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50% off Unlimited Talk &Text 12-Month Mobile Plans: 10GB/Month $7.50/Month, 20GB/Month $10/Month (Optus Network) @ Aqua Mobile


50% off Month 2 Month Mobile Plans for 12 Months from Aqua Mobile (optus network)

10 GB Unlimited talk &text @ $7.50
20 GB Unlimited talk & [email protected]$10

The first bill will be prorated and charges applicable at regular price discount will be applied from following 12 months

For more details contact customer service @ 1300 097 819

for orders call us on 1300 097 819 or Chat with Us

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    Any one got feedback on this MVNO?

    • A quick browse of their website doesn't inspire confidence.

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      I just applied, perfect timing as I think my Boost mobile just expired without warning. No automatic email confirmation, but got a manual confirmation a few hours later. Will update how it goes.

      • I can't edit my post… Ok they just called reading a very long T&Cs. They asked me to read all my personal details on the recorded call. They don't seem very mature. If you want to check your usage for the month you'll need to call them. You will be billed on the 10th in advance for the following month (if I understood correctly). No refund when you switch away. $10 dishonour fee for every single failed direct debit attempt.

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    The first bill will be prorated and charges applicable at regular price discount will be applied from following 12 months

    does that mean full price until the start of july?

    • I was thinking the same. or do you pay full price for the first 12 months then half price after that. it's not clear

      • 1/2 price for 12 month but First month will be prorated on regular price or connect your service on 1St to avoid pro-rata

    • yes bill will be calculated on Pro rata basis for First Month

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      You pay the percentage of the first month connected - at full price.
      If activate on 30/6 - pay 1/30 of full price for that month.

      As with this type of month to month Deal - activate on last day of month & pay 25c or 33c for that month, then receive at discounted rate in following months.

      Did that with Circles.life. Paid 30c for 1d in 1st month, then $9 total for 6 months of 15GB/m.

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    Website kinda sus

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    According to fine print Number Swap or Service Relocation Fee is $99, does this includes porting out of Aqua?

  • Me thinks there may be a typo or 2 on the web site..There is no mention of PER month

    Get your best NBN and Mobile Bundle from Aqua mobile
    order- now. Only $69 for First 6 Mth!

    • $69 per month for First 6 month

      • +1

        you should edit the text on your web site, as "only $69 for First 6 Mth" is NOT the same as "only $69 per month for First 6 Mth's"

        • Literacy standards have dropped so low that vendors often don't even know that they aren't saying what they mean. And it continues to deteriorate.

  • When does the deal expire?

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