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Men's & Women's Bamboo Underwear up to 40% (for as Low as $12.60 Per Pair for 15 Pairs) Delivered @ Step One

Purchase Qty Unit Price Sales Price Total
BUY 15 $21.00 $12.60 $189.00
BUY 7 $25.00 $15.00 $105.00
BUY 4 $29.00 $23.20 $92.80
BUY 1 $31.00 $26.35 $26.35

I certainly picked up a few pairs.

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    I still can't believe this company was almost valued at 650mil.

    • +8

      that's about what they spend on their annoying tv ads

      • Step One ad: My legs… Are like tree trunks!

        Me: [chainsaw noises in my head]

    • +6

      Without looking I assume it's about as red as rektrading's portfolio?

  • +2

    Warning visiting that website will give you eye cancer

  • +4

    Great briefs. If you're a thicc-boi like me, having briefs that don't ride up your legs, and completely stop chafing is huge for the program. Can absolutely recommend

    • Yep, can't seem to find the same or better quality for cheaper

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        • I've tried kmart didn't like them, unless there is a specific one you are talking about that I might not have tried yet?

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        I'm a thicc boi and love the Kmart $8 ones. I've tried both and the only benefit StepOne has is the thicker waistband that doesnt fold over if you've got a gut.

        After trying the Kmart ones, there's no way that I would spend the money on StepOne again. I grab a pair from kmart each time the wife drags me there.

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          You own like 200 pairs of undies??

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          'I grab a pair from kmart each time the wife drags me there.'
          are you me?

        • I actually have a small gut (I weigh 75Kg) but it's still seems to be enough to fold the StepOne waist band. Happens on any trunks though so may just be my shape but yeah I was actually disappointed that StepOne is no better than the cheap K-Mart ones after all the hype. To me they're identical.

          • +1

            @Ramrunner: I found that happened with my first StepOnes which were a size too small. I went the next size up (XL) and it didnt happen as much.

            • @theguyrules: That may be a fair call. I did measure my waist and verify by jeans size but they do feel a little tight. Will try next size up next time. Thanks.

    • As a fellow thicc-boi, I have had the opposite experience. They are comfortable and fit well… But have zero longevity. No pair I bought lasted longer than 3-5 months without developing holes in the crotch, right where the lycra panel is stitched to the bamboo. And it wasn't a case of over-wearing, I bought basically enough pairs that I only wore each one about once a week.

      In contrast, the Tradie bamboo undies I bought are still going strong nearly two years later.

  • How do you find the sizing? Is it fairly accurate? Just curious with that 4-5cm difference sitting between sizes.

    • They're made of bamboo viscose, basically a bamboo based rayon, so they stretch pretty far. If you want your undies nice and tight (like compression shorts) go for the smaller size, but if you want them fairly roomy, go one up.

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  • I love their environmental stats, yeah I’m going to buy a pair and stop drinking water lol

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    The Sale commences at 8AM AEST on 14 June 2022 and ends at 23:59 AEST on 25th June 2022

    For those wanting to wait a bit before pulling the trigger

  • +1

    Own both these kmart trunks and step one. I think step one are better, but these are very close and much cheaper. I own 1 step one pair with no intentions on buying more.

    • the reviews are great! I'll certainly get one before buying step ones again, thanks for that

    • I can personally vouch for the kmart ones but my mate wont get off my ass to try step one with him so ill give 2 pairs a shot at the $15 price point just to get it over with haha

  • +1

    Last deal I ordered 15. Only received 8.

    Not sure I will receive the other 7, based on the emails I’m receiving!

  • Anyone in Perth want to split and order?

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