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$200 off Eva Mattresses, $150 off Frames, $30 off Pillows and Sheets (Free Delivery) @ Eva Mattresses (Stack with 8% ShopBack)


2nd attempt at a deal post after my first fail (pricing error, lol)

I did a quick search of past posts… the discount is higher, but the RRP seems to have gone up as well. I assumed these were new versions though but can't confirm. Not sure if it was Free Next Day Delivery before. 365 Day Trial also seems new (120 trial previously). 12yr Warranty. Seemed like good deal with comparative hybrid mattresses, esp with cash back.

SB: $550
DB: $750
QB: $850
KB: $950
KS: $650

Duvet Set (K): $260
Duvet Set (Q): $240
Duvet Set (D): $220

Sheet Set (K): $330
Sheet Set (Q): $310
Sheet Set (D): $290

Pillow: $90

OPINION: Eva seems to be an Aussie version of Emma. Emma customer service and delivery issues got me spooked, some taking days to inflate/decompress if at all completely. Eva convinced me via their website info (comparisons) and Melbourne phone number, lol. Made in China like most things though. Can't confirm where Emma is made currently, just that it is/was developed/engineered in Germany. Seems strange they don't flat out say it on their website as this would obviously be a selling point. Couldn't find many (if any) websites to confirm this. Sources appreciated.

edit: I decided to ask the chat on the Aussie website, as the Indian website clearly states it is made in India. Their response:
"The Emma is designed and engineered in Germany and is manufactured in Europe and Asia. The processed foam are all made from natural materials, durable and produced at top quality facilities. We then have Emma warehouses across each metro area in AU."

Some reviews mention sagging, hopefully this will happen within the 365 day trial if at all. We def aren't as heavy as some of the reviewers who mention their weight though, lol. Surely sagging is also dependent on the bed base too? Emma seems to get more publicity via their constant 55% sales, and CHOICE recommendations, however CHOICE hasn't compared Hybrids (pocket springs) which I was looking into (not yet anyway, last one was July 2021). There something about making only 1 version of something (in different sizes) that appeals to me though, like focusing all your efforts on one kind of mattress. Other option on my radar is Noa (Eva suspiciously left this out of their comparison tables, lol). Never looked into Zzz Atelier as they seemed way too cheap in price, so seemed suss (happy to be proven wrong though).

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      It is inappropriate to ask for peoples weights when discussing sagging 🤔

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    Hey guys, just wanted to post my 2c. I bought one of these new, and loved it. After 12 months it developed body impressions - which most of these will do with memory foam, but it made it MUCH less comfortable. Their warranty does not cover this up to a certain indent depth, but it's really hard to get as the top foam layer pushes things up until there is weight on it.
    Overall I wouldn't buy again. A family friend recommended them to me, and they had the same issue.
    Side note, I bought a spring mattress (King Koil), and it is now doing the same thing and looking at returning after just 3 months.
    I will probably be trying a Koala or Sleeping Duck.

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      Yes after 1.5 years it did the same for me. Not as comfy as it was so looking into koala and hoping for a eofy sale soon. Hopefully cashback can do a good deal 😎

    • Same thing happened to me, but only took around 6 months to get body impressions and start to get very uncomfortable. Because the impressions only are evident when you lay on it, I can’t claim warranty either as you can’t “see” it…

      I’d suggest looking at other alternatives.

    • @onlinepred

      Lol, I thought King Coil was meant to be good 🤣
      But yeah, I'm prob thinking of the $5k+ versions.
      What model was yours?

      • Chiro Performance. Was like $2500 for king size at 50% off.

        • oooft… that hurts 😓 Kinda does make me feel better about the Eva lasting 4x as long and cheaper though 🙊

          • @neezy: Yea my Eva lasted almost a year. Although I’m hoping for a full refund on the king Koil. Then get a sleeping duck or something.

            • @onlinepred: Yeah man, 3 months is a joke. Hope you don't have any issues getting you're refund.

              Tbh, Sleeping Duck Mach 2 was what I always planned, esp since you can change the inserts (my logic being that I could get firmer ones later on if things got too soft or sagged. Lol, I dunno if that logic checks out though).

              In the end, price got the best of me. Dunno what the Sleeping Duck or Koala discounts are like though.

              Noa Luxe is my next option if the Eva fails. That padded perimeter and micro coils being the main difference and maybe worth the extra cost.

    • Wow that sux, we have 2 ergoflex for 10 years, and 1 more for 4, never have this prolem, the one minor gripe the original mattress cover made from sway material and after a while some of them come loose making a it messy, the new one change it with normal cover.

      I am in the need of one more as my cheap Ikea matters on guest room have damage edge due to my boy jumping onit for 5 years. Might try ecosa.

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    Happy with my Eva - very comfortable and good edge support, and their customer service has been really responsive and helpful.

    No issues to report so far, only had it for about 4 months.

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    Can't confirm where Emma is made currently

    Emma is made in Germany according to this

    FYI Emma’s service is great. I ordered Emma for relatives in Sydney, arrived within 2 days. Ordered another one for delivery in Perth, also arrived in 2 days. Ordered one for my family, got it in 2 days too. One relative thought it was too firm for their bad back, at end of trial period, asked to return. Emma organised Salvation Army to pick up following week and they got a full refund the next day.

    • Ooh, Too firm is good. I have a bad back too and have been known to sleep on the floor if a bed isnt hard enough

      • Have you seen anyone about it? The two specialists I saw recommended soft mattresses that offer supportive upper layers. If firm works for you then dont' change it haha. I guess it also depends on the position you sleep etc.

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      I've updated it 😊 made in Europe and Asia…
      lol, people can decide what that means 🤣

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    Upgraded to Eva from ZZZ Atelier and so far so good. 6 months in and still firm and no sagging.

  • I've tried the Ecosa, Emma and have had the Eva now since March this year. Found the initial two too firm and the Eva has been great, very comfortable and good edge support as another has mentioned. No issue to report so far but the body impressions after 12 months worry me so will need to keep an eye on that.

    For all the companies customer service has been great and it was easy enough to organise a return and refund of the mattress during the trial period.

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    I love my Eva. I wanted a nice deep mattress with springs. It was tough to decide between this and the Emma Diamond Hybrid, but it was slightly more comfortable. I've had it 6 months without any issues.

    Eva seems to be an Aussie version of Emma

    No, they are similar in comfort but Eva mattresses are roughly double the depth. It's a completely different look.

    • lol, I mean in the name.
      Emma… Eva…
      Like the original Bear mattress in USA, and our Koala mattress…
      No? … just me thn, lol

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    Avoid the cheap zzz atelier. Mine sagged just after few months and caused my back pain.

    • Same here, the pain was horrendous and I put up with it for over a year before finally getting an Eva

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    Add these codes for additional $25 off discount (not sure if stackable with shopback or not):

    SL-BED25 (bed frame)
    SL-MAT25 (mattress)

    • Yeah I avoided any codes just in case. Didn't wanna chance it as Shopback was more thn any codes or referral links. Cheers though 😊

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    Have the NOA Lite, the firmest in the range. Used daily since Nov'21. No complaints so far.

  • Got one of these for my son, it seems to be amazing. My wife and I are thinking of getting one for ourselves. His one feels amazing.

  • how do you get $200 off, its showing full price to me?

    • because this was posted over a month ago i.e. now expired (sorry, i dunno how to update it). Pretty sure it was a EOFY sale. $150 seems to be the standard discount.

    ended up getting the King. Delivery was really good, even changed the date with no issues. Box has wheels on bottom (they won't take it into the home). Comes with a tool to open/cut the plastic. Also instructional video via link. Inflated pretty much instantly. ~1 month in, no noticeable issues.

    RRP: $1150
    Sale: $950
    CB: - $76 (tracked, still pending)
    TOTAL: $874

    might be able to find a hybrid king mattress for cheaper… but the total process was def worth it IMO, esp 365 day trial and 12yr warranty.

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