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Décor Refillable Oil Sprayer $6.25, Kewpie 300g $3 (Min 2), Ichiban Noodles 150g $2.50 (OOS) + Post ($0 Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon

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  • +4

    I bought the oil sprayer recently, i thought it would be more "spray" like but it's about 30% spray 70% squirt which makes it pretty uneven lol

    • +14

      Mine was definitely a spray when I got mine. Maybe you need to hold it further back.

      • +9

        Lol get over yourself, I was already holding it at least 25cm away. Should I spray it from 1m away and make my counters and floor oily? Maybe learn to grasp the idea that sometimes some products don't work the way it claims.

        Didn't say it wasn't a bargain, I still upvoted. And I'm still using it since I already filled it up. Just saying it doesn't spray evenly (for ME anyway)

        • +10

          Dw about that idiot, mine doesn't spray properly either. It sort of just shoots oil out lol

          • @ozbagends: I did find that it was mostly the 1st and 2nd spray that comes out more stream than spray, then it sprays better. But the whole point of me using the spray was so I don't use that much oil so I don't usually use past 3 😂

          • +3

            @ozbagends: What oil are you guys using? It can depend on what type of oil.

            • @ozbs25: Vege or rice bran. I was thinking of using it for grapeseed as well.

              Feel like olive would be too thick

              • @MeesusEff: FYI works perfectly with olive oil for me. Should be fine unless you have a dud (which it sounds like you may have)

            • @ozbs25: I agree. I bought one to spray mineral oil but it was too thick to come out as a spray. But I have another one I use for normal kitchen oil and it sprays without any issue.

            • @ozbs25: 2 so far for Peanut, Avocado oil. They work really well with those.

              Might buy another for basic Olive or Grape oil.

    • Mine is completely spray too.

      Use one for oil and one for miscellaneous spritz on smoking meat (Water / apple juice/ cider vinegar)

      These are awesome, maybe you got a faulty one?

      • Only thing I dont like is that its almost impossible to clean the damn thing properly after use. Oily grime stuck inside always.

    • +5

      I’ve used canola and rice bran oils in mine and it definitely sprays as long as you squeeze the trigger hard enough. If you don’t squeeze hard enough I noticed it does squirt.

    • Got 2. Canola and evoo and both spray good

    • +1

      I hate when I squirt all over the place.. With oil

    • Same experience as MeesusEff when using evo, but it doesn't but l bother me that much

    • Try cleaning the nozzle

    • +1

      Im running mine on olive oil, works great.

    • +1

      I have found that mine tends to squirt. Still good, but maybe I'll try the other suggestions and squeeze harder.

    • +2

      I found that the harder/faster you press it the more even it sprays.

      If you pull the trigger slower, its more likely to squirt straight.

      Also sometimes it can get a little blocked and it will squirt (I just bought a new one)

    • I find with mine, if I pull on the handle softly, it squirts. With firmer pressure, it sprays.

      • twofer - two functions for the price of one !

    • If you pull the trigger all the way, it does it even. if you pull the trigger half it does more of a jet spray.

      • Ok I'll gun it next time 😂

  • used to be $2.20 for the noodle cup. inflation. :(:(

    • They used to be $10 for 6…

    • Costco used to sell the wider lower bowls 6 for $16, then a few months ago it jumped to $20/21, pretty big jump in 1 go 😣

      • Those are 200g though, but yeah big jump in price.

        • Yeh bigger bowls, used to just get them from there but now more worth it from Colesworth at half price

          • @MeesusEff: Same price actually. $2.50 at 150g (Coles on sale) and $3.33 at 200g (Costco new price)

  • -2

    Don't do the Amazon one and go the Wollies one.
    The Amazon one is the older version where the oil is in a plastic bladder.
    The Woolies one does not have a bladder and much easier to clear.

    • Review from 5th of April:

      Unlike the previous design which I also had, this one does not have a sack. So it feels more robust.

      Looks like they have the new one now?

    • Reports that that isn't so in posts from last year!

    • +4

      I bought the Amazon one 1-2 months ago, there's no bladder.

      • +1


    • +3

      I bought my amazon one over a year ago and no bladder.

    • +2

      I bought mine from Amazon 6 months ago and it was the non-bladder version.

    • Its the new version on Amazon. I got 2 a couple of months back

  • Is the Woolies one available in store? Or online only

  • +7

    If Daniel and Jacob split the Ichiban Noodle Roast Beef 1:3 and Jacob and Antonia split it 1:2, how much Ichiban Noodle Roast Beef did Antonia get?

    • +1

      Antonia 70% squirt, Jacob 30% spray, Daniel is their 2 month old

    • 325g

  • Bought this at the last sale, still laying on my kitchen bench in the packaging

    • +5

      You don't call yourself retainer for nothing.

    • +2

      I noticed mine also refused to unwrap itself.

  • i just saw the nutritional label on those noodles… that is a scary amount of sodium holy crap

    • Terrifying. I am shooketh.

    • +1

      But oh so good

    • Most of it is in the seasoning pack. You could add half.. but then it wont taste as strong.

    • Damn. Don't forget the 12% saturated fats as well.

  • -1

    Minimum quantity of two, for the Kewpie…

    • That is reasonable for kewpie tho.

  • +2

    No Sriracha Kewpie? That's the real stuff!

    • I ordered the wasabi from Coles online shop, sitting in my cart to finish off.
      Haven't tried that one yet, any comparison between the two?

      • Sriracha Kewpie is the bomb. Wasabi one not so much

      • Never tried the wasabi one, because I don't really like wasabi.

        The Sriracha one is great. The best way I can think to describe is it's a bit like Nandos Perinaise, but with some heat to it.

      • Wasabi kewpie is the best, God tier mayo

  • +2

    Who's had their Décor Refillable Oil Sprayer for a while in regular use?

    Reason for asking: we only rarely used it, and the squeeze mechanism already broke. Might have been 2 years old, but only re-filled 3 or 4 times, so not very much use.

    At this rate getting the Coles olive oil spray cans ($2.15 for 150g) would have been more economical, and quite likely better for the environment too.

    Anyone got a better result?

    • The olive oil spray cans wouldn't be pure olive oil

    • +4

      Just be careful you can't use aerosols for non stick, it ruins it (and voids the warranty). That's why I got this instead

      • +1

        Thanks, I never knew that.
        Apparently "An invisible buildup will impair the nonstick release system causing food to stick in the product".

    • Mine broke the other day, probably about similar use to yours.

      I bought the top-rated-on-Amazon Misto to replace it, but either I got a dud or people have low standards.

  • What does the spray bottle offer that the cheapie EVOO spray cans from Woolies don't have? Confused what all the fuss is about?

    I don't see the value?

    • +4

      You can't use sprays for non stick cooking so if you have lots of non stick cookware, this would be better

      • This. We ruined so many non stick pans before swapping out for this thing, never looked back now.

      • ???
        I Use canola spray/EVOO spray for non stick Cooking all the time? No problems?

    • Plus you get to choose the oil.

      • Reusable, and aerosols are bad for environment.
      • Choice of oil
      • I think non stick spray (not sure about evoo spray) tastes weird
      • Doesn't foam when sprayed, coats fry pan evenly. But not as good as aerosol for baking pan
      • Measuring a tablespoon of oil easier than with a spray can
  • Decor sprayer from Colesworths good

    confusing nozzle bad - initially I kept picking it up and squeezing it with trigger at the rear and spraying oil over myself - and not in the bedroom !

    I ended up using permanent felt pen to mark a big arrow pointing the direction of spray to avoid that

  • Why is the oil spray so popular? I just pour the oil when I cook my eggs/meat so what advantages would a spray offer?

    • +1

      I use mine for the grill

  • Oil sprayer is same price at Woolworths at the moment.

  • Do you think using salad dressing, like French dressing would work in the oil sprayer or will it get clogged by the floaty bits?

    • Its a sprayer, french dressing has small leafy bits in it, they will clog it for sure. It has to be a smooth consistency.

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