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Donner EM11 Portable/Desktop Headphone Amplifier $55.88 (Was $126.99) Delivered @ Donner Music

  1. Using the most innovative USB-C power supply method, computers and mobile phones can provide power for our products.
  2. The all-metal casing provides better protection for the product.
  3. The product is equipped with a high-definition LCD dynamic screen, which is convenient for customers to adjust the 5-segment EQ, set the volume, customize and other operations to provide visual simple operation.

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  • Looks good value for money. Any one had any experience with it?

    • The YouTube video below rates it highly watched it on the weekend

  • I was waiting for this to go on sale!

  • +1

    No stack here either. Bought it anyway. Reviews are good. Great price. Thanks OP šŸ‘

  • How does it works? Input via USB and everything else output? Is it powerful enough to drive small speakers?

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      I believe that it will only power 'active' speakers. (speakers with their own amp)

  • Pity that it is too thick to be a pocket device, looks good otherwise.

  • Does it have a decoder?

    • Yes, things are going in digital and leaving analog, so it has a Dac. 96K/24Bit from the specs but doesn't mention what chip it uses

      • 怐96K/24Bit PCM and native CS4344怑The headphone amps equipped with golden ratio of 96K/24Bit and native CS4344 DAC chip,make it closer to the quality of HIFI. Suitable for the use of headphones in the range of 8-250Ī©.

        • Golden ratio?! lol

  • Sort of new to this world but what would be a good set of headphones to pair with this, budget is 500. Appreciate any guidance, cheers.

    Edit, my last foray into headphones was a QC25 but looking to up my game if I can afford it.

    • Hifiman edition xs

      • Is it better than Sundara?

  • This cute little recorder seems to be bundled along with my order. šŸ˜Œ

    toot toot šŸŽµšŸŽµšŸŽµ

    • I wanted the German but could only choose the baroque……..whatever any of that means lol

      • It is 2 slightly different fingering systems… read here for a good explanation

        • +1

          Thanks heaps - I only ever knew of one fingering system and I've always been told I'm not very good at it

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    If it ain't baroque, don't fix it

  • Limited-time deal: Fosi Audio Q4 Headphone Amplifier Mini Stereo DAC 24-Bit 192 KHz USB Optical Coaxial to RCA AUX Digital-to-Analog Audio Converter Adapter for Home Desktop Powered Active Speakers https://amzn.asia/d/eKNC6JY

    $67.99 how do these compare, anyone got experience with them

  • +1

    Finally got mine today (Thanks Aramex) - a really nice bit of a kit for this price - Seems to work great. The EQ settings are pretty limited, but if you've got this connected to a PC who is using this to EQ

    I mainly bought this because I wanted my headphones to be a separate input to my audio interface so I could swap between speakers and headphones without having to turn the speakers off every time and this has done the job nicely

  • Just Yoink'ed one. Thanks OP.

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    Ended up buying one, extremely disappointing. Tested both with Ipad 7th Gen and a Samsung S10 and my Shure SRH840. The UM11 couldn't drive the SRH840's any better than directly connected to the phone or iPad. I do have a Fiio X5, so I know the Shure's can be driven a lot harder.

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      Same. I'm trying to get some oomph out of some PSB phones and the end result is meh to say the least. I may find a use for it somewhere but ..yea.. I'll probably use it ornamentally as it looks nice šŸ‘

  • Mine arrived later this week and I've been road testing for the past few days.
    Backstory - I've only required a headphone amp since I overhauled my gaming rig recently (the headphone/speaker output on my old motherboard would make my ears bleed at max volume, so not sure what the deal is there).
    I'll likely be using it exclusively with the PC & my faithful ATH-M50's. Admittedly, none of the presets really have much punch, so I'll likely never use them, but on Custom with all the levels fine tuned near maximum it's certainly louder vs the standard PC output, and bang for buck sounds good enough.

    Is it better than a FiiO E10k? Probably not. Would I get double the experience for double the price of this? I wouldn't think so, so with that in mind, it gets a thumbs up from me, and it'll be my daily driver for the foreseeable future.

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