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Ergonomic Sit/Stand Desk Black 1800mm + Bonus Monitor Arm $499.95 (Was $850) + Shipping @ Retail Display Direct


Great desk! Already have one but the wife stole it so I bought another one :)

Create a healthy workplace environment from sitting and standing working routine. Without having to consume time and manually adjust height these sit and stand desk can adjust it in press of a button. These height adjustable desk is a great representative on how modern office should fit out and taking ergonomic, health and well being as center stage.

ErgoDC Sit stand desk is all about improving our work flow, health and productivity, by clicking in to your preset height, it will change your desk height in seconds.

  • Max load 130kg
  • Height adjustment from 645-1290mm
  • Dual Motor mechanism- Quiet, soft and synchronous start/stop motoring in each leg, no trembling

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  • +8

    It's always been at this price, but tbh it is a good price for a dual motor standing desk.
    Bought one myself a few months ago. Pretty happy with it.

    • +1

      That's true! The 1.8m black one are usually out of stock and I missed out on the previous preorder with the free monitor arm!

    • You guys reckon it will stay at this price down the track too? Just that I wouldn't be moving out till the end of this year, and got no space.. :(

  • +2

    I’ve got this desk too for my wfh setup. Had it for over 6 months and still going strong. I just wish I hadn’t set it up too close to my wall. When it went the first time I didn’t pay attention to my screen mount scratching the wall and knocking off a wall hanging picture 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • +1

      You reckon that table top can hold 4x27" monitors on arm?

      • I had a 27” on an arm and a 32” on the table top and had no problems.

        • cool… how thick is the tablet top?

          • @Ninja9: only 18mm. The top is on the thin side.

        • +1

          Do you think the 32" would fit on the monitor arm? It says 17" - 30" but I can't imagine why 32" wouldn't fit

          • +1

            @FDA2020: Sure, see my comment below with photos.

            My main monitor is 32" Dell G3223Q mounted to the arm.

            I think as long as it's flat and the weight limit is still within the arm's spec, you'll be fine.

            • @juns: Mate, you know that the included monitor arm is only rated for 30" monitors.

              Isnt your monitor a 32" one?

              • @Serpeant: Yep, well aware of that. I reasoned that if it's still within weight limit and not curved, it should hold.

                And it does so far..

                • @juns: I have that same monitor so am keen to hear if you would recommend this combo given the arm's rating?

                  Would you do it again?

                  • @Serpeant: Well, I am still using that arm for that monitor.

                    I will hold fine, there's one minor issue though. I feel that the arm does not extend as high as I would like.

                    The F100A would be best for sure. And it will handle tilt better than the F80.

                    If you have spare cash, definitely go for F100A.

  • Does anyone know how these compare to Lazy Maisons desks?

  • How's the wobble on this?

    • +1

      Mine has no wobble. There's a fair bit of weight to the desk.

  • I have a 1.6m width and it's good. 1.8m is quite wide.

  • Anyone have one with a 32:9 monitor using Ergotron HX mount? How stable is it?

    • +1

      I had a 49” monitor on a Ergotron - no issues with the desk.

  • Hmm really want one that is 900mm depth, 750 is not enough

    • +2

      Just buy the legs and grab a bench top from ikea. The legs and motors are solid as. I had a custom solid timber made up for mine.

  • Have had this desk for 6 months and highly recommended it. It’s sturdy, stable and feels like good quality overall.

  • To those who bought this, where did you buy the cable management tray/powerpoints from?

      • Love your work. Looks great!

        • Thanks!

          I personally think the cable spiral makes the overall cabling looks neater if you peek under or from the side of the table (compared to my lazy way of just laying the cables around if I installed an under-table cable tray)

          However, my only issue with this setup is if you want to add/remove cable to/from the bunch, you'll have to spend the effort to open the cable spiral and insert it back again.

      • ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

      • Looks awesome ! Which monitor arms are those ones ?

        • Thanks! One NB F80 (came with the desk) on my main monitor and one NB F100 on my secondary

      • What a set up.
        Looks amazing!

    • +1

      I got the IKEA cable tray and drilled it into the table, works out pretty well but had to daisy chain some power boards :(

    • +2

      2 of these across the bottom. The table is solid so you can screw into it. powerpoint's are just any powerboard with a 2m cable, or use an extension cable. https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/signum-cable-trunking-horizonta...

      • does the ikea tray allow for proper height allowance for a powerboard and the plugs upright?

        • For ones that aren't too wide yes, but it is a tight fit. My second one has individual on off switches so it's a lot wider and doesn't sit as low, so for it to fit I had to turn it 45 degrees forward. You won't really be reaching under to switch stuff off anyway so no point in a wider one. My first powerboard is a 4 port Thor (aussie company), and I paired it with a 6 port usb hub from blitz wolf for charging stuff. Works pretty well!

          Just go in Ikea and have a look if you're not sure!

  • +2

    I got above one and my wife got this one https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/203191580045?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mk...

    Both looks good so far

    • +1

      How is the lazy maisons desk? I’ve been thinking of getting one, apparently they might have a EOFY sale coming up and I quite like their colour options. Does the desk wobble much?

      • +1

        I’ve had the lazy Maison desk for approx a year now and it’s great. Pretty stable and doesn’t wobble much.

        • Thanks for that! Do you have the 80kg or 120kg weight capacity one?

          • +1

            @KiwiBloke: 120kg. They even took a video and send me pics of the stability of it. Can’t speak highly enough of it and it was very simple to set up.

  • +2

    if only the desktop was a rectangle without the cutout.

    • Personally I really like the cut out. When using it, everything is 'around' you and easier to reach. When not using, the chair can tuck all the way in.

    • Agreed.

      I'm currently using a desk with a 1800 x 750 mm.

      The 10 year warranty is great but I need as much depth I can have so I might opt for the Lazy Maison (which only has 5 year warranty :/ )

  • this or omnidesk? i got hooked into Omnidesk becoz a friend showed me his setup when i went to his house.

    This obv is waaaay cheaper but are the materials comparable?

    Any help/guidance is appreciated.

    • +2

      The materials on this are great. I’ve recommended it to quite a few people.

  • +3

    I got this desk at the beginning of Covid lockdown #1 2 years ago and it still going very strong. Super worth the price and it was pretty easy to install

    • is there much wobble at standing height?

      • +2

        nope. I have 2 monitors: 32inch and 27 inch plus a 14 inch laptop and 2 speakers on this table, very steady.

  • is it possible to install desks underneath?

  • Got this during Covid. It's great, really enjoy it, no issues with motor or anything so far. I was worried about the depth but i think it's actually a good depth, so long as you have a good monitor stand.

  • Does anyone know if there is a substantial benefit to an omnidesk over this one ?

    • Basically the same motor. At Omnidesk prices, look for a Linak powered sit stand desk such as the Idesen from Ikea or Console Concepts to name a couple of places

  • -1

    Just ordered a dual motor 140cm 100kg on eBay for $256 using HOMEFY code.

  • Wonder if it's time for me to jump on the sit/stand desk bandwagon…

  • can anyone please confirm what is the actual minimum height including tabletop? Is it 64.5 with or withour tabletop?

  • I bought the Zenspace version which is dearer, after 3 weeks the control box died. They had to send out another one.
    1500x700 is ideal if you're planning on dual monitors. Enough space to have the PC tower on the desk aswell.

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