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Dell Essential Backpack 15 $13.44 (Was $48.00) Delivered @ Dell AU


Designed with reflective prints on the front panel, the Dell Essential Backpack 15 (ES1520P) stands out in low-light conditions when hit with direct light, making you more visible.

Dell Essential Briefcase 15 is also on sale for $10.20 - credit ozvictor

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    it's on sale often enough that this seems to be the normal price

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    This laptop bag for $10.20 is also good value, Dell Essential Briefcase 15

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      Thanks! Added this to the description

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      Thanks bought one

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      Thanks, bought one!

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    Thanks OP. Your post came at just the right time for me.

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    Thanks OP; ordered one.

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    Grabbed one last time. Never used it. Not sure where it is. Bargain.

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      Order another one and use it until you find the other?

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    Delivery time might be a while.
    I placed an order on 20th May, still not being sent out.

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      Yep. Ordered on 21st May. The status said expected 21st June.

      • [Update] Just got an email saying it's delayed to 5th July.
        Pretty ridiculous. Cancelled as I was hoping to get a bag before my trip.

        • My bag was due june 22. Now changed to july 7th.

          This is the second time i ordered a bag and its delayed.

      • Ordered 13 June and my order page says shipped on the next day. I hope it's real.

  • This has become an once a month thing ;)

  • I have the breif case and its very good for day to day. I still use my razor gaming backpack i got from here a while back. I would prefer the dell gaming bag for the added space etc but yeah i have 2 dell breif cases in their plastic still plus a hp and razor laptop bag.

  • Got one last time and it's alright for the price. Especially considered it is delivered.

  • Ive been using this as my main bag for a year now. I quite like it..

  • I have this, paid around $15, after 1 year still in condition! (got rained a few times) .

    • was it waterproof?

      • He used it a few times after it got rained on the first time…so…I dunno

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    buy first ask questions later?

  • I almost bought this, but having the straps over the laptop/book compartment would drive me nuts. I understand it's that way for security when on public transport etc.

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      It’s not too bad, I’ve already gotten used to flicking the straps out of the way.
      The zipper quality is a bit crap but it’s fine for this pricing.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 1 each😂

  • Got one.

  • How quick is delivery?

  • Got one. Ty op

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    I bought this bag from the last sale. The zippers being under the shoulder straps is a little annoying but you get used to it - not a big deal.

    The bigger issue I found was that the side pockets are very small. You will not be able to fit anything more than a thin 500ml water bottle.

    Other than that the bag is actually really good for the price.

  • any idea either of these will fit the Dell Inspiron 16 2-in-1 Laptop which is 16"?

    thank you

    • Hmm, I would just go the 17inch one for $34 if that is the case. A lot more room for what you need it for.

  • thanks OP bought one of each : )

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    I own the backpack and it's perfectly good for the money. One thing to note is that it is quite floppy and lightweight. Looking at the pics it looks like it has a semi-hard shell but this is not the case.

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    I have this backpack. Its good quality and has been my main day to day backpack. My main gripe is the side drink bottle pounches are too tiny to fit a can or 600ml bottle which make them fairly useless.

  • In for one of each, thanks.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one!

  • According to one of the answered questions this is included for free with Dell Inspiron laptops?

    So if it's a freebie it can't be that good quality right. Even though the photos they used make it look pretty good.

    • I'm not expecting premium quality for $13 anyway.

      Some others have commented above saying that they're happy with the quality, especially for the price.
      I haven't recieved mine yet so can't comment.

      • I am not saying it's a bad deal, just trying to point out that the pictures might make it seem better than it actually is for $13.

  • Just wondering if anyone got their bag?
    How long did it take for it to arrive?

    • Some comments above say they ordered a month ago and still have not got the bag. YMMV.

    • Mine got posted yesterday.

    • I just got the tracking number yesterday (a week after I ordered), expected to arrive this week

    • Just recieved the sms that it should be at mine this week.

  • I bought a Dell briefcase for $10.60 on 26 May 2022. It was shipped from a Malaysian warehouse.

    It arrived on 10 June, but no one was home and the delivery required a signature. No card was left.

    They tried again on 17 June. I accepted delivery.

    The quality of the Dell briefcase is good. It has a strap and briefcase handles. It can be used as a shoulder bag.

  • Purchased. Thanks veyr much!

  • Purchased it last Tuesday night and it was delivered today (exactly 1 week). Pretty quick delivery. The bag looks pretty decent

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