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Camelbak Eddy Plus Drink Bottle 750ml Charcoal $10 (Was $17) Pickup Only @ BCF


I found this deal at BCF I was browsing their clearance items.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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    Don't think there's any stock available anywhere and also not available for delivery.

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      Available at BCF Campbelltown

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    Amazon match please!

  • free with voucher

    • Yes, did exactly this :D!

      • what voucher

        • A targeted membership voucher I assume. Got an email 'We’ve missed you Catsfan070911 – here’s a $10 gift on us!'

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    Available at Marsden Park and Tuggerah

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      Got a call from Marsden park store saying we don't have a stock and have to refund amount.

  • i highly recommend these Water Bottles

  • None left in stock anywhere? :(

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    These water bottles are fantastic and are definitely worth at this price. I paid $30 for mine and I use it at the gym, in the car, camping.. Everything. They are super rugged. It even comes completely apart so you can properly wash all the silicone pieces. The only weak point is the silicone mouth piece can be prone to split if you treat it too poorly.

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    Camelback are NRA donors/supporters. Pity because they make nice products.

  • so why are these water bottles good compared to any other water bottle?

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    From personal experience with this bottle a few years ago and daily use with it. It is very hard to clean the mouthpiece and a buildup of mouth bacteria inside leads to mould etc growing.

    Poor design as well leads to the mouthpiece sticking up and not being able to fold down. Would recommend other bottles which are easier to clean.

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      It is very hard to clean the mouthpiece

      I disagree. It is very easy to clean the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece and straw can be removed for cleaning. The lid then has a flexible silicone sleeve connecting the two which can be easily cleaned with q-tips. Same goes for the mouthpiece. The straw is nice and wide gauge, making it easy to clean with pipe cleaners or a strip of chux cloth poked through with a wire. The opening on the bottle is wide enough to fit just about any bottle brush, or small hands.

      The detent holding the mouthpiece down does wear out over time though, I'll give you that.

      • For $10 it might be worth for some people to use. But as mentioned below as well, needing to use q-tips to clean it was super painstaking. I wrote this comment (my first one too) just to give people a fair warning about the product and my experience. Buyer beware :)

        • Note they've also revised the teet/tube design over time to dramatically reduce/stop algae issues.

      • Agree. I found my Podium is far more mould and slime prone, despite the Eddy's bite valve. The Eddy's huge advantage is that you don't have to tip your head back to drink, which for me makes it a terrific car water bottle. I did try it while cycling but it triggered my OCD that there was always a few mL at the bottom the straw couldn't get to, and flipping the spout open is quite fiddly (early Eddy designs had the spout permanently raised).

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    Used to work in an outdoor goods store and these leaky pieces of garbage used to come back for a refund all the time. That's how I got one for free. Even for $0 it's not worth the price. As mentioned by other users the mouthpiece gets filled with bacteria, stops staying down and leaks. I'd never put one in a backpack or anything. Only good for at my desk where it's only marginally better than a cup of water.

    Disassemble the whole thing and take it apart and painstakingly clean it with q-tips and pipe cleaners??? Gimme a break

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