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25% Off Sitewide (Bed Bases, Bedding, Pillows) Delivered @ Ecosa


Just picked up on a 25% off site wide at Ecosa - I'd been waiting for this to get a pillow and topper.

Not sure how they are relative to the competition. We picked up a bed base and mattress last year. Bed base has been great. The mattress has been more neutral - We moved from a softish memory foam to the Ecosa mattress which is a good deal firmer - we ummed and ahhed a bit too long and hit the 100 days before deciding the new mattress was too firm (still a good mattress, just not quite right for us), hence picking up the topper to soften it a bit.

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  • I thought all mattress-in-a-box companies like emma will giveaway a topper if you complaim about the mattress being too firm

    • You get a topper if too firm, and a different topper if too soft…

    • Within 100 days - we went well past that. Definitely on us, not them. Like I said, it's a good mattress, just took us too long to decide it was too firm for us.

  • You're on OzB and you didn't try a few different brands?

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      Couldn't stand the waste from disposing! (and as I said, it took us a long time to decide that it was bit too firm).

  • Are these sofa beds any good?

    • Keen to hear this too

  • Thinking of trying their pillow, anyone can vouch for them? (I've got broad shoulders, and need neck support for back- & side-sleeping)

    Also noticed there's a refer a friend offer, but OzB doesn't seem to have a referral database for it… Anyone know how / wants to refer me? Win-win!

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      Hi manofsteel,
      Can vouch for the pillow - I’m also a back and side sleeper and have had the pillow for a year now. It’s still to this day incredibly supportive! It also comes with a couple of extra pieces to increase or decrease the height depending on how you like it. Would happily buy another. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks for sharing! Sounds great. I am considering just buying 2 to save $20 per pillow, and if it works out, I'll have a spare one to transition into years later (hopefully many years!), but if doesn't suit, I can just return both for free within their 100 day trial.

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      Side and stomach sleeper here, I tried their pillow and found it too firm, sent it back for full refund after about a week, easy return process at least, their customer service was excellent

    • Just pulled the trigger on two pillows with the EOFY and bulk discounts. Thanks for the reviews here!

    • I've had their pillow for about two years, used it for roughly a year before I felt like it really lost it's support and became too soft

  • i've had their mattress for about 7 years and it's still good. i don't like their pillows as much but i think pillows are very personal.

  • Any one know how pillow quality of this brand, comparing with Koala brand? Looking for one to support my neck.

  • Has anyone bought their bamboo sheets? How to they compare to the more expensive ones like ettitude? Or cheaper ones like canningvale?

    • Their sheets are the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in/on

  • Can vouch for their customer service. Tried one of their mattresses which was unfortunately too firm for us (even with a mattress topper which was provided to us for free), ecosa organised for everything to be collected during their trial period.
    Went with an Eva mattress instead which we found more suitable for us.

  • They've upped the discount for purchases ranges:
    30% for $1200+
    35% for $2200+

    You can get the Ecosa mattress for 30% if you add a set of pillowcases to bring your order above $1200. Mattress comes to $847 (instead of $862.50 at 25% off)

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