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Air Skier $1,199.20 + Free Delivery @ Rug & Rig Fitness


Hi All,

This is our bigger sale ever. Air Skier is the cheapest online along with a lot of other home gym products. Please feel free to DM on Insta if you have any questions before buying, our team will be happy to help.

All the best.

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  • Confirming this includes the timber floor stand?

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      Hate OP’s that hit and run. Post 1:47hrs ago. Last seen 1:47hrs ago.

      If you can’t be bothered to stay online to answer questions I’m not gonna waste my time.

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        5 posts / 2 comments. That's not a great ratio indeed.

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          Sorry, and thank you for the feedback. I am learning from these comments. I promise i will check and reply all comments by tomorrow.

      • Ah well

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          well thank you! Replying every comment here.

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        Hi Slo20, i am so sorry. Still very new on here as you can tell by my posting history. However, these comments are helpful to know what's expected of us.

    • Yes, it comes with the base as shown in the image.

    • Yes, it includes the base as shown in the photo.

  • Only 5 items in stock!

    • yup, still 5 left for sale. Feel free to secure one if you are interested or let someone know who might be interested.

  • Sign up for 5% on top

    • I don't think the boss remembers this and he might take it off tomorrow as we have discounted almost all the stock for EOFY.

  • How many levels of airflow control?

    • Thank you for your comment. 10 levels.

      • Thanks for your reply. What’s the weight of the machine with base?

  • It's a Concept2 SkiErg clone that goes for $1600 rrp. Probably not as important to have an original skiErg (with the PM5 internet connectable computer) as it would be if it was a rower but the PM5 still lets sharing of your skiing exercise metrics with other health apps.

    • Thank you for your comment and your insight.

  • I like this

    • Thank you, I hope you'd consider buying something from us.

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    Well, I've learnt something today

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      We are all learning my friend. Thank you.

  • Hi mate, is the brand and rug and rig? What kind of warranty is offered on the ski erg?

    • Hi There, yes, it's branded Rug and Rig. Comes with a 12months warranty.

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    Hello frens, covid is over, many clowns who bought home gym equipment overpriced are now selling for cheap. Buy second hand, or just go back to your gym, unless your cat or your partner motivate you enough to workout at home (x doubt)

    • Thanks for the comment. There is nothing wrong with buying second hand equipment but some people don't want second hand and we are here to help them.

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