Updating Card Details for Turkish Netflix Account and Require a Turkish Phone Number

So my card got replaced after suspicious activity was detected, netflix didn't get paid for and when I go to put in my new card I need a turkish phone number to verify.

Anyone been through this and got a work around?

Cheers, been googling but I trust the advice from ozbargain more for some reason.

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  • They're using phone KYC to stop people from outside of Turkey from using the service.

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    the gravy train was always gonna come to an end

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      the delicious pide train was always gonna come to an end

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    The Netflix employee moonlighting as a ABC podcaster has caught on.

    • Any story needs drama, I think the podcaster has found a candidate.

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    If they are using the mobile number only to send a verification text then there are free online sms services out there. Mind you some of these numbers get blocked after some time or could already have been used with Netflix by someone else.

    I have no idea about their service but a quick google found this one.

  • I'm pretty sure when replacing your card you can add or edit the card in netflix. One of those options needs you to verify. one doesn't. I think Edit is the one to use.

    I got caught out initially as well.

    Otherwise use an sms service, or pay someone on reddit. or switch back to aus, add the card, switch back to turkey using a gift card and it won't ask for the sms verification

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    Start a live chat with Netflix and say you want to update your card details.

    A secure form for your details will pop up and away you go - no phone number or VPN needed. I did this a few months ago

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      Netflix Customer Service

      Hello, what can we help you with today?

      Netflix • 5:29 PM
      I want to update my card details

      5:29 PM
      OK, someone will be with you shortly.

      Netflix • 5:29 PM
      You are now chatting with: Ashif
      Welcome to Netflix. I see here that there is a record of multiple attempts to make changes on the account with unsuccessful verification. To keep the account secure, I am unable to make those changes at this time. I apologize for the inconvenience.

      Ashif • 5:30 PM
      just pop up the box dude

      i dont have a phone number

      5:30 PM
      is it asking you to update phone number ?

      Ashif • 5:31 PM
      It asks me to verify with a phone number and I dont have a phone number, I am just a simple turkish man who likes to stream entertainment without being bothered by pesky phone calls

      5:32 PM
      This is a general verification process for the card all over the world.

      Ashif • 5:33 PM
      I have no phone

      5:33 PM
      if you wish to use a card to make payment for an online service, you need to verify the card with the phone number.

      This number has to be added with the bank as well as with the card .

      If you do not have phone number , you wont be able to use the card to pay Netflix

      Or some other online streaming service.

      This is general verification process all over the world by the financial institute.

      This is not something from Netflix .

      Ashif • 5:35 PM
      Ashif… I am disappoint. Can you just tell me how stranger things ends then?

      Start at episode 3 season 4

      Annnnnd go.

      5:36 PM
      I'm sorry, you are disappointed. This is not from Netflix, this is as per the financial law to verify the card.

      I'm sorry, we wont be able to explain you the story of a show.

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        Do you already have an Australian number linked to your account?

        If not then you'll need to use the Turkish SMS route Websterp posted.
        If you DO have a phone number linked already, just ask to update your card details.

        I am just a simple turkish man who likes to stream entertainment without being bothered by pesky phone calls


      • ROFL!!

      • Gave me a good laugh, thank you.

      • Annnnnd go! Love it!

      • Haha this made my day even though it wasn't a happy ending

  • I have seen on reddit, people had success with smsactivate RU service.

  • I was previously using Macquarie card, but then it expired. Now when I go to update my card, it just wont go forward. Saying there an issue with the payment method.
    I'm using NordVPN to connect to Turkey.
    I then tried to just resume Netflix in Australia for a while, verified my phone number then cancelled. The payment is still not going forward. I've even tried buying and using Wise Card (formerly TransferWise) after changing my user details in Wise to Turkey as well.
    Have no idea what the issue is.

    • Actually, now it wont let me restart my Aus membership either.

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      Once it rejects a card, do not try all your cards. I tried to set up Netflix turkey, went through all the steps that someone listed here, new account wouldn't go through, tried all my other cards, no deal. Went back to restart my Aus membership and all the cards I tried were blocked, even the one that was already on file. Live chat couldn't unblock any, and I'm paying with credit I got from the google TV deal.

      On another note, that really got me interested in looking into Kodi and real debrid and I'll never pay for another streaming service again

      • I wish I knew this before. I tried all my and partner's cards. Not sure what's the best course of action in this case.

        • See if your card works when your month ends. If not you can buy Netflix cards from Amazon or any shop and use it that way I guess. The good thing is that you can buy any value so you can pay off a few months in advance

  • I don't have a phone number listed on my account a the moment and am signed up via turkey.
    Currently using Bankwest credit card which will expire in Feb 2024.
    Do you guys think I should add my Australian number or just keep it going like it is and see what happens in 1.5 years time?

  • Dang, that was annoying. Just had to update my 28degrees old to new card and kept getting the phone number verification. Several netflix chat supports later managed to get one i could hood wink into sending the popup/overlay to enter in details and bypass mobile verification. Nightmare, but worth it.

  • chat is the way to go, be as innocent as you can, ask like you know nothing, if you try to be OS and directly ask for form, forget about it .. just be nice they will send a form and . done

  • Can confirm a polite livechat with Netflix has my card updated and billing in liras


    • great to hear! Did they ask any probing questions, like what's your address, or that the card your updating is Australian not Turkish? Anything that would be somewhat tricky to answer in order for them to get your card updated?

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