[AMA] I Had Weight Loss Surgery 4 Months Ago. Ask Me Anything

I created a previous thread where I had just had the surgery and it was one month out. Now it’s been 4 months so I thought I’d do another AMA.

On a sad note, I mentioned that I wanted to lose weight so I could chase after my son who was due in May. My wife had an emergency C-section and we had a rare (less than 0.6%) occurrence that caused our son to be still born. It’s been hard grieving and a huge test for me to not eat my feelings.

As for weight loss, I’ve gone from 101kg to 77kg. That’s been in 4 months. I’ve also dropped from a size 22 to a size 12. It’s been unreal. I’ve also managed to do things like go on a hike without absolutely dying, and do more at the gym. I can eat a bit more now, but have to make sure I’m getting protein in first.

Picture from my heaviest to now.


  • What is your skin like after losing so much weight?

    Was the surgery one of the best decisions you've ever made?

    How is your overall confidence going and how was it before?

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      My skin is doing ok! I think I’m lucky because I’m 36 and still have some elasticity.

      Yes it’s been the best decision. There are times are get annoyed at it but overall health/mental wise, I’ve improved 1000%

      Confidence is so much better. I’ve been going to the gym and seeing muscle gain. I can go to the shops and buy clothes and feel so good in them. It’s made me motivated to do better at my job. My relationships are great. It’s overall helped me in every aspect. Including finances coz I can’t eat out as much!

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    I don't have a question, but sorry to hear about losing a child. A couple I know also lost their kid at almost 30 weeks and it has been very difficult for them.

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      It has been so hard. Especially for my partner. It’s honestly the worst thing I’ve ever been through. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

  • What are you “Do” goals to maintain your target weight and what is the expected range if you keep it up?

    • Protein protein protein and cardio + weights. My target weight is 60kg.

  • Do you watch what you eat quite carefully? How has your diet changed pre/post surgery?

    • I do. Always protein first in. I can still have small amounts of “bad” food, but I’ve found I don’t crave it and a tiny amount satisfies. Biggest change is portion size. I can’t eat more than a cup of food.

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    well done,

    many people do things for different reasons, you have your aspirations and goals, some will come to fruition and other may not. life is about experiences and surrounding yourself with positive people, and looks like you will get to where you want to go.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss OP. But keep continuing on with your journey you have done great so far 💪.

  • 101kg doesnt seem like enough to have surgery?

    In any case, my question is 'are you mentally still expecting to eat a lot' (or 'eat certain not so healthy foods')? I'm guessing its a bit hard to isolate that from what happened but just wondering.

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      I was 101kg at 160cm which put my BMI around 40. They usually only do surgery on people on a BMI of 40+

      Yea mentally sometimes I have the feeling like everything is normal and I forget. My eyes are bigger than my stomach. Then I quickly realise I can’t eat anymore. I usually push it over to my partner or get it taken away and eat it over a few days.

  • I eat a lot of junk but don't gain weight. What's wrong with me? I eat half a block of chocolate after breakfast and eat desert after every meal. I used to go to all-you-can eat restaurants 3 or 4 times a week when I was in my 20s, and ate 5 or 6 plates of food. But never gained weight. Not trying to change the topic, just wondering if anyone has any ideas. I tried the gym for 3 years and gained a bit of muscle, but no weight gain. People are always telling me I need to eat more because I look too thin.

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      What is your age? Your body seems to be TOFI(Thin Outside Fat Inside). You might have belly fat if my guess is right.

      • I'm 42, still weigh what I did when I was 18. Not much belly fat, far less than average person.

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          Fat storage depends on genes. Some people can store it all over the body and become obese or intramuscular fat. Some people will get visceral fat (fat around organs). If you still eat a lot of junk or eat too much then get a DEXA scan to see where you are storing fat (you might be surprised sometimes). Hope you changed your diet after your 20s. If you don't gain fat, it is more dangerous because your wiggle room is less and prone to diseases(if you eat junk).

    • I had a couple of friends like that who ended up being late onset type 1 diabetic.
      I hope that is not your problem. More likely just have good genes.
      Unfortunately with insulin the problem reversed and they went from not being able to gain weight to not being able to lose it.

    • You lucky bastard! I'm 42 too and have been struggling with extra weight around my waist since my mid 20s. I don't drink, but I am a couch potato and don't eat healthy most of the time. I lost some weight on a Keto diet, but it's hard to be on Keto forever. I wish I could eat anything I wanted and not gain weight. :(

  • Good job and keep on it!

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    Sorry for your loss op. Can't imagine how hard that would be.

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    Great news! Make sure to look after yourself mentally as well.
    Wife and I went through a miscarriage and I didn't really know it affected me until friends noticed that I avoided them and my performance at work dropped.

  • I'm not trying to be rude, but I am really curious - are you male or female? The size and shape of the breasts in the left picture looks female. I know there's lots of jokes about man-boobs are a thing, but I've just never seen them that big and that round in shape. After losing weight, the picture on the right looks like there's no breasts at all and the rest of your body looks male..

    Is the chest normally where weight is lost first?

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      She is female.

      After losing weight, the picture on the right looks like there's no breasts at all and the rest of your body looks male..

      That's because of the dark top and front view

      Is the chest normally where weight is lost first?

      Not only with propertypig, but you also lose fat where you store last and lose last where you store first. That's the reason a lot of people hard to lose belly fat.

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      I'm female. I have definitely lost weight in the breast area. They are much smaller. I was an 18DD and now I've shrunk to about a 12C. It's probably also the picture, I'll upload a clearer one later.

  • I asked last time about how your diet was, has anything changed since then? Is it more back to normal?

    • Yep Im back to normal. I can have anything I want but i have chosen to cut out as much sugar as I can.

  • How tall/short are you. Better perspective than just the weight loss.

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      I'm female and 160cm.

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    No questions, no need for a response. But really sorry to hear about your loss. That would be devastating. I feel for you.

  • I am 2 years post surgery went from 98 down to 72. Age is 57. I want to get down to 67 but that seems to be a fail. I got ill a few months ago and managed to drop to 69 but that did not last as you can tell. I was eating about 1/2 cup of food 3x a day but now I eat 2/3 of a normal meal once a day. I hated having to split my 1 meal into 3 meals. I have loose belly skin and dragging boobs I want fixed and will do it next year. Hope I can lose 5k before then but I am doubtful at this point.

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    One problem with sleeve surgery is making sure to prehydrate if your doing physical work as you can't keep the fluids up when doing physical work on a hot day that was the biggest struggle for me even though my job is generally sedatory occasionally it would be physical and I couldn't keep up the fluids. 150kg to 92kg in 14 months. 2 years later fluid intake I still have to be aware of.

  • Did the doctor give you many options? Did the doctor give you any specific tests? I've seen 1 person go do it, she looks awesome.

    I saw another older gentleman go from over weight to, anorexic, which could do worse on his health later on.

    It's like a balancing act, weight loss. I was at 83kg gym, health addict, my heart pop'd wrong medications and I'm now like 115kg over weight.

    I believe wrong medications has contributed to my cause, various things like nexium, beta blockers give when my cardiologist even said what the heck for………

    It's a true balancing act, good luck hope you feel better, but do monitor the results and issues.

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