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Up to 50% off JBL Wireless Devices Online + $7.95 Delivery ($0 with $100 Order) @ JBL


Multiple products on sales,
Flip 5 - $129 (24% off)
Boombox 2 - $549 (13% off)
Tune 115TWS - $69.95 (46% off)
Flip Essential - $99.95 (23% off)
Tune 205 - 19.95 (43% off)
Wave 200TWS - 79.95 (20% off)
Endurance Run - 24.95 (17% off)
Live Pro+ TWS - 179.95 (23% off)

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  • +10

    Any actual deals ??

    Flip 5 - $129
    It's $118 on sale and GG commerical has it for $100

    • +1

      I know, I paid $119 or something at JB over a year ago

  • +1

    No charge 5 deal sigh

  • +8

    Only 1 out of 53 items is discounted by 50% or more, very misleading sale.

    • +3

      The good ol' "up to" sale.

  • If only The party box!

  • +3

    The quantum 400 sale price is the same as BIGW, and then even cheaper at HN.

    I mean I appreciate the OP wanting to share a bargain but these prices don’t seem all that great unfortunately.

  • +6

    Nothing that can't be had cheaper elsewhere

  • Is JBL even a good brand? It was the K Mart of sound brands when i was growing up

    • I personally have tried 3 of their products and would not use them again . Especially their wireless Bluetooth products which have crackling noise after a few months of use.

      Wouldn’t recommend them

    • JBL has always been a respectable brand on high end and pro audio. Theyre owned by harman now so expect similar to akg/samsung etc.

      Don't judge them by their cheap doof doof subs back in 2000's

      • +1

        LOL - absolutely nobody uses JBL for anything high-end or professional, and no audiophile would touch them. They're mid-range at best.

    • +1

      JBL is a good brand and I personally prefer their BT wireless speaker (charge 5) over other brands.

  • +1

    JBL's after sales service is pathetic.

  • +2

    Clickbait needs to be 70% to be worth it

  • I own a few of the JBL speakers and I’m happy to share my experience.

    JBL Charge 4 - nice portable speaker with excellent clarity and great battery life.

    JBL Partybox 300 - sound is better when plugged in however will go for 4-5 hours on 100% volume. Bass is ok, connectivity is touch and go when paired with another 300.

    JBL 1000 - I’ve tried the soundboks and sony, none really compare to this speaker. Unbelievable bass, amazing sound clarity. Heavy as hell and no battery.

    If you have the money, get the soundboks, if budget is an issue partybox 310 is a solid alternative at a third of the price.

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