?!"

        And yet i have a second hand iPhone 3GS bought for 90 bucks and it works flawlessly. How would ya feel????

        • +2

          Gloating over a free soft serve? Nice.

    • +3

      The iPad isn't the most expensive iOS device, the iPhone 4S is…

      • +4

        You'd think the iPad would be uh, it costs $150 more to make an iPad 64GB + 4G than to make an iPhone 64GB. I'm surprised ACA hasn't done a story on Apple and how they're ripping off the Australian consumer instead of ripping into IKEA…

        • IKEA deserved to be ripped into as well. ACA did actually highlight the Aussie iTune prices compared to the US.

        • Ikea note. The prices on wages here in Australia are way higher than the USA. they need to boom the prices up but, they are still competitive. and its the governments fault for increasing costs

  • +1

    no windows 7 phone app :(

  • Just won a cheese burger today !

    • +2

      Congratulations. You probably gave them about 2k worth of free marketing by spamming your friends to get it though.

      • +11

        Doesn't matter, had burger.

  • +1

    Also saw the tv story, apparently a total of 200,000 coupons e-wards will be issued by the app, so get in quick.

    • Oops, I just tossed away a cone and medium fries.

    • Only 200,000, that could be used up in a day, a week at most now that the app has been 'ozbargained'

  • +2

    I hope it includes drinks, I need a drink to go with my $2 burger and fries.

    • +1

      It does, there's a picture of it showing up somewhere in the app. Used it for the first time and I just won.. FREE Medium Frozen Coke.. Hmm now do I feel like eating flame grilled whopper and fries for another $2?

  • -2

    I have both a 3GS and a new HTC OneX and honestly the 3GS walks all over the HTC in regards to load times.

    Highly dissapointed with the new phone.

    Will get app tho on 3GS and see how we go.

  • +6

    honestly the 3GS walks all over the HTC in regards to load times.

    Are you serious?

    • +2

      gotta be trollin… one x is legendary

  • I see a problem with the 20 minute timeout. I spent nearly that amount of time just waiting in line at our local HJ's a few days ago

  • good

  • +2

    Hacking the app…
    Anyone want to help me? :D

    • +1

      Okay, i need someone that has Mac with xcode…
      Need them to run a specific command to get the images…

      xcode is a [forgot size] program, which i can install on my mac, but it'll delay development by an hour or so…

      • you don't need xcode, and you're not going to be able to "hack" the app.

        Just rename the *.ipa file that the app is to a *.zip ending - it's just a zip file. There are some images in there.

        • The images have been compressed/optimised…

          Here is my current work:
          Due to corruption, the images have been half converted and blue instead of red…

        • I need this to be done:

          This optimization is done by the pngcrush tool, which you can find in /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/usr/bin/pngcrush (assuming you installed the iPhone SDK in the standard place). In iPhone SDK 3.2 and later, the pngcrush tool supports a command line option, -revert-iphone-optimizations, that undoes the optimizations done during the Xcode build process. So, to view an optimized PNG file, you should first undo the optimization and then open it with Preview.

          Listing 1 shows how you can use the pngcrush tool to convert an iPhone-optimized PNG file (Local.png) to a standard PNG file (Local-standard.png).

          Listing 1 Undoing iPhone PNG optimization
          $ /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/usr/bin/pngcrush \ -revert-iphone-optimizations -q Local.png Local-standard.png

          So yeah…
          And i'm too lazy to do it myself…
          And i rarely eat at Hungry Jacks, i'm too busy with KFC :p
          My other piece of work:

    • +6

      While waiting for someone to do the above request, i've moved on and started digging around…

      Here is a list of free stuff?
      * 25% OFF any purchase under $10
      * 50% off any Country Burger.
      * 50% OFF any Premium Choice item.
      * 50% OFF any purchase over $10
      * Buy one Bacon Deluxe, get one FREE.
      * FREE Bacon n' Egg Muffin
      * FREE Cheeseburger
      * FREE Medium Frozen Coke with any burger purchase
      * FREE Hash Brown
      * FREE Medium Fries
      * FREE Medium Soft Drink
      * FREE Soft Serve
      * FREE Sundae
      * FREE Whopper
      * Buy one Whopper, get one FREE.

      • Ive had 50% off any purchase under $30

        • +5

          I've had that one too…
          My current project is to get the ENTIRE free stuff, available to ozbargain users :p
          Just like my last project, free Kit Kats:

        • The free kit kats I keep taking them and they say they have been used :(

        • Yep, that's what happens when 100k coupons have been issued…
          There might be some collision…

          Were you able to claim any before the collision?

        • Sorry, 7Eleven.php was my 2nd last project
          My last project was

      • My frozen coke coupon doesn't need to buy any burgers

        • You are correct. Whilst the software is designed to read "price_ffs" for a "FREE Medium Frozen Coke with any burger purchase" in it's plist file - it does produce a Free Medium Frozen Coke when triggered by the client.

        • I have to wait 10 hours before the reset, so yeah…

    • +2

      There are some instructions on how to approach this in our blog post;

  • anyway to run multiple facebook accounts concurrently on iOS? would be useful so that i dont spam my friend for a potential free feed.

  • You could always get the prize print screenshot from someone who won the price and then present it to get the voucher.. lets hope they dont notice :P

    • Yeah, the solution i plan to use is a javascript counter…
      Does javascript work on iOS?

      I also need to find out what happens if they ask you to claim infront of them, then what screenshots to show them?

  • +2

    For those of you who don't want to be known of your check-ins by your facebook friend.. I think you can do these by at least doing one of these three ways:
    1. At the initial installation of the app, after being redirected to facebook app, make sure you choose "Only Me" at the section where Facebook asks you: "Who can see posts from this app on Facebook?"
    2. Connect your app to your secondary FB acc. Everytime you want to check-in.. log out of your primary FB acc and log in to the secondary and continue check-in. After check-in and won you may return to your primary account.
    3. You can turn off the app's sharing features by going to "settings" in the app, and then slide/touch the "Share my Check-in's Publicly" switch to "OFF".

    Hope this helps

  • +1

    this promotion is awesome. i live within 1km of 2 hungry jack's stores and my family has two iphones so 4 chances to get some freebies everyday :)

    • agreed. wish I could use it :/
      Actually noticed this several hrs before it was posted here.. but no freebies for me :(

  • anyway to get this working on 3.0?

  • haha mine glitched, giving me endless free whoppers, as long as i dont close the app !

    • You can press "Done" and immediately put your phone into standby, turning it back on you'll notice you get whatever item you had for 20 minutes forever :D

  • Just tried this at the Dandenong store where they are promoting it. Unfortunately, when it locates the store, it finds it 10km away in the middle of a suburban street in Narre Warren Sth, therefore unable to check in as i'm not within 1km of the store, even though im in the actual store!!!

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