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SanDisk Extreme 256GB A2 MicroSD $50.49 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems like a deal to me, happy to be corrected.

4K UHD Video, 160MB/s Read, 90MB/s Write, Class 10, UHS-I, U3, V30

Extreme Pro is not on sale $72.44

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Oz market research

  • Is this a good deal? Presumably it is so since its from Amazon AU direct so a legit SD card.

  • This or the Samsung Pro Plus ($55.99) - 160MB/s read, 120MB/s write speed U3 A2 V30. I think it was $50 yesterday.


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      IMO buying direct from Amazon AU is probably a better guarantee of non-fake SD cards.

      • Good point.

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        fwiw I bought this exact card from Sunwood-au just a week ago, and using Samsung's sd card validation software I can confirm that it's genuine.

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      @Davesday "This or the Samsung Pro Plus ($55.99)"
      .. Depends upon whether its actually a need or a want… a subjective choice at any time.
      These Sammy Pros are excellent although the prices are falling to be the best yet, despite recent currency movement pressures recently. I have a 512gb Sammy Pro Plus and it is perfect for 4K videos captured on drones, security cameras etc, but overkill for full HD 1080p (or less) video. I also use it to preview 4K video playback on a high-end Sammy Galaxy Tab 7+ tablet (or I presume a good Apple iPad Pro) which a low end microSD would struggle to process and playback.

      P.S. Purchased mine from Amazon AU after triggering a price watch from 3 Camels. Local AUD price came out cheaper than Amazon US price + GST. All my Amazon microSD card, ssd and USB thumb drive purchases are made via Amazon as all products to date have proven to be genuine and reliable with comfort of guarantee.

      • Thanks for the quick feedback. I am using this for my Sony A73 and have been slowly collecting high speed cards. Have been using a 64GB Sandisk Extreme for the longest time.

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    Samsung Evo Plus 256gb is $42 from JB. I've had both Sandisk and Samsung, and I think the Samsung is slightly better quality (endurance, price, speed all taken into consideration). https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/samsung-evo-plus-256gb-mi...

    • Samsung Evo Plus is lower specced than SanDisk Extreme? Happy to be corrected.

      • I think it depends on which spec sheet/review you look at. Evo Plus seems to perform slightly above an Extreme in real world tests (especially write speeds) and closer to an Extreme Plus - appreciate that the marketware is designed to be deceiving, and even year to year changes within each vendor skews results.

  • 256 is tempting, but 128gb for my RP4 is fine for now

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      Should be using an SSD through USB. I'd hate to lose a couple of gigs let alone 100s of GB!
      Much more stable and much less chance of disk failure.

      Good read: https://hackaday.com/2022/03/09/raspberry-pi-and-the-story-o...

      • Will it buffer 4k video if I connect ssd via usb? I'm not a Geek, just following online

        • USB definitely has throughput for 4K.
          Won't get bogged into details but highly suggest giving it a go.

          Especially if you are using it for media as a 256 GB SSD is way cheaper than a 256 GB SD card!

  • Is this ok to use for gopro hero 9?

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      I got it for my GoPro10, it's the same class as what they sent with it.

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      Yes, SanDisk Extreme (and Extreme Pro) are on the approved list of cards for GoPro, they work well.

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    Had I found this before I might have gone this instead..
    Samsung 256GB EVO Plus Micro SD Memory Card/w Adapter, UHS-1 SDR104, Class 10, Grade 3 (U3), Read up to 130MB/s, 10 Years Limited Warranty https://amzn.asia/d/crOalbj

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