Woolworths Vs KFC Vs … Fried Chicken

First time bought ready to eat buffalo fried chicken (not roast) from Woolworths. Those taste on par with KFCs, as average as each other, but much cheaper, thoughts?

On a good day I get very crunchy just fried KFC chicken. Most of the time get those have been sitting in rack for a while


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    KFC is quite hit and miss; depends on what time you go (if it's a fresh batch or an old one) and the store you're at. I know my local KFC isn't all that good but then one 40mins away always delivers crunchy, hot and relatively juicy chicken.

    I think I've gotten the Woolies fried chicken once to give it a try, it tasted okay. Wasn't very crunchy, meat was a bit dry as well. I'm assuming you're talking about the fried chicken that is hot and ready to eat (alongside the roast chickens), not the frozen ones.

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    If doing takeaway, I always reheat my fried chicken in my air fryer for 10 mins when I get home regardless of where I get my fried chicken from.

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    Try chicken spare ribs from Gami. Best fried chicken i've tried in terms of crunch and flavour.

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      Agree but it's super exxy now. Nearly 10 years ago during uni it was cheap and they had great deals with mini kegs. Now a chicken is $38 and chips $8.

  • idk if its game day today or what causing high turnover of chicken - but the kfc i just got with the free delivery promo was A+++++++ (usually its like B to C- )…

  • cool…..

    • hot…..

  • Both my locals are usually so busy that they are backed onto the road, even though the chicken is just okay.

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    Had no idea woolies even did fried chicken.

    • Only seen it once or twice at my local Woolies Metro, haven't seen it that often though at any of the full sized Woolies near me. YMMV, I'm in Sydney.

  • Found the same and Aldi "southern fried chicken" is a good copy if you Air fry it.

    If you want wraps, mix bluecheese salad dressing and brown pepper, thats your wrap sauce.

    Satay some mushrooms and add peppercorn gravy mix (instant powder added to water) once mushrooms are done and have a good copy of their "potatoes and gravy" gravy.

    • Satay or sauté?

      • @Alasdair, yes sauté

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      a sprinkle of chilli and mixed herbs before heating makes the Aldi ones very nice

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    Agree with above that KFC Is hit and miss. My local Korean fried chicken place however is always 👌.

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    My daughter works at KFC and at 16 and with almost 12 months experience is one of the oldest and most experienced people working there. So look at your own teenagers and imagine how they would do cooking food for 4 or 6 hours in a row. Hit and miss is probably an apt description. Master Chef Juniors aside

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      Times have changed. Back when I was a young fella working a KFC job for pocket money at school, I ended up working at a few different KFCs (turns out when you're short-staffed it's apparently really easy to just call up your mate that runs the other KFC nearby and ask if he wants to send over a couple of his lads to cover some shifts, and that happened a lot I guess). There were, without exception, always a bunch of 20+ (30+? They sure looked old) cooks in the back doing the breading. They were always older than the literal manager running the store, they were always super quiet and polite and didn't faff around, they were always smokers, and they always brought their entire families (usually a wife and 1.5 kids no older than 3yo) along to the work 'parties' or whatever it was we had back then.

      It was almost unbelievable how common that setup was, and I still don't understand what was even going on there decades later.

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        I get the feeling nowadays that no food prep is actually done in the store. The chicken arrives breaded, everything else is frozen or chilled or in a pre packed container. The cooking isnt that hard, its literally 'drop this bit of meat into this fryer for this amount of time', but they are still teenagers who dont always pay attention.

        Guess today there are other jobs for lower skilled adults. And higher pay

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        Interesting insight. The bread boys.

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    -Red rooster fried chicken, for whole pieces
    - KFC for wicked wings
    - Korean fried chicken for boneless fried goodness

  • KFC for hot and spicy, Red Rooster for normal fried chicken.

  • why is KFC overseas always crunchy and crispy, i always see this on youtube mukbangs

    aussie KFC is soggy and sad looking

  • KFC chickens always ended up too dry for me - only go there if I'm craving a twister or popcorn chicken.
    For wings - hot star chicken. Soo good, even the next day, pop it in the airfryer and it'll be just as crunchy
    For hot and spicy/boneless chicken, there's a place in Clayton that just can't be beat - been making monthly trips from NW Melb to get my cravings satisifed!

    • For you to make the trip from NW Melb to there must be good hahah. What's the name of the Clayton store? I go pass there sometimes and wouldn't mind checking it out

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    I discovered this year that both the Woolies and Coles southern fried chicken is great. I bake some at least once a week.

  • Even on a bad day KFC is better than woolworths buffalo fried chicken not that I have KFC much these days because it can be average.

    I personally thought woolworths buffalo fried chicken was rubbish I actually haven't seen at my local for a while I thought it had been deleted but my local woolworths is a smaller store.

  • korean fried chicken but its twice the price

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