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PetPost: 30% Cashback on All Purchases (No Cap) + Free Delivery over $35 @ Cashrewards


Seems like this deal from last month came back on Cashrewards. Good time to get stocked up for your pets :)

Special Terms

  • Cashback is ineligible on purchase or redemption of gift cards.
  • Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

BG’s Notes:

  • Free delivery on orders over $35
  • Credit to @Slutty Bianca for the title format

Referral Links

Referral: random (4176)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • Killer deal. Cheers.

  • +1

    Thanks mate, trying again. Last time they cancelled my whole order!

    • +1

      Cashback tracked almost immediately for those in doubt :)

  • +1

    They just price increased meals for mutts puppy

    • Yes agree, it wasn't that much before. Was previously cheaper than pet circle

  • +1

    Prices have gone up since last time but still worked out great savings so ordered 1 more bag of food.

  • +3

    Just be careful. Petpost and Petstock are the same thing behind the scenes and with the 30% off recently with Petstock, I did 2 orders (1 small test order then 1 big order) which were both compliant with the rules. They paid cashback on the small one but declined it on the big one (over $170 worth of cashback!) with no explanation. Cashrewards have been great and it's going through the appeal process, but they said it was petstock who declined it, so looks they are selective on which ones they approve.

    • What do you mean by same thing? Are they owned by the same people?

      • Not 100% sure but I've ordered from PetPost before and received a notification from PetStock. When I asked in the email thread why that was, they said they're from the same "support office" so make of it what you will. There's a lot of similarities in their sites, pricing, etc. so I've just joined dots.

  • +1

    Fantastic deal. Trying a different type of Royal Canin cat food because of this deal. Has good reviews. I've found that Petpost is generally pretty good with prices. Thanks for posting.

  • Does anyone know if cashback will apply ordering Hills Vet Prescription food?

  • +1

    It tracked for Royal canin vet prescription diet last time in May and got approved a few days ago for me. This time tracked instantly as well ☺️

    • Thanks for the info.

  • Last time (early May), transaction tracked in few minutes and cashback got approved already.
    Just wondering if I can get cashback for using 10% referral vouchers..

  • +1

    Thanks OP, was just about to buy something from there and thought I'd check here first in case of anything.

  • Tracked super quick. Decent prices even without cashback. Amazing prices with it. This is an excellent deal.

  • Anyone know if this this work using afterday?

  • Bought through the app but nothing been tracked yet. How long it normally take to appear?

    • Same here, nothing tracked as yet

    • Sometimes it can take a day or so, but that's strange as mine tracked instantly when I ordered around 12pm.

      Can always just raise a claim after 7 days if there's still nothing.

    • Yea over 6 hrs and nothing yet. Give it a day or two.

    • Mine still hasn't tracked. Just submitted an enquiry.

      • Yep, same here.

        • Follow-up: Cashrewards have paid out my cashback from this. +1 for service.

  • +1

    Legend, thanks for the heads up!

    Tracked instantly for me, $242.76 cashback! Now to wait the ~95 days for the approval…

    • Lol. [email protected] 30% from the total wow thats alot of dog food

      • It adds up when you have four pets haha

        • 1 German shepherd, 1 Golden retriever, 2 cats, 1 parrot :) i know

  • Does anyone know if you get an out of stock notification (so they do a partial refund), do you still get the cashback on the remainder of the order? thanks

  • i have had my last 2 orders declined for cashback claiming i took to long to complete the transaction which was false as everything is time stamped . Reported to cashrewards with no satisfaction .

  • Hi Ozbargainer's, placed an order on the 12/06 and still no cachback. no gift cards, no codes. Unable to send a claim noting:
    "We’re sorry. Unfortunately we couldn’t process your support enquiry at this time. Please try again"
    What are my options?

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